The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 204: The Feudal Lord of Fatima Territory (1/3)

The next day.

After the fishing in the morning ended, I quickly finished my lunch to prepare for my meeting with the feudal lord.

Everyone in the village knew of our meeting with the feudal lord already, so they allowed us to eat ahead of the others.

I’m grateful for their consideration, but to be honest, I actually couldn’t taste the food.

The same was true for Kai-san and the rest.

After all, the feudal lord was right there. And for some reason he was right in front of us.

“Fugu, mugu, yes, delicious!”

Moreover, the feudal lord was a member of the pig tribe. I don’t know if it’s because of his race, but he sure is fat. Moreover, because of his kimono and hair that has been tied into a bun, he looked more like a sumo wrestler than a feudal lord or a noble. Fitting to his stature, he had a bowl overflowing with rice and four peoples’ worth of side dish.

…Why did it turn out like this?

First, the feudal lord reached the village through the lake on a boat.

But because of the winds, he arrived earlier than expected.

The village headman welcomed him and then summoned us, saying, ‘it would be scandalous to make the feudal lord wait’.

But because the feudal lord arrived earlier than promised, we had to wait.

It would be bad for us to just wait without doing anything, so the village headman suggested we eat first.

…As a result, we ended up having lunch with the noble feudal lord.

Also, an important person like the feudal lord couldn’t possibly go out on his own, so his attendants were with him. Currently, they are seated on either side of him.

On one side was a young samurai-like warrior who wore a scale-like mask that covered his right eye.

On the other side was a man who looked like a sumo wrestler just like the feudal lord. A closer look at his hands would show that there were scales covering his hands from the wrist to the lower half of the palms.

They are probably Dragon Newts. I hear technical experts are sometimes invited from the dragon newt village. They probably came from there.

“More please.”

The sumo-like person held an appetite that wouldn’t louse out to the feudal lord’s… Hmm. Is he not his escort?

The samurai-like person isn’t eating and is just watching the surroundings. Could he be the only guard among the three of them?

…I don’t really get it, but I guess I’ll just eat my meal for now.

After breakfast.

“Fuu… That was really delicious. The women here sure are good at cooking. Thank you.

And village headman, I’m sure you’ve been saving a lot to get over the winter and yet you prepared such a grand welcome for me. I’m really grateful. I ate even more than usual. I’ll have food ingredients brought to you later. It’s not much, but please add it to your supplies.” [Feudal Lord]

“Thank you very much.” [Village Headman]

I heard the feudal lord around these parts was a good person. Looks like it’s true. For one, he at least pays for what he eats, and he doesn’t seem to be the type to misuse his authority and say, ‘I’m a noble, so of course you should welcome me!’

“Now then, I believe you are the ones in charge of the defense of the village, yes? Allow me to introduce myself, I am the feudal lord of this Fatma Territory, Lord Porco Fatma. First of all, please allow me to thank you for your assistance in the defense of this town.” [Porco]

“We are unworthy of your word, my lord. Right, everyone?” [Shin]

The leader of the Wharf of Shikumu represented us and replied, but he was clearly too nervous.

When the feudal lord saw him like that, he spoke.

“There’s no need to be so stiff. Please speak as you normally do. I shan’t take offense.” [Porco]

The feudal lord smiled and gave us permission to be at ease. At that, Shins countenance improved.

“The mud salamanders have been increasing in number these past few years. We invited adventurers outside the fief, but they are especially more populous this year. Already, we lack people in a number of villages, the defensive line broken through, and some villages have even been thoroughly plundered of their catch.” [Porco]

…The other villages turned out like that?

“I thought this village would also be exposed to the same threat, but not only were you able to defend it, you were even able to help the other villages.” [Porco]

“My lord, I’m afraid the credit does not belong to us alone.” [Shin]

The five members of the Wharf of Shikumu turned to me.

“So I’ve heard. It would appear that a monster tamer boy has contributed greatly to this village. But be that as it may, it is not as if the others did not toil at all; hence, I offer you my thanks. I must say, though. Your group is too honest!” [Porco]

The feudal lord laughed and the five members of the Wharf of Shikumu bowed their heads once again.

I can’t see their faces, but they seem happy.

