The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 173: Three Choices (4/4) (SHORT)

As such, whenever Ryouma would come to the adventurers guild, the adventurers that frequent his store would worry over its management. Whenever they see him in town doing other work, they would become shocked, and many among them would ask why he still needed to do adventurer work.

But it was indeed true that he didn’t work much as an adventurer, so it could only be said that this was a result he brought about himself.

This wasn’t really something to worry over, of course, but it wasn’t something to be satisfied about either.

Could Ryouma be at that sensitive age?

No one knows, but one thing is for sure, and that is that whenever the topic of slimes come up, Ryouma quickly turns over to his hobby.

“But they’re still not quite there yet. Given more time, I believe I can still make them even stronger.” [Ryouma]

“They can still get stronger?” [Reinhart]

“They can move about in the shape of wheels now, but I’m currently training them to make their wheel form thinner and sharper. Sharp enough to turn their wheel form into a blade wheel of sort. It’s a bit dangerous now, so I’m refraining from having them use it, but I have been using them as katanas, after all, and recently they’ve seen success in transforming the blades. The problem is transforming the blades while moving or maintaining the form while moving. There are also other issues, such as falling or curving along the way, or losing speed, which results in significantly weaker attacking power.

But even then they’ve already succeeded in cutting cave mantises, although these have fragile bodies, and have even wounded horn rabbits during a hunt. The wound they inflicted to the horn rabbits was fairly deep too, reaching all the way to the bone. It took a lot of time to train them to this level, but now they’re able to fight like this without needing orders from me. Given more time, the metal slimes should be able to become even stronger and more stable.” [Ryouma]

“Getting stronger as an adventurer and trying to strengthen one’s familiars is a given…” [Serge]

“But for some reason, when it’s from you, it sounds really scary…” [Pioro]

“Ryouma-kun. If you ever have difficulties raising your slimes in the future, please be sure to talk to me.” [Reinhart]

“And boss, please do keep things in moderation.” [Fei]

“Fu fu fu fu… I see the rumors were true.” [Orest]

Other than the outlier, who was enjoying himself, the adults were at a loss on whether they should look forward to Ryouma’s future or be afraid. In the end, they looked at him with a strange gaze.

Incidentally, it was immediately after this that the man who was fighting the slimes had his shield and sword sent flying. They were sent flying in that order, an order which was basically decided by the candidate himself. And so, the match ended with the slimes’ victory. Their movements in that moment were reminiscent of a certain ‘Triple Star’ formation, but only Ryouma was able to recognize it.


Tl Note: There will be one more part for today because this is too short for a release.






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