The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 182: Wedding Ceremony II (4/4)

“Huh? Is that the same glass as this one?” [Rurunez]

“I think the shape is a bit twisted, though.” [Hyuzu]

“It is indeed twisted. That’s because it’s a failed product I made while practicing. Now, I’m about to put on a little demonstration, so I hope you don’t mind if I do this!” [Ryouma]

As I said that out loud, I took the glass of a failed product and smashed it into the hard ground that was paved by the Block Skill.

When I did, the glass rang a light sound and tumbled over to a nearby maid’s feet.

“I’m so sorry. Can I ask you to bring that back here please?” [Ryouma]

“Oh, yes!” [Maid]

I thanked the maid for picking up the glass.

The glass was damaged a little, but it managed to maintain its shape.

“Actually, while this might look just like a glass, but it’s not actually a glass.” [Ryouma]

It just ‘looks’ like it’s made out of glass, but the truth is that it’s made out of the sticky slime’s concentrated hardening liquid plate. In other words, it’s like a glass made out of hardened plastic.

The secret plan proposed by Yui-san last night was that if something that ‘shattered’ was bad, then I ought to just go and make something that ‘couldn’t be shattered’ and present that as my gift. I came up with this when I looked at the stained-glass-like product I made using the sticky slime’s concentrated hardening liquid plate.

I continued talking and spoke just as she told me to.

“The material used for this failed prototype is the same as those glasses you have in your hands, so they’re ‘very hard to shatter’. Alas, it’s simply too difficult for humans to create something that lasts forever and never changes, and in the end, I can only make something that’s ‘hard to shatter’. So if you intentionally treat it poorly or try to throw it, then even if it manages to maintain its shape for a while, it will eventually break apart.

But so long as you take care of it, then even if you keep using it, it will always maintain its brilliance. In the same way, I pray that the two of you remember to always treasure each other, so that your relationship may forever keep its brilliance.” [Ryouma]

“Ohh!” [Crowd]

“Ryouma, thank you so much for such a thoughtful gift!” [Hyuzu]

“We promise that we will always protect this brilliance.” [Rurunez]

As they said that, the two of them became teary-eyed again, and a wave of applause resounded from the surrounding crowd.

It was mostly Yui-san’s wisdom that allowed me to present such a gift to them, but the feelings behind my gift are real and unwavering.

From the bottom of my heart, I’m happy to be able to gift them with a good present that could bring them such happiness.


By the way, after I gave my present, I was approached by Serge-san and Pioro-san.

“Ryouma-sama? You know about that glass from before, could you – by any chance- be planning on turning that into a product as well?” [Serge]

“Wait just one moment, Serge. If you’re going to talk about tableware, well that’s still related to food, no? After all, the rich are not just particular with their food but also their utensils.” [Pioro]

“I’m sorry, you two, but making those glasses really took a lot of effort. It’s really not something that could be turned into a product.” [Ryouma]

Edo Kiriko, just as the name implies, is a traditional craft that was started during the Edo Period.

And those glasses were made using using a technique that is based off of that traditional technique. A thin layer of colored concentrated hardening liquid plate was placed atop an almost colorless and transparent concentrated hardening liquid plate. After that, I used the spell I developed before for construction, the Polish Wheel, to make the two sheets of glass thinner, and then I used a newly developed spell, the Disc Grinder, to damage the surface of the glass and draw a pattern by exposing the lines underneath.

I had to go out of my way to develop a new spell that requires a lot of concentration from the spell caster just to make it. On top of that, creating the beautiful pattern was so difficult that despite pulling an all-nighter, I just barely made it in time with those two glasses. It would be really hard to turn something like that into a product given such low production rates.

“Ryouma-kun, don’t tell me you didn’t sleep last night?” [Reinhart]

“Seeing how you were swallowed by that wave of people earlier, I feared that you might have worked recklessly yet again, and…” [Elize]

“…Oh, no. There’s no such thing, Reinhart-san, Madam.

Serge-san, Pioro-san, although it would be very difficult for me to keep up with the production by myself, I could just teach the methods to someone else. So if you know a glass craftsman that we can hire and trust, I could just entrust the production method to him.” [Ryouma]

“Oh, well that sounds perfectly fine.” [Pioro]

“Actually, Ryouma-sama, I wanted to sell that special glass of yours as a wedding gift using that sales pitch you gave earlier, but if the material had to be changed to actual glass, then unfortunately, that won’t be possible anymore.” [Serge]

As I spoke with the four adults as usual, who themselves were showing a lot of interest in the Edo Kiriko imitation products I made, I enjoyed the banquet to my heart’s content and blessed the bride and the groom.






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