The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 215: Carm’s Worries II (2/3)

“I hear it’s been dangerous lately, and something also seems to have happened this morning, as I saw some suspects being taken in, and these clothes (suit) also aren’t really fit for moving around in, so… Ah, but I guess I could make a suit out of beast hide or some other material that’s easy to move in for later.” [Ryouma]

“A formalwear you can move around in easily? I don’t know about a formalwear meant for combat, but just something that’s easy to move around in should have plenty of demand. After all, even normal clothes are best when they’re easy to move around in.” [Carm]

Come to think of it, when the boss goes to town from the northern mines, he has to pass through the northern gates. If I recall correctly, there should be a guardroom and a jail in that area. If so, then it makes perfect sense that he’d end up spotting some people being taken in, so he should have already seen something similar happening before… And besides, is having clothes difficult to move in really enough to get him to bring an escort?

“For example, even just the joints—” [Ryouma]

“Ah, there’s this place I went to before—” [Yurdum]

“There’s a beast hide and a plant like that!? There really are all sorts of monsters, aren’t there? In that case—” [Ryouma]

…Umm, Boss, could you not suddenly start talking about clothes that are easy to move in with Yurdum-san?

“As expected of you, Boss, coming up with an idea just like that from a casual conversation… I’m impressed by your imagination, but you don’t need to spill all of your ideas, you know?” [Carm]

“Ah, sorry. Let’s talk again later, Yurdum-san.” [Ryouma]

“Okay.” [Yurdum]

Good grief, sometimes I don’t know if the boss has the spirit of an artisan or a researcher. It might just be an idea now, but it might turn into a huge profit later. And as a merchant, I couldn’t just watch the boss spill his ideas for everyone to hear while he walked through town.

I’ve always thought that Serge-sama and the guild master were overprotective of the boss, but when he does things like this I can’t help but worry too.

While I was thinking that, I followed after the two, who spoke about idle topics like the surrounding stores or the buildings in the city.


And then—

“…Umm, Carm-san?” [Ryouma]

“Yes?” [Carm]

“That’s the store we’re supposed to be visiting, right?” [Ryouma]

“Should be…” [Carm]

When we entered the street where the store was supposed to be, we stopped walking. There was a crowd of people gathered just a few steps away from the store. What’s more was that this crowd was made up of well-statured young men carrying squared timbers and hammers. There was a dangerous atmosphere about them that suggested they weren’t customers.

“No matter how you look at it, they don’t look peaceful. What now, Boss?” [Yurdum]

“Well, they’ve already noticed us, and even if we change the date, unless we talk to them, we won’t know when it’s convenient or not. If things turn for the worse, I’ll be counting on you, Yurdum-san.” [Ryouma]

The boss said with a firm voice, then he brazenly approached the crowd.

As we approached the crowd, ascertaining gazes fell upon us.

“Good day. If you don’t mind my asking, did something happen here?” [Ryouma]

When we were about a horse’s distance away, the boss spoke.

The crowd became a little noisy at that, and one of the men replied.

“Nothing you’d need to be concerned about.” [Man]

…There’s no way that’s true.

“I see. In that case, can you let us pass? We have business with that store over there.” [Ryouma]

The moment the boss said that, the countenance of the man changed from displeasure to anger.

“You have business with this store? What business?” [Man]

“Umm, are you related to the store?” [Ryouma]

“Who gives a damn if I’m related or not!” [Man]

“It actually matters, though.” [Ryouma]

The boss’s attitude finally got to the man, and he approached the boss while glaring at him.


“We’ve come here to talk with the owner of that store. We have no obligation to reveal the details to outsiders. Such actions would only hurt our reputation as merchants; hence, it’s only natural to first confirm whether you’re related or not. In the first place, we’ve already sent a letter to the owner of that store and have contacted them prior. If you aren’t related, then I will have to ask you to stand back.” [Ryouma]

“…!” [Man]

The man couldn’t find the words to refute with and stood there silent for a while, but after a few seconds…

“Tch! I knew it! You’re land sharks who want to use some weird contract to get the store!” [Man]

“…Hah?” [Ryouma]

Just what is this guy saying all of the sudden?

“I didn’t think you’d bring a kid with you, but if you’re land sharks, then it makes perfect sense why this brat is so gutsy.” [Man]

“No, that’s just the boss—” [Carm]

“Don’t try to give me your lip service! We know a letter was sent to this store wanting to purchase it!” [Man]

“That’s!” [Carm]

It’s true that we sent a letter yesterday to buy the store, but we’re not land sharks. The main point of that letter was to make our services more convenient for customers.

It would also be possible to reduce the burden on each branch by distributing the customers to multiple branches.

The condition we gave was the purchase of the owner’s current store and workshop. Just the workshop alone was fine too. Everything was negotiable and after the purchase, if the other party was interested, we could hire them and they could keep working. We didn’t ask them to leave their current address.

The main difference before and after the acquisition would only be the work, as there would be a need to consolidate with the Bamboo Forest’s way of doing things.

Despite that we intended to minimize the change in the chain of command.

We wrote all of this in the letter. We’re not trying to drive away the family from their home. In fact, we even think it would be best if they could continue working, so there’s no reason for them to treat us like this…






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