The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 188: Tour of the Village and the Taste of its Ingredients (1/4) (SHORT)

“Long time no see!” [Kai]

“I’m glad you could make it~” [Kei]

“Oh my, a guest?” [Mother]

“I see you’re back too, Mother.” [Mei]

While I was preparing my things at the room I was lent, the younger brothers, Kai-san and Kei-san, came back with their mother.

“Sorry to intrude. I am Ryouma Takebayashi.” [Ryouma]

“So you’re the person who helped my dumb sons and their friends. You sure are a lot younger than what I’ve heard… But were you always meant to come today? Weren’t you supposed to come next month?” [Mother]

“Come now, Mother. He’s here to protect the fishes, so of course it has to be this month. Next month would be too late.” [Mei]

“But if that’s the case, then it’s a bit of a problem… We don’t have any of the food meant for our guests.” [Mother]

“Huh? We only have enough for ourselves?” [Kei]

“We have enough ingredients, but there’s not that much variety to them.” [Mother]

…Do they normally prepare a different dish for their guests?

“Umm, please don’t mind me.” [Ryouma]

I’m plenty grateful just having a roof to sleep under, and if they’re providing even food, then I really have no room to complain.

Honestly, I’m perfectly fine just eating the same food as everyone else.

“Are you sure? But our food for today is…” [Mother]

“Oh… Anyhow, just leave the food to me, Mother.

And Kai, Kei, since Ryouma-kun is going to be staying here for a while, why don’t the two of you show him around the village? Also, he’s not just your acquaintance, right? Since the other three know him too, do be sure to let them know that he’s here.” [Mei]

“Oh, right!” [Kai]

“Ryouma-kun, is there a place you want to check out?” [Kei]

“In that case—” [Ryouma]

I want to join the adventurers hunting the mud salamanders as early as tomorrow, so if they don’t mind, I’d like to greet the senpai adventurers that have already started hunting the mud salamanders. It would also be great if they knew a place where I could train during my stay here.

“In that case, we’ll have to go around the whole town. We’ll be out of the village once we get to the shore, so we can just go to the meeting area or something from there, and then be back in time for supper.” [Kei]

“Alright, you show him around then, Kei. I’ll call Sein and the others. I’m sure they’ll want to talk to Ryouma too. I’ll ask them to join us for supper, so we can just talk then.” [Kai]

The two locals spoke between themselves and decided the route for my tour.

“I’ll go call them then. See you later.” [Kai]

“Thank you very much. See you later.” [Ryouma]

“We’ll head this way.” [Kei]

We parted with Kai-san by the entrance hall and I followed Kei-san.

Outside was the usual scenery you could find from any village, but from the looks of things, like the sun had already gone down while I was busy unpacking my luggage.

The children and the housewives were already gone, and there wasn’t much people left out on the streets.






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