The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 202: The God of Waters and Fishing I (1/2)

“—So, do you get it now?” [Sereriputa]

“Yes. But I won’t make any promises.” [Ryouma]

“That’s fine. I’m sure you have your circumstances too… Huh? Come to think of it, why are we talking about this again?” [Sereriputa]

“Umm… I believe we were originally talking about why you wanted to meet me.” [Ryouma]

“Ah! Right. And then you asked if it was because I found you interesting, right? But that wasn’t the case at all, so I ended up talking about how boring you are!” [Sereriputa]

“That’s right.” [Ryouma]

“Yeah! Yeah! Okay. So the reason I called you is because I’m concerned about you. And it’s not because you’re interesting. Okay?” [Sereriputa]

I think I’m starting to get this guy. This god keeps running his mouth about how boring I am, but he’s not doing it out of ill will. He just says whatever comes to his mind.

“So what is it about me exactly that’s on your mind?” [Ryouma]

“Gayn and the others told me that someone new came to this world, so when I dropped by the village where you were and I saw you, I thought, ‘Huh. This kid might actually be similar to me.” [Sereriputa]

“I’m similar to you, Sereriputa-sama?” [Ryouma]

“You can just call me Sere. It’s not like anyone is listening in on us.” [Sereriputa]

“…Alright, Sere. In what ways are we similar to each other?” [Ryouma]

“Right………………. What do you think?” [Sereriputa]

After taking so long to answer, that’s what he comes up with? What an annoying guy… How could we possibly be similar to each other? The only common point we share that I know of in this short time we’ve spent with each other is…

“We’re both shut-ins?” [Ryouma]

“You’re saying that based on my appearance, aren’t you? You’re right, though.” [Sereriputa]

“We both talk too much and are insensitive?” [Ryouma]

“I won’t deny it, but that’s not exactly right.” [Sereriputa]

“…We’re both insular?” [Ryouma]

“You don’t hold your punches, do you? Even though we’ve just met… Still, you’re not completely wrong. But to be more precise, you and I are similar at a more fundamental aspect.” [Sereriputa]

Fundamental aspect?

“Humans have that aspect where ‘they can’t understand themselves even though the topic is none other than themselves’. Is it so hard to understand?

Even when we’re talking like this, there are parts that become apparent and parts that don’t become apparent on the surface. What do you call it, the standard for judgment? The basis of a personality?  Hmm~ It’s difficult to put into words.

In the first place, I’ve never talked this much with someone…” [Sereriputa]

I think he’s talking about how one is clueless about the parts of one’s self that one is not aware of.

“Anyway, gods and people alike have all sorts of things they think and feel about. Just think of it as the fundamental thing that forms the basis of that.” [Sereriputa]

“Alright. I kinda get it. I guess. And that fundamental thing is what makes us similar?” [Ryouma]

“Yeah. It’s just ‘similar’… And by the way, my way of thinking inclines toward the survival of the fittest – the strong shall live and the weak shall die – that sort of stuff. You too, right? Something like that.” [Sereriputa]

“Is that so?” [Ryouma]

“You don’t understand? Alright, let’s talk for a bit then.” [Sereriputa]

He was originally positioned as if he were sitting on an invisible chair, but now he was lying down, and the conversation moved along with great progress. I can’t follow this conversation very well.

“Oh, do I talk too much?” [Sereriputa]

“There’s no— Did you read my mind? But that’s not the case. I’m just a bit confused at why you’re so eager.” [Ryouma]

“That’s good to hear. As I’ve said earlier, I rarely talk to people. In fact, I rarely talk to other gods.”

He talks well, but he doesn’t seem to have a sense for distance and is too volubly. Anyway it’s not a big deal as far as communication issues go. It’s nothing weird.

“Thank you for being understanding. Back to the topic. Today you kept the pearl slime a secret from the kid who was helping your slime research, right? Why?” [Sereriputa]

He folded his arms and placed his head over it as he tilted his neck. If I didn’t know better, I would’ve mistaken him for a girl.

It was a strangely difficult topic, but I answered honestly anyway.

“Because I didn’t know the exact value of the pearl slime, but it seemed like it would be very profitable. Niki-kun is still a kid, and if he doesn’t know anything, I won’t have to worry about him leaking information. I thought it was safest this way.” [Ryouma]

“Yes. And your conjectures are correct. Pearls in this world are far more valuable than what you think. Especially, in the Riforu Kingdom, where you reside. After all, it is a jewel that they can’t harvest just yet. Should you sell it, it will fetch an excessively high price.

Naturally, the people looking for the source and a way to acquire it will come, and there will be no end of people seeking to make the source their own. They will employ all manners of methods, and there are those who will not mind breaking the law.

You have merchants that you can trust and have the powerful and influential duke family behind you.

Even if you yourself are attacked, you can defeat most of them with just your own strength. But that boy, Niki, doesn’t have any of those.

Perhaps even the villagers will be able to defend against your common thief – if he were alone – but the dark guild or other nobles? Surely not.” [Sereriputa]

Sere continued to smile as he listed out those cruel possibilities.






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