The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 235: Sereriputa’s Punishment and Ryouma’s Calling (2/2)

“Calm down, Willieris.” [Grimp]

“I have my misgivings about his attitude too, but don’t you think it’s a bit late to be fussing over his attitude now? Just as Ryouma says, there won’t be an end to it if we fuss over everything.” [Tekun]

“I know. I’m the one who wanted to hear Ryouma-kun’s opinion anyway, and he agreed with our methods, so let’s put this topic to rest.” [Willieris]

Sereriputa and Willieris really don’t get along, do they?

Or maybe they get along so well they can quarrel with each other?

Regardless, Willieris doesn’t look happy.

Despite that though, after being scolded by two gods and hearing my thoughts, she decided to respect my opinion and stop pursuing the matter.

For some reason, though, Sereriputa was looking at me with a face that seemed to say, ‘Don’t worry. You helped me out, so I’ll keep quiet this time,’ while smiling and clinging to me.

He looks so much like a girl, but he’s a guy, right?

“Stop clinging already. It’s annoying.” [Ryouma]

“Wait, let me cling a bit more or I really won’t be able to stand up.” [Sereriputa]

He’s so weak right now I could easily brush him aside.

He really has gotten weak.

Speaking of which, I remember hearing about deep sea fishes not having many high-density tissues like bones because it’s easier for softer bodies to handle the high pressure in the deep sea. Or at least that’s what I think I heard about the football fish once upon a time, but I’m not sure anymore.

“I’d appreciate it if you didn’t lump me with those deep sea fish.” [Sereriputa]

So he says, but honestly, there’s not much difference between him and the fish that wash ashore.

“Ha ha!” [All the gods except Sereriputa]

I was just thinking that to myself, but everyone suddenly started laughing.

Apparently, everyone was reading my thoughts.

“I’m sorry. I just really wanted to know how you truly felt about Sereriputa, you see.” [Gayn]

“It’s fine. I’ve known since a long time ago that you guys can read minds.” [Ryouma]

There’s no point lying since they can just read my mind anyway, so when I talk here, I just talk as honestly as I can. They’ve also given me permission to speak without formal speech, so I’m able to talk to them naturally too. And because they can read my mind, there’s no need to be afraid of them misunderstanding me because of my poor communication skills.

Surprisingly, having your mind read actually isn’t so bad, though, I’m sure there are people who wouldn’t like having their thoughts read.

…Huh?  Didn’t something like this happen before? Deja vu?

“I’m glad you see it that way.” [Gayn]

“I’ve had enough of that topic. I want to hear your stories, Ryouma-kun.” [Rurutia]

Rurutia has been quiet up till now.

Kufo waved his hand and a luxurious table big enough for a large family or a feast suddenly appeared with enough tatami chairs for everyone.

After everyone was seated, I started talking about my life after coming back to Gimuru.

“Those delinquent adventurers seem to be doing well.” [Gayn]

“So they called you ‘aniki’.” [Kufo]

Whether it’s in the human world or in this world, that part is always the focus.

“I wish they’d stop, though. I mean I’m not even in the right age.” [Ryouma]

“Isn’t it fine? It’s not like they’re mocking you or anything. If anything, that just shows how much they respect your strength.” [Kirillel]

“It’s fine if they just see me as someone they can depend on when they’re struggling, but back in my previous life, people often mistook me to be working with the yakuza, and it always ended up causing a lot of problem for my work and other stuff, so I can’t say I’m fond of them calling me aniki.” [Ryouma]

“Ah, so that’s what you meant. But you know you might actually be really suited for that line of work?” [Kirillel]

“Huh?” [Ryouma]

Since it’s a god like Kirillel saying that, then it’s probably true, but that just makes it even more complicated, so I can’t help myself but remain dubious.

I turned to the other gods, but everyone just wryly smiled.

Would’ve been nice if they shook their heads instead.

“Well, no matter the job, the person at the top needs to have the skills or the history to go with it, right? Just like how weak people can’t become adventurers.” [Tekun]

“You’re good at taking care of others, and you do it so naturally too. That’s an important trait to have for someone in the position of bringing people together.” [Rurutia]

“I’m sure having subordinates of your own back in your previous world and having to guide them must’ve played a big role in that. It’s not about being good at it. Just having the experience, even if that experience is full of failures, makes a big difference.” [Gayn]

“True.” [Ryouma]

Perhaps, it’s just as Tekun, Rurutia, and Gayn says.

“As far as I’m concerned, it would be even better if you had a subordinate who could compensate for the charisma or leadership part. Ryouma-kun, you’re good at watching over others, but you’re lacking when it comes to those parts.” [Sereriputa]

Sereriputa was seated beside me with his body laid down on the table. Only his head moved as he told me that.

I agree with him.

In fact, that’s exactly how I’m operating my business right now.

At the laundromat, my assistant-manager, Carm-san, is supporting me.

The other departments are being taken care of by the people sent by the duke.

Delegating the work has made my life much easier, and now I have plenty of free time for my studies and research.

Everything is going so well. It’s really nothing like how things were back in my previous world.

And since I’m able to produce so much results with this method, I’m sure it’s the right way to do my business.

At the very least, it’s a lot better than how I ran things back in my previous world.

“Actually, you really should’ve chosen your jobs at your previous world more carefully. Even if you’re going to be working under someone, at the very least, you should’ve chosen a job that allowed you to look after others, like a school teacher, for example.” [Sereriputa]

“Yeah, my subordinates told me that many times before.” [Ryouma]

Something along the lines of how I would make a great PE teacher or how I’d look great wearing a jersey while wielding a wooden sword.

There were also those who thought I’d do great as a guidance counselor or as a head teacher.

Basically, their image of me was that of those over-the-top PE teachers from long ago.

Oh, there was also that one time when someone suggested I become a kindergarten teacher.

…Then they started making jokes about me being in charge of that perverted kindergarten protagonist from that one anime.

“A job that looks after kids isn’t bad too. Kumichou (yakuza boss), right?” [Sereriputa]

“The word your looking for is enchou (kindergarten teacher). Why do you even know that? Can you not just so casually pick at my memories?” [Ryouma]

“Unlike the others, I can look into your heart without any reserve while talking. I’ve also looked into the depths of your soul once before, so I have a good understanding of you. It’s a bit late to be worrying about it.” [Sereriputa]

The way he’s so brazen about it pisses me off, but if i get mad, I’ll feel like I’ve lost, so I’ll just leave him alone.

“Anyway, since I can do my current job at my own discretion, I’m sure that must mean that my way of doing things now suits me.” [Ryouma]

“Indeed.” [Gayn]

All the gods wore an expression of approval.

It’s great to be able to get the opinion of the gods.

I should keep them in mind when I continue my work later.






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