“And speaking of that monster tamer boy who contributed greatly, I take it is you?”

“Yes. I am Ryouma Takebayashi.” [Ryouma]

“Yes. The village headman mentioned you had a letter of introduction for me?” [Porco]

“Yes. From the present head of the Jamil family. Rei—” [Ryouma]

“Reinhart’s letter of introduction!?” [Porco]

“!?” [Ryouma]

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  1. Porco?

    I am surprised of the name choice.

    “Porco”, for those unaware, is a vulgar way to say “Pig” in Italian (maybe other latin languages have similar words).

    Thank you for the chapter!

    1. This novel isn’t usually in on the goofy comedy side, so the name made me laugh as soon as I saw it and the lord’s description. Well played, author, well played. Haha.

      And thanks for the chapter.

  2. I know Ryouma suported by Jamil’s but still you are talking to the Feudal Lord. I think Ryouma should say Reinhart-san or sama , or at least should use the title Duke or Lord etc.

    What a rude brat that monster tamer boy.

    1. Hold on, that “Rei-” ends abruptly, meaning El Porco interrupted. Most likely, Ryouma was going to say that at least half polite, but that reaction, I think this feudal lord is a big fan of Reinhart. Well, obviously the duke left a big impression on this dude, El Porco (lolz).

      All this is based on the assumption you actually didn’t like that ending. I’m tired now, and my sarcasm detector is not working properly.

    2. You’re blind? Or stupid? Or maybe a very bad joker.
      He didn’t even get to finish his dentence, you numbskull

    3. Well the Lord did say,

      “There’s no need to be so stiff. Please speak as you normally do. I shan’t take offense.” [Porco]

      after all, so yeah, they had the permission~

  3. [wouldn’t louse out to] -> {wouldn’t lose out to}

    So, a good noble, but also fat, with pig face, and named Porco, LOL, that gives a nice giggle at least. I prefer porc any day, especially after that annoying and disgusting water god. El mighty Porco, eater of mountains of food, yet noble at heart and family. Just saying some stupid things.
    Thanks for the update! Awesome translation! God bless you!

  4. Porco is pig in Portuguese, porca being the female counterpart and leitão being piglet. This author has jokes. 🤣🐷🤣

  5. Thanks for the chapter desu~

    Reinhart’s position is rather scary~

    And Porky Pig is as gluttonous as I thought he would be but good thing his mannerisms prevent him from acting like one.

  6. Hey does anyone know how many chapters are left until volume 4 might be started? I’d like to read the old and new chapters about when Ryouma meets back up with Elialia and her friends from school! I’d also like to find out about what happens after ryouma rescues Elialia from the kidnappers in the last chapter from the older version of this LN!

  7. My guess is that Fatima is disliked by the other lords due to his heritage and treating his people well. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ryouma starts a branch cleaning store at the village in order to train more recruits or slime tamers for his satelite stores. Nikki has huge potential, but he should be with his family. Plus I wouldn’t put it past Ryouma to ask for rice crops as long he teaches how to control particular slimes.

    1. I have a feeling that Ryouma really really wants to teach Nikki more as well as Nikki wants to learn more to a point that he would finally decide to place a branch there and let Nikki part-time there while being thought by a tamer Ryouma approves of… as well as Ryouma actually visiting there feom time to time~

  8. You know… When ryouma started saying from who the letter was, and porco cutted in…i i could hear it…you know…i i tally heard “PUUUIIIII?!!!!”

  9. I really dont want to be seeing as ungrateful person but i just wondering is there a problem with the translation? I mean i hope people who working on this series are all fine but still…

  10. I read the oryginal novel and I made a break when Jiggly was on chapter 80something for Reboot.
    Now a came back and after catching up I’m again on par with releases. I like to see that Reboot is the same as oryginal in style but broader than oryginal in content.
    I can’t wait to see when Ryouma gets his “Grandparents Inheritance”.
    I want to read about Ryouma setting up his Restaurant and Slime Research Center.
    I want to know what will happen this time when he gets the fragment of Demon God and what will happen to the kidnapped Eli…
    So much ahead of us and I can feel there will be at least/maybe 800 awesome chapters ahead of us 😀

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