The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 180: A Chance Meeting Under a Moonlit Night (2/3)

Moreover, while such existences are birthed by the thoughts and mana of people, both mana and thoughts are usually at their strongest at the moment of death; hence, there are times when undead-type monsters (zombies and skeletons and the likes) are born too. That’s probably why this fairy doesn’t seem very keen on being associated with house haunting fairies.

“I’ll say it again, but I’m a ‘fairy’ born from the natural mana of the world. I was born at some forest somewhere.” [Resident Fairy]

“I see… I did hear about the existence of fairies, but I never thought I would actually get to meet one in the flesh.” [Ryouma]

Still, the fairy she was talking about was a normal one.

Normal fairies which are supposed to be small, but this woman in front of me looks no different from any other human woman. And as I talk to her like this, I get the impression that she’s very thoughtful.

Moreover, it’s very likely that the one who created this situation is none other than her… She said that she just ‘took up residence’ here, so she’s probably not contracted with anyone from this manor. If so, then she probably has a hypnotic power of some sort that allows her to manipulate people. Leading people astray does go perfectly well with the usual stereotype of fairies.

Considering that she’s able to assume the form of a human perfectly and even display intelligence, it should be safe to assume that she must be an advanced fairy variant.

“So, Fairy-san, exactly what kind of business do you have with me?” [Ryouma]

“Actually, I wasn’t really planning on showing myself to you, but… There’s something I wanted to ask you.” [Resident Fairy]

When I quietly waited for her to continue, the next words that came out of her were ‘Is there anything bothering you?’

“Bothering me?” [Ryouma]

“It could be anything you’re troubled about. Really. Is there anything?” [Resident Fairy]

“Nothing in particular…” [Ryouma]

If I really had to say something, then I guess being suddenly asked if there’s something troubling me is certainly troubling.

“I’m sure there must be something. You know such as regarding the difference in your life here compared to your life back on Earth.” [Resident Fairy]

“I’m actu— Wait. What did you say?” [Ryouma]


This girl said that just now, didn’t she? No, there’s no mistaking it.

I don’t sense any threats, but with her saying that out of the blue like that, I can’t help but become alert.

“What is it all of the sudden? Ahh…” [Resident Fairy]

For a moment, the fairy looked confused, but immediately after, she seemed to understand something.

“Come to think of it, I haven’t mentioned it, have I? I wasn’t planning on meeting you in the first place, so I’d forgotten, but… Please excuse my lack of manners. My name is Yui. Written with the character ‘結’, which means ‘to join’. A Japanese like yourself once came to this world from Earth. Her name is Shiho, and I was her familiar.” [Yui]

“!?” [Ryouma]

Shiho Jamil… If I recall correctly, that’s the ancestor of the Jamil family, and the person who founded the monster taming technique. This fairy was her familiar? Now that she mentions it, although she doesn’t feel any different from the people of this country, there is a tinge of Japanese in her. Whether it’s her black hair, her black eyes, or her face.

I’m quite rattled since that came out of nowhere, but there shouldn’t be any point in her lying to me, right?

“Before Shiho passed, she asked me two things. One was to protect her children and their descendants as much as I could. And the other was that if I ever happened upon another otherworlder, she wanted me to help them.

Shiho was a kind girl. But she was also reckless, and because of that, she lived her time in this world full of worries. That’s why she wanted to make it easier for the next Earthling to come to this world. So she told me to do what I could for him. After all, fairies normally won’t die until after a century or two.

Oh, and by the way, since I knew Shiho, I knew immediately that you were an Earthling as soon as I saw you.” [Yui]

“And that’s why you asked if there was something bothering me?” [Ryouma]

“Of course, I wasn’t actually planning on talking with you this much.” [Yui]

So it turns out that she really does possess some kind of hypnotic powers, as her original plan was just to invade my bed and use those powers to make my worries go away. The plan was for her to use the experience that she’s cultivated after living for so long to come up with a solution to whatever problems I had. If she could, anyway. And then she would share that solution with me and leave any other memory apart from the solution itself hazy.

“You’re a human, but for some reason, my powers just wouldn’t work on you, so I had no choice but to show myself. I hear you otherworlders are bestowed powers by the gods. Is that the reason why my powers weren’t effective on you?” [Yui]

“Weren’t effective? Ah, no, I’m sorry but that one’s my fault. I have a constitution that makes it really hard for mental attacks to work on me.” [Ryouma]

“…I see.” [Yui]






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