The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 222: Day 3 of a Three Day Rest (1/2)

On the morning of the last day of my three-day break, I readied myself and then I waited by the entrance of the abandoned mine.

“It’s here!” [Ryouma]

A carriage passing through the Gimuru road was headed in my direction.

It was driven by the maid, Lilian-san. Beside her was Yurdum-san, so it’s definitely the carriage I’m waiting for.

I waved at them to get their attention, then I led them to an acceptable parking area. After that the three working girls, Maria, Fina, and Jane-san, alighted from the carriage.

“Good morning.”

We exchanged greetings, and then the three girls from the farming village spoke.

“This carriage is really good!” [Jane]

“It’s really comfortable~” [Maria]

“Back in our village, we’d either walk or use a carriage that swayed a lot.” [Fina]

“So it really is a good carriage.” [Ryouma]

This carriage is one of the three carriages that parked at the empty lot of the store last night. It’s one of the carriages used by the members of the duke’s family. That’s why I thought for sure it would be an excellent performer.

“It’s good, alright.” [Yurdum]

“I thought it might be.” [Ryouma]

“It’s an old carriage scheduled for disposable, so please feel free to tell us if you need it.” [Lilian]

“Thank you very much.” [Ryouma]

They’ve already lent me a carriage, so if you include this, that makes two. Reinhart-san had them pass a message, saying, “It’s going to be busy from here on out, so please feel free to use these carriages to help you get around.” That’s why they’re lending them to me like this.

Of course, it’s not only the members of the duke’s family and the carriages that I’m grateful for.

Although the married couple had to leave that night after picking up their children, until then, the employees were the ones taking care of their children.

Hence, in our absence, it was the employees who accompanied the guild master and the members of the duke’s family. They probably became curious as to why everyone was at my store, and in the course of asking questions and getting an explanation, they ended up asking me if there was something they could help with.

I was more than willing to accept their help since they were offering it, so today, the three girls from the farming village will be teaching me the basics of farming.

“Thank you for coming here despite your day off. I’ll be in your care today.” [Ryouma]

“Ha ha ha! What are you being so stiff for, Boss?” [Jane]

“You’re always taking care of us~ It’s the least we could do~” [Maria]

“If anything we’re just happy to be able to help you, Boss. But why do you want to farm so suddenly?” [Fina]

“Ah, right. I haven’t explained that part, have I? Actually—” [Ryouma]

I didn’t tell them the parts about the God of Farming, but I did tell them that I’ve been basically brute forcing my wood magic, so if I could learn how to farm properly, I should be able to produce better results.

“So that’s actually a thing~” [Maria]

“We don’t know anything about magic, though. Will this really be alright?” [Fina]

“Don’t worry, Fina-chan. It’s more important to know about the subject of a spell.” [Yurdum]

“Exactly.” [Ryouma]

Just as Yurdum-san says— Wait.

“Yurdum-san, can you use magic?” [Ryouma]

“I don’t specialize in it, but I can use wood magic. I can also use some water magic though just enough to sprinkle a bit of water.” [Yurdum]

“You’ll be a lot of help then!” [Ryouma]

If he knows about magic too, then I’ll be able to rely on him a lot. Looks like I still have a lot to know about Yurdum-san. I should use this opportunity to get to know him… Oh, right.

“Let’s not just stand here, please, come in. I’ve prepared a place for us to talk.” [Ryouma]

Like that I led the five of them inside.

I brought them to a vast and level area in the western part of the abandoned mine. It was overrun with weeds just recently, so I’d cleaned things up in a hurry, but… it seems I made a mistake somewhere.

“…” [Everyone Else]

After all, the five people I brought, especially, the girls from the farming village, were all shocked.

“Is something the matter?” [Ryouma]

“Well, I mean, Boss…” {Fina]

“Is that a greenhouse over there?” [Jane]

Although some parts were normal terrain, it was already almost winter, so I thought it would be better if I built a greenhouse.

I built it with a plastic greenhouse in mind, but I used the sticky slime and the crust slime’s hardening liquid sheet, so it looks like a glass greenhouse— Oh, right! Glass is supposed to be really expensive in this country. If I use that much glass to construct something, it’s no wonder that they’re surprised.

“Ah~ So it’s not glass then~” [Maria]

“I was so shocked.” [Jane]

“Come to think of it, the same material is used for the store windows. I should have known.” [Fina]

“Personally, I think it’s surprising even then… It’s not common even for nobles to have a green house.” [Yurdum]

Oh, really? That’s a surprise…

“For the mean time, please come inside.”

It’s cold outside, so I led them inside.

The greenhouse was surrounded with hardening liquid sheet, so the wind couldn’t get in, but the sunlight could still enter, so it was plenty warm. It’s hard for the air to circulate here, so it’s quite humid.

There are windows for ventilation above the two entrances and the sides of the greenhouse, so I could open them if needed, but I should probably start thinking about a way to regulate the temperature here.

“Alright, where should we start?” [Ryouma]

“How about you show us how you do it first, Boss. I want to see how magic farming works too.” [Fina]

“I understand!” [Ryouma]






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