The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 180: A Chance Meeting Under a Moonlit Night (4/4)

But she has her circumstances too, so if she says she doesn’t like people and doesn’t want to be with people, then it can’t be helped.

I myself went into hiding in the forest before for similar reasons, so I won’t force her to get along with me.

And personally, I think it’s refreshing that she’s so blunt.

That being said, if it’s not possible to save her favor for later, then unfortunately, I really don’t have anything I need help with right now. At most, there’s Hyuzu-san and the others, who’ve been knocked out could, but— AHH!

“I completely forgot…” [Ryouma]

“Oh? Did you find something you need help with?” [Yui]

“I forgot to prepare a gift for Hyuzu-san and Rurunez-san… You know, a gift for the wedding. I was planning on thinking about what to get, but it ended up completely slipping my mind instead.” [Ryouma]

“If you need a gift, then wouldn’t that suffice? I don’t think anyone could really find a better gift than that.” [Yui]

She was looking at the ceremonial hall we built. On the decorated pedestals were the three idols, but…

“That’s that, and this is this. Besides, I didn’t build the ceremony hall all by myself. There were a lot of people who helped me. As for the idols, those were commissioned too, so they can’t count either.” [Ryouma]

“I don’t think anyone would really find fault with you if you didn’t give anything after everything you’ve done… But if that’s how you feel, then I guess you should prepare something. Wedding gifts are pretty much decided, and I’ve had plenty of experience watching weddings.” [Yui]

“In that case, do you think it would be possible for you to use that experience of yours, to find me a gift that won’t trouble the bride and groom, will be suitable for the occasion, and at the same time, is not common?” [Ryouma]

“But, of course. Just give me a second. Only, are you really sure this is your wish? I’m sure I told you that I will only be giving you one favor.” [Yui]

“Yes! This’ll do! After all, this is what’s troubling me the most right now!” [Ryouma]

It’s already nighttime. Even if I tried to get something, the only time I’ll have to buy it is early in the morning, so it would really save me a lot of trouble if she could pick out a gift that I could prepare right now.

“…Alright then. An unexpected wish, but a wish all the same. As a professional at matchmaking, with my pride as a fairy that has successfully tied over 1,000 weddings on the line, I shall teach you a suitable gift that will not cause the bride and groom any problems, that will surely elate them, and that can be prepared now.” [Yui]

“Really!?” [Ryouma]

“Yes. Now lend me your ear…” [Yui]

When I heard what she whispered into my ears, I couldn’t help but become doubtful for a second.

“Isn’t that unsuitable for a wedding present?” [Ryouma]

“Normally, yes, so use that for your material. That’s something you brought with you, right? I noticed that you still had some left over.” [Yui]

“By ‘that’? Do you mean ‘that’?” [Ryouma]

“In the end, superstitions are like some kind of word play in that how they’re received depends on the person. All that really matters is that the recipient is happy… If you’re worried, then just say this when you hand over the present—” [Yui]

It was in that way that the fairy that proclaimed herself as the familiar of another otherworlder taught me the secret plan of gift giving.

I was troubled by her sudden demands, but thanks to her, I was able to remember something important, so I’ll just call it even. More importantly, I need to get to work now. I wouldn’t have to hurry so much if it was just something simple, but producing something I can be confident in takes time. I need to hurry!

By the way, I left the four wasted drunks to a person from the manor that I came across on the way back to my room.


Tl Note: A little short, but not that short, so the next release will be slightly longer.






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