The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 177: Completion of the Ceremony Hall (2/3)

“I’m sorry for making a lady like yourself have to explain something like that to me.” [Ryouma]

“I don’t mind. Besides, I didn’t actually have to say anything since you were able to figure it out on your own.” [Riviola]

It’s such a distant concept to me that it never even crossed my mind once.

But making a lady explain that a group of men are planning on going to the brothel could be grounds for sexual harassment.

I better be careful.

But if that’s the case, then…

“Hyuzu-san, I’m sorry, but…” [Ryouma]

As expected, I can’t join them for something like that.

I want to celebrate with them, of course, but it wouldn’t do anyone any good if I were to cause trouble instead.

I’ll accept their gratitude, but I won’t be able to join them for tonight.

I told them that, and Hyuzu-san reluctantly nodded his head.

“Alright. Let’s drink next time then. There are drinks at the ceremony too, after all.” [Hyuzu]

“At that time, I’ll accompany you until you’re wasted.” [Ryouma]

“Oho! You said it! I’ll be looking forward to it then!” [Hyuzu]

Hearing that seems to have reignited his spirit.

After that Hyuzu-san took off with his friends and headed for town.

…But before they left, someone grabbed me and I was tossed into the air again. Do the people around here toss people whenever they’re excited? It’s a mystery.

Anyway, putting that aside…

“…” [Rurunze]

As expected, is she worried about her husband?

Hyuzu-san had left already, but Rurunez-san continued to stare in the direction he left.

…Frankly, I’m actually really surprised that she could afford to send him off like this despite knowing what kind of store he’s headed to.

Don’t women see that sort of stuff in a bad light?

Should I say something? Or maybe I just should just quietly stay beside her?

“Riviola-san. I don’t think I understand the inner workings of the heart when it comes to stuff like this.” [Ryouma]

“In a sense, that is normal, no?” [Riviola]

If a young boy about the age of 10 could already completely understand the heart of a woman, one could only shudder in fear at what kind of future awaited him.

Is that what she’s implying? I guess I can take her response as encouragement then.

While we were talking like that, Rurunez-san finally noticed us.

“When men go out together, it’s normal to seek out stores with women. Besides, this will be the last time he gets to do this for the rest of his life, so I can let it pass.” [Rurunez]

“I see.” [Ryouma]

I feel like she put extra emphasis on some of those words, but it could have been just my imagination. Regardless, she continued, saying, ‘after all, he doesn’t want to be single anymore, and neither do I plan on letting him…’, and then blushed. At that, a sickeningly sweet aura began emanating from her. Well, it’s a matter concerning her and her husband, I probably shouldn’t delve into it too much.

One thing is for sure though, based on what I’ve seen tonight, Rurunez-san will probably be the one wearing the pants in this relationship.


When evening came, it was time for our customary tea party.

Today’s topic is a continuation of yesterdays’.

“About you helping us?” [Reinhart and Elize]

“Yes, isn’t there anything I can do to help?” [Ryouma]

Reinhart-sama and the others took my past a lot more seriously than I was expecting.

So now it’s my turn to ask if there’s something they want to tell me.

They’re always lending an ear to me, so if there’s anything at all, I wish they’d say it.

Besides, if it’s them, I doubt they’ll make me do anything I don’t want, so I can just hear them out first and then decide whether it’s doable or not.

I’ll have to be careful with classified information, but I’m sure they understand that themselves.

When I told them that, the four of them wryly smile.

“A favor from Ryouma-sama, huh…” [Serge]

“Ryouma, you can’t say stuff like that to other nobles.” [Pioro]

“Exactly, Ryouma-kun. If there were some weird person here, or someone who wants profit above all else, you’ll find all sorts of unreasonable stuff shoved down your throat. Well, I do believe you’re only offering this because you trust us, however.” [Pioro]

“There are many people who can’t say no when we ask a favor from them, so having the tables turned around so suddenly, with us being on the receiving end of a favor, leaves my mouth dry and my tongue searching… But it’s you we’re talking about, so I guess it’s fine.” [Reinhart]

The four of them came to an understanding on their own.

But try as I might to wait, no one requested anything from me.

“Hmm… I’m already making more money than we talked about from the water proof cloth, iron, and music box…” [Serge]

“Same here. Just that matter about the cultivation of mushrooms earlier was plenty. In fact, if it succeeds, the one who’ll be in debt gratitude-wise is me. If you want me to ask something else on top of that, well… Oh, right. Previously, you used your bloody slime to drain the blood from a monster beast, right? Well, I’m interested in that.” [Pioro]

In that case, maybe I can get his cooperation to increase the number of bloody slimes.

They’re very important slimes due to the matter of the blood serum, so if we’re going to be increasing their numbers, then we better get to it now while no one knows their value yet.

Unfortunately, bloody slimes are hard to breed, so I only have 9 right now.

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  1. Draining the blood troughs for a butcher whenever they need it and he still only has 9? That thing must be a black hole.

    1. Probably there isnt as much blood as you would think. Keep in mind that they killed the animals somewhere else, so maybe most of the blood already spilled. And most of the body would be bones and meat.

  2. Give Reinhardt a few Iron Slimes! He’s a Tamer, but prefers to use weapons! Give Elize diamonds or an exclusive cosmetic kit. I’m shocked he hasn’t busted out Tekun’s goblet (a holy artifact), and gave them a taste of alcohol that only Ryouma can supply!

    1. Well considering that would be the same as screaming out i’m a god child look at the artifact the gods gave me it’s understandable not to

    1. Yep, I’ll also reply here, to highlight the error. It’s that bit, the line of silent dialogue:
      – “…” [Rurunze] –

  3. Butchers do have the, well, highest concentration of blood (of boy, that came out SO BAD), but I think really fresh blood would nourish those blood slimes much better, so lending them to adventurers should be a good-ish idea. Anyway, Ryouma is also an adventurer, so he can have fun slaughtering villages of monsters and feed them blood jelly slimes at the same time, thought not only them.
    Thanks for the awesome translation! God bless you!

  4. [But making a lady explain that a group of men are planning on going to the brothel is grounds for sexual harassment.]

    in that context, no definitely no, not even in this world.

    [“Alright. Let’s drink next time then. There are drinks at the ceremony too, after all.” [Hyuzu]
    “At that time, I’ll accompany you until you’re wasted.” [Ryouma]
    “Oho! You said it! I’ll be looking forward to it then!” [Hyuzu]]

    no man you can’t do him that, you will ruin his wedding night.

    [“About you helping us?” [Reinhart and Elize]
    “Yes, isn’t there anything I can do to help?” [Ryouma]]

    marry our daughter [Reinhart and Elize]

  5. Thanks for the chapter, if this novel wasn’t so light or good sided he would be turned into slave right now

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