The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 226: Mending Relationships (2/3)

At this point, Darson-san spoke again.

“I see you’ve really put some thought into this. If so, then you likely aren’t merely being reckless with your money. But even then an endeavor like this should require a huge investment up front. If you’re going to compensate for that by making security a commodity, then obviously it will cost money. How much do we have to pay to benefit from this security company? And what benefits will we gain by paying?” [Darson]

“We’re still discussing with the experts of various guilds regarding a ‘reasonable price’ for the services we could offer, so nothing has been decided yet. Besides, we’re just about to start hiring and training people. So for the meantime, we’re planning on splitting the people we’ve hired into groups, and then have them go do patrols around the town. This will also serve as an advertisement for our security company.

At that time, our guards will drop by your stores to explain the services we can offer and hear out any opinions you might have regarding them. We’re also planning on putting up signboards and posters with the warning ‘This Store is Being Watched’ to serve as a deterrent to anyone up to no good.

In the future, we’re also planning on stationing guards at each store, but this will depend on the size of our work force and their work hours. The fees will also change according to their experience and skill, so the price will have to be discussed later.

That being said, as I’ve mentioned previously, I’m not planning on turning up a profit from this security company, so ‘I’ intend to make the price reasonable. But of course, we can’t lower our prices too much or we’ll end up angering the guilds and mercenaries—” [Ryouma]

“It’s a bit complicated, but regardless, it appears a clear price can’t be given for the time being.” [Zeke]

Oops. The conversation was starting to get long-winded, so Zeke-san had to interject.

“Ah, it’s fine if the price hasn’t been decided just yet. That’s still much better than telling us a lie or pulling out some random number.” [Darson]

“Thank you very much.” [Ryouma]

At this point, I don’t have much left to talk about regarding the security company.

No one else appears to have any questions, so we can move to the next topic.

The next topic is regarding the measures we can take to defend ourselves and the methods we can implement to maintain the public order, but once again it seems no one wants to talk, so I’ll have to start.

  •  For the meantime, I decided to share the policies my store is implementing.
  •  Increasing the number of guards.
  •  Discussing with the employees how to act in times of emergencies.
  •  Regular training on how to deal with crimes and how to flee.
  •  Providing defensive equipment (shields).
  •  Using weed slimes and stone slimes instead of an alarm.

Something like that.

If I could get everyone’s cooperation, I would also like to draw a safe map like I did during my elementary school days. It would be a really big help if we could work together on it.

“Can I have a moment?” [Pauline]

“Yes, Pauline-san.” [Ryouma]

“I understand increasing the security personnel and discussing with the employees what to do during an emergency, but what do you mean by shield?” [Pauline]

“Ah, please let me show it to you in person.” [Ryouma]

As soon as I said that…

“We have one prepared here.” [Lilian]

“At Bamboo Forest, we always have a shield under a counter for use during emergencies.” [Rurunez]

Without even asking for it, the three maids suddenly appeared and brought with them the shield-in-question.

The shield was the transparent sort that covered the whole body. It was designed after the ones used by cops and riot squads. It was made using the hardening liquid sheet of the sticky slime. A light but durable riot shield. While security will immediately mobilize in case of emergency, it was important to ensure the safety of non-combat personnel.

“Wow, this thing is light! Even a weak woman like me could easily carry it. You give it a try too.” [Pauline]

As Pauline-san said that, she handed the shield to her husband, Zeke-san.

“It really is light.” [Zeke]

“Mind if I tried it too?” [Store Owner 1]

“Please go ahead.” [Zeke]

Like that the shield was passed around, and everyone expressed their intent of procuring one.

Before I knew it, the meeting had livened up.

“By the way, what was that ‘safe map’ you were talking about earlier?” [Store Owner 2]

“A safe map is a map that shows where crime is likely to occur. Locals might already know which parts of town are unsafe, but the environment is ever changing. For example, do you know of any places that used to flourish with people but because the popular store around that street closed, people suddenly stopped visiting?” [Ryouma]

“…I do. There are several such stores indeed.” [Store Owner 3]

“Same. If I recall there were stores that did well that aren’t doing well now.” [Store Owner 4]

“Right? The goal of the safe map is to identify the areas that are dangerous now. Of course, any adult can tell that places rarely visited are dangerous, and caution will indeed have to be exercised then, but another goal of the safe map is to identify places of possible danger that could be seen in our everyday life.” [Ryouma]






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