The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 174: The True Motives of the Former Gladiator and the Slave Dealer (4/4) (SHORT)

That’s the reason why he ‘can’t swing his sword like he did before’. And yet despite being unskilled at magic and despite originally not being a magic warrior – someone who used magic alongside a weapon – Ox Lord still managed to quickly make enough progress with the spell that he is now able to fight with it in close combat. That is a ‘boon’ brought to him by his ‘obsession’, Moulton says.

“I see. So, tell me. Exactly what is it that you’re trying to accomplish? Your slave is not without faults. No. But if you’d just explained his situation better, then you would have surely found a buyer munch sooner.” [Reinhart]

“As I’ve said from the start, the reason I recommended him was because I judged he was a good purchase for Takebayashi-sama. Ox will be elated to have a workplace where he can use his sword to his heart’s content, and I’m sure he will be even more elated to have an owner whose abilities are above his own. But above all… There aren’t many who can stand side-by-side Takebayashi-sama.” [Orest]

Moulton intentionally paused for a moment before completing his sentence. When Reinhart heard that, he opened his eyes wide in surprise.

Serge and Pioro were equally surprised and looked at Moulton.

“Just who is he? The more I know, the more mysterious he becomes. It’s not just his actions or his way of thinking… Even his abilities are far too advanced for his age. I’m sure he has many people like yourselves who he can see as his equals and call ‘friends’. But when it comes to abilities, especially in combat abilities, there aren’t many who are qualified.

From my investigations, I’ve found out that he’s been getting along with the slum children his age. I hear they have a relationship akin to that of an instructor and his students. But is that really a good thing for a child his age?” [Orest]

“…Are you saying that you’re thinking about Ryouma-kun’s growth as a child?” [Reinhart]

“He is also at a sensitive age. Ideally, it would be best to have someone his age to accompany him, but asking a child his age to stand toe-to-toe with him in skill is simply too cruel a task to demand. So at the very least I wanted to leave an ambitious slave beside him that was close to his level.” [Orest]

“I never thought I would hear such words come from you.” [Reinhart]

“So you weren’t just messing around because you thought Ryouma was interesting and you wanted to observe him more.” [Pioro]

“How rude. It’s true that I like to watch people, but I would never get in the way of a child’s growth. If anything, I want him to grow while treasuring the experience and happiness that he can gain while still a child.” [Orest]

Moulton declared sincerely.

“…I see. Sorry for doubting you.” [Reinhart]

“But of course, what I really want is for him to become a regular at my store. That way I’ll be able to observe him more.” [Orest]

“Wait just one moment! In the end, that’s your objective!? And here I was feeling sorry for you! Give me back my sympathy!” [Pioro]

“Orest, a guy like you is seriously…” [Reinhart]

“Please keep things in moderation… Okay? In moderation…” [Serge]

Moulton’s sudden change in personality caused the three to reveal their anger and exasperation.

Meanwhile, while they were bickering, Fei, the only one of them who kept on watching the match, informed them that the battle had concluded.






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