The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 237: Advantages and Disadvantages of Slime Magic (1/4)

“It seems the more I study slimes, the more secrets I have to keep.” [Ryouma]

But I guess that just goes to show how valuable slimes are. And besides, anything can be dangerous if you use it the wrong way.

While I was thinking that to myself, Kirillel asked Fernoberia a question.

“Speaking of secrets… Fernoberia. Didn’t you say you had something to talk about with Ryouma?” [Kirillel]

“Huh, really?” [Ryouma]

“Yes, you used a sand spell with your slimes recently. There are a few things I’d like to say regarding it.” [Fernoberia]

“Although we just finished dealing with Sereriputa’s issue, it’s actually rare for this guy to show up with so many people around. He’s really bad at dealing with people, you see.”

Huh!? So he has something so important to talk about that he’d showed up here despite being bad with people!?

If he’d mentioned it earlier, then we would’ve been able to talk about it first before I started going on about my slimes.

“Don’t worry about it. I like how you study things that interest you. The way you bring together the things you’ve learned and pass it on to others is essential for the development of knowledge.” [Fernoberia]

“Thank you very much.” [Ryouma]

So, what did he want to talk about regarding my slime spells?


“Before anything else, I want you to know I don’t want you to stop using that spell. There are a few things I’d warn you about, but if anything, I’d actually prefer it if you proactively used it. Kufo talked about why he brought you here to this world, right? I’ll skip the specifics, but that slime magic of yours has a good influence on the world’s mana.” [Fernoberia]

“!?” [Ryouma]

“Of course, it’s nothing more than a smidgen, but as you Japanese like to put it, ‘when piled up, even trash can become a mountain’. Piling up little things like that is necessary in order to solve a bigger problem. Can’t look down on it, just because it only makes a small difference.” [Fernoberia]

Huh, who would’ve thought that spell would’ve an effect like that?

So on a personal level, casting magic means consuming mana, but from a wider perspective, the mana is being restored instead?

“If you’re curious about the specifics, you should research it yourself. It’s related to the nature of slimes.” [Fernoberia]

“! Really?” [Ryouma]

When I said that, Fernoberia nodded as though it was a given.

Apparently, it wasn’t that he didn’t want to explain, he wanted to leave me something to research.

He knows that I’m interested in slimes and enjoy researching them, so he’s holding himself back.

Moreover, as the God of Knowledge, he prefers that I study on my own and come up with my own answer.

“Now, as for the things I want to warn you about, there are three. These are regarding the effects and special characteristics of the slime magic, as well as their influence on the slimes.

Regarding the effect, I’m sure you know already, but using your spells in conjunction with your slimes increases their power and precision. If you combine your abundant mana pool as an otherworlder with several slimes, in the future, you might even be able to bring about an effect similar to the ‘calamity spells’ that once shook the world.” [Fernoberia]

“Calamity Spells… That’s my first time hearing about that. Sounds dangerous.” [Ryouma]

“It’s just a combination of normal elemental spells. But it was an otherworlder who used it. What’s more it’s the ancestor of the duke’s family you’re deeply involved with.” [Fernoberia]

“Ah, did that otherworlder specialize in magic?” [Ryouma]

“Yes. This otherworlder combined the knowledge of science with magic to give birth to powerful magic. It was a time full of wars, so the otherworlder just casted the magic wherever he was told to, causing great damage. Before long, people came to call his spells, Calamity Spells, with much fear. Normal people can’t use it, and even otherworlders can’t unless they specialize in magic. But you and your slimes should be able to use it in the future if you keep growing. It would be great if you could use your slime magic a lot, but do consider the time and place when using it. Using it to demolish a building like you did a few days ago is good.” [Fernoberia

“Thank you for informing me.” [Ryouma]

Fernoberia nodded, and then moved on to the next topic.

“Next, let’s talk about the special characteristics of your newfound slime magic. Your slime magic puts a greater emphasis on your understanding with your slimes over magical talent. It requires excellent compatibility with slimes. If one is not compatible enough with slimes, not only will the slime magic fail, there is also a chance for the spell to go berserk.

Of course, you’re highly compatible with slimes, so you have no problem casting the spell, but people with worse aptitude will find it difficult to learn, and people with terrible aptitude simply can’t learn it. It’s a picky technique, so be sure to choose well who you teach it to.” [Fernoberia]

“I understand.” [Ryouma]

Next, Fernoberia spoke about the side effects on the slimes when using the magic. It was the part that Ryouma was most curious about.

“The more you use your slime magic, the more the slimes’ Assimilate skill will level up. Once the Assimilate skill reaches level 10, the slimes will become able to perfectly assimilate themselves with their target, that is to say that they will return to nature.” [Fernoberia]

“…Uh, does that mean that they die?” [Ryouma]

“From a human perspective perhaps, but from my perspective, no. There’s no denying, however, that you will be parting with them.” [Fernoberia]

Honestly, that’s pretty heavy. The heaviest out of everything he’s said.

Apparently, the price for great power is the lifespan of the slimes.

Everything else could be dealt with so long as I avoided other people or paid attention to my surroundings, so I was intending on using the slime magic in secret to help fix the mana of the world, but…

“While I said it would be best if you used it proactively, I won’t force you to. You decide when to use it.” [Fernoberia]

“Thank you very much.” [Ryouma]

The life of a single slime and his feelings couldn’t possibly be more important than the fate of the world.

The gods could force him to do their bidding, but they chose to respect his wishes instead.

I’m surprised to find out about the shortening of the slimes’ lifespan, but at the same time, I’m grateful to Fernoberia-sama for not forcing me to use slime magic.






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