The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 258: Inside a Room of the Security Company (2/2)

The conversation that ensued went something like this.

“Can you tell me why? I’m not under the impression that we can make anyone listen to us as long as we pay enough money, but we do intend to reward you handsomely. Is there no room for negotiation?”

“Unfortunately, I have no intention of changing my earlier reply. There are three reasons why.

One, is because of the rules of the group. We have already undertaken the task of providing security for the Morgan Company and its president, Serge-dono. There are indeed mercenaries that take on multiple jobs at the same time or later if possible, but our group forbids it. To us mercenaries, trust is our life, and we do our best to fulfill the jobs that we receive first.

Two, is because of our target’s(・・・・) resolve. We are not picky about who we protect as long as we are asked and paid to do so, but there are still those who do not want to be protected. There are various reasons for this, but the most troublesome ones are those who are “unaware that they are being protected. Even worse off are those who believe themselves to be skilled, while being half-baked.

Now, I’m not saying he is, but the proposal would not have been made with his consent. In fact, he himself is actively trying to deal with the problems he believes likely to arise. It is very difficult for us to protect someone intent on jumping into the very eye of the storm.” [Yashma]

“…” [Jill]

“And lastly, I have judged that he does not need the protection.” [Yashma]

“He does not need protection?” [Jill]

“He was as fast as us earlier, but even faster when it came to grasping the enemy’s location. From the way he acted during the attack, the results of his Judgment, and that glimpse of his ability that I was able to observe… I am of the opinion that he is more than ‘capable’ enough to protect himself. I said earlier that protecting a person with half-baked skills would prove troublesome, but if the person is capable enough, there is also no point in us going out of our way to guard him.

Also… This is just a conjecture on my part, but I take it you lack experience in group fights and don’t do well in them?” [Yashma]

Yashma asked that question to Ryouma, and Ryouma nodded, impressed that he was able to understand that much in such a short time.

“And that’s that. Let alone protect him, poor coordination between us would likely just trip him up. I never thought I would feel this way about a child that may not even be half as old as I am, but if he wants to join the Wild Golden Falcons as a mercenary, then by the authority of the deputy leader, I would exempt him from the entrance examination, and welcome him with open arms. That’s how capable I believe he is, and how little I believe that he needs to be protected. Of course, since you’re someone close to him, I can sympathize with how you feel.” [Yashma]

When Hyuzu pointed out that such a conversation had taken place, Jill sighed.

“It wasn’t just that. Yurdum also told me that I’m overprotective.” [Jill]

“Ah, he did, didn’t he? And?” [Hyuzu]

“…I’ve always thought that it was fine for Ryouma to live as a normal child. I’ve always thought that it was fine for him to rely on adults like us because he’s still a child. In fact, I still do.

But you know what, perhaps I might have actually been unconsciously demanding him to ‘act like a normal child’. It’s not like Ryouma doesn’t understand that we care.” [Jill]

“Oh, yeah, definitely. Ryouma was apologetic when he turned down our offer to protect him too.” [Hyuzu]

“With his magic, he could extinguish fires at an efficacy we couldn’t hope to match. If we look at the situation calmly, we have no choice but to use the people and the means available to us. Ryouma probably thinks so too.

It’s up to me whether I worry or not, but considering how I asked for someone to protect him without even thinking about how he feels, I can’t help but feel that I should reflect a little.

But now isn’t really the time for that.” [Jill]

“So it was because your head was filled with that that you seemed overly tense.” [Hyuzu]

“If that’s how I looked to you, then that must be the case. I can’t think of any other reason. I’ll be careful.” [Jill]

“Do take care. I said it before too, but this will likely take awhile. If you’re worn out along the way, that will be a problem. You and Ryouma can have a heart-to-heart talk after this is all over. That’s much easier to understand than reading a textbook on childcare――What are you making that face for?” [Hyuzu]

“Why do you know that? That I’m reading a textbook on childcare?” [Jill]

“Huh? Jill, you’re reading one too?” [Hyuzu]

“What?” [Jill]

As a strange silence passed between the two, Rurunez interjected.

“I’m sorry to disturb your conversation, but Hyuzu was likely talking about the book I was reading. It’s a matter still a long way away, but I’ve been reading up for the sake of the future. Hyuzu peeked at the book, and mentioned it was hard to understand. Right?” [Rurunez]

“Yeah. From the way you look, though, I guess you’ve been reading up too, huh. You went that far just to deal with Ryouma?” [Hyuzu]

When he said that, Jill’s face suffused with red.

“You know, Jill, maybe the term ‘overprotective’ really does fit you.” [Hyuzu]

“Pufu!” [Staff 1]

“!?” [Jill]

While Jill had been rendered speechless by Hyuzu’s remark, the sound of something gushing out resounded.

Jill found himself turning, and there, he saw that one of the monster tamers beside the map looked like he was being choked.

Moreover, there were some other people whose shoulders were shaking.

Apparently, their entire conversation had been overheard.

The room that was once tense was now filled with a warm atmosphere.

“*Cough! Ah, excuse me. But, yes, while too much tension is bad, being too relaxed is bad as well. I urge you all to keep yourselves balanced.” [Jill]

When Jill said that, the monster tamers in the room collectively focused on their work as though they couldn’t wait to eat the map.
However, the atmosphere in the room remained relaxed.

“So in the end, should I consider it a good thing that I was able to get the communication staff to relax?” [Jill]

Jill was still beet red as he muttered that, but no one answered him, and the quiet exchange of information continued as though nothing had happened.






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