The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 261: The Battlefield Known as the Hospital (2/2)

Ryouma and Dr. Mafral continued to treat the patients, and before long, they reached a point where they couldn’t even tell how many patients there were anymore. Though the influx of patients showed no signs of stopping just yet, the hospital had calmed down to some extent.

“Excuse me. Dr. Mafral, Dr.(・・) Ryouma. Please have your meal while there’s not that many patients.” [Doctor 1]

Right as they completed a procedure, one of the doctors told them that.

“It’s that time already? Thank you for reminding us. Ryouma-kun, let’s go.” [Dr. Mafral]

“Alright. We’ll leave things to you for awhile.” [Ryouma]

Ryouma and Dr. Mafral thanked the doctor then entered the examining room and headed to the break room behind the examining room. The four medical residents from the duke’s family were there too.

“Good work out there.” [Ryouma]

“You’re taking a break too?” [Dr. Mafral]

“Yes…” [Hector]

“The doctors of the city have arranged for us to rest first.” [Clarissa]

It was Hector who first responded to Ryouma’s and Dr. Mafral’s words, but his voice had a darker tinge to it than usual, and Clarissa had to add a few words to complete his answer. The remaining two just gave a small bow. The sports-oriented Tint was eating heartily, while Isabella was eating in a quiet and gracious manner, but both of them had disheveled hair damp with sweat, showing their fatigue.

“Good, everyone is here. It’s break time, but let’s go ahead and share the information that we have. We need to make arrangements especially for areas that might be short of hands or medical supplies.” [Dr. Mafral]

Dr. Mafral said as he took a sandwich from the large plate. The four of them glanced at each other, and the first to speak was Isabella.

“In that case, I’ll start. Presently, there are still a lot patients awaiting treatment, but the rate of patients being admitted is on the decline. Moreover, the ratio of those with major injuries is on the smaller side, and most patients either have minor injuries or non-fatal injuries.

We have not been able to treat the overwhelmingly large number of patients with minor injuries, but we have been able to treat those with serious injuries with the help of the hospitals and treatment centers that have been evacuated. As for areas that lack manpower or medical supplies, it’s likely to be more of an issue for those handling the minor injuries. Clarissa.” [Isabella]

“Yes… The medical personnel of the city have offered to cooperate with us, and the treatments themselves have been carried out without any problems. However, as expected, there is a long waiting time, and everyone is restless because of the commotions outside, so as a result, there are a fair number of people that cause a ruckus because they can’t wait.

We have no lack of medical supplies. The bandages and sheets stained with blood can easily be cleaned with the help of the cleaner slimes, and the treatment tools can be further sterilized by boiling, so replenishing our supplies neither takes much time nor effort.” [Clarissa]

“We have plenty of medicine… In fact, we have so much that when we showed the pharmacists our storage, they said, ‘Why do you have so much stocked up?’ We have a lot of medicinal herbs thanks to Ryouma’s magic and weed slimes, and I’ve also confirmed that the medicinal liquid from the medicine slime can be used, so after using those to come up with all sorts of medicine… Our stock should be fine unless the unthinkable happens.” [Hector]

“I believe the shelters have more to worry about in regards to supplies. I’ve heard that there are medical personnels that have taken refuge there and are performing medical treatment.” [Tint]

As Isabella, Clarissa, Hector, and Tint each presented their information, Ryouma remembered some of the things he’s seen or heard while he was fighting the fires.

“I have information to share as well. This isn’t confirmed yet, but it’s likely that this situation will be continuing for a long time. The security department should have been informed already, but several of the assailants interfering with the firefighting efforts received the instruction to – in their own words – ‘Injure as many people as we could. We haven’t been ordered to kill anyone, so we never had intentions of killing anyone.’” [Ryouma]

When Ryouma reported that, everyone else’s eyes changed.

“The people that confessed as such were not limited to just one or two individuals. Of course, their words can’t be taken at face value since these are the same people wreaking havoc in this city, and it’s entirely possible they were merely pleading for themselves or have been instructed to say so.” [Ryouma]

“In other words, you can’t judge their confession to be a lie?” [Dr. Mafral]

“Yes. If their confessions are true, then the people that gave the order could only be the people behind this whole mess. I doubt such people would care much for human life. As such, there must be a benefit to them in sparing people’s lives. In my opinion, that advantage lies in exhausