The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 239: Disquieting Movements and an Emergency Meeting (2/2)

“Exactly. There’s no doubt that Yurdum is leaking information, but there’s not much point even if we arrest an amateur that’s been blinded by greed. According to Fei-san, however, the person Yurdum was talking to was the real deal, so if we should be arresting someone, it should be that guy instead. But then a real spy will probably notice our movements and make a run for it the moment he gets a whiff of our attempt, so we need to be prudent.” [Jill]

“Do you know how much information has been leaked?” [Ryouma]

“Based off Yurdum’s movements so far, then it’s probably just superficial information at most, the sort that anyone could find out. He hasn’t gone anywhere where he could get anything confidential.” [Jill]

According to Jill-san, although we were easily able to catch Yurdum leaking information, the information he’s leaked so far isn’t an issue to us. In fact, the information he’s leaked is so irrelevant that it even involves information known publicly.

Thats why, although it’s a bit troublesome, we could leave him be and still be perfectly fine.

We were able to trail him so easily that it was also unlikely that he was merely being used as bait.

“Whether we decide to arrest him or leave him be, we have to be thorough with our decision. So I’d like to make it clear which option we’re going with now.” [Hyuzu]

Hyuzu-san muttered a few words, and the rest of the people participating in the meeting started voicing their opinions.

After everyone else had given their opinion, four wanted to arrest Yurdum-san, while the other four wanted to leave him be.

In the end, the one to decide was me.

I thought about it for a little, then gave my thoughts.


There were some difficulties, but after that, the meeting concluded.

“We’ll execute the plan tomorrow evening. That’s all. Dismissed.” [Hyuzu]

“Make sure that you carry out your respective preparations thoroughly.” [Jill]


The next day.

“Please bring that table over here. As for the other one, please place it on the other side.” [Ryouma]

First thing in the morning today, we’re revising the interior design of the security company and the hospital.

There are two reasons why we’re doing this just now. First of all, until now, we’ve been focusing purely on the hiring of laborers and the management of the company.

When we started this company, we just quickly prepared everything to make sure that we could get everything started without any problems. As a result, thinking about minor stuff like the interior design of the hospital and the security company was put off for later.

Now that the company is fully operational, we can now afford to better consider about the interior design of the company, starting with the reception desk that will be the face of th company and the waiting room of the hospital.

And so…

“Thank you so much for your help!” [Ryouma]

What was formerly a tasteless room with nothing but a reception desk and some chairs was now furnished with a made-to-order wooden table.

Moreover, there was even a giant aquarium that was made with hardening liquid sheets.

There was also a smaller aquarium and table meant to partition the waiting area from the reception desk.

After thanking the construction department and saw them off, it was time for me to work.

“First, water magic.” [Ryouma]

I half-filled the giant aquarium with water, then I spread mud assimilated with mud-slimes at the bottom of the tank.

Next, I arranged the scenery of the aquarium using aquatic weed slimes and stone slimes, then I put some shell slimes inside to inhabit the aquarium.

As for the last step, I had to make sure to remove all the waste inside the aquarium to maintain the water quality.

To that end, I put inside the Filter Slime and the recently evolved Aqua Slime.

I caught the aqua slime back at Fatma Territory. It’s a slime that likes water mana and possesses a water body. Most importantly, it’s not a slime that uses water magic, but a slime that – just like the blood slime – possesses a liquid body. It feeds on water and it evolved after drinking a lot of water, and I mean a lot, much more so compared to the amount its fellow slimes drink.

Just like the mud slime, the aqua slime possesses the Assimilate skill. Of course, the target of its Assimilate skill is none other than water. By having it act while in its assimilated form, I am able to create a water current inside the aquarium, and by passing that water current through the filter slime, the water can be filtered.

And voila! Just like that I was able to create a simple filtration system that relies on slimes.

By the way, I also have some ‘Water Slimes’ under me. I managed to catch them from Fatma Territory too, and they too love water.

But this is this and that is that.

“Next, I need to completely fill it up with water—” [Ryouma]

After completing one aquarium, I moved on to the next.

It would be boring to make all the aquariums the same, so I made some changes to the arrangement and type of water plants, stones, and I even changed the stuff I laid at the bottom of the aquarium.

As I immersed myself in my work, before long, it was time for the finishing touches.

“Like this and like that…” [Ryouma]

“Ryouma-sama, it’s almost lunch time.” [Lilian]

“Ah, is that the time already?” [Ryouma]

I only noticed the time when Lilian-san pointed it out. Recently, time has been passing really quickly for me.

But that’s only natural, after all, even though I’m technically working, I’m only doing things that I enjoy.

“This is the last part. It won’t take long. We’ll have lunch afterwards.” [Ryouma]

“Understood. By the way, the pots you ordered came.” [Lilian]

“Please put them somewhere that won’t get in the way. In the afternoon, I’ll plant some weed slime in those pots. As for how to arrange the pots in the building, I’ll leave that to you. I think it’ll be enough if we have one per room.” [Ryouma]

And with that everything was complete.

At a glance, these might only look like some decorative plants and aquariums, but in truth, they’re slimes.

With these little critters around, we’ll be able to grasp the movements of everyone inside the building. Yes, in other words, this is a slime security system.

And then in order to keep prey that find their way inside the building from running, we need to set some traps.


After working on those too, it was finally evening.

The sun had set as quickly as it rose, and I found myself standing in the courtyard.

I was already outside the building, but it wasn’t cold at all thanks to the anti-cold barrier that’s been erected here.

There’s also ample lighting thanks to the evenly spaced light fixtures.

And the ground was a nice soft lawn that’s been trimmed, so even if someone falls to the ground here, the impact can be mitigated.

It was within a courtyard like that that—

“Sorry to keep you waiting, Boss.” [Yurdum]

—I confronted Yurdum-san.






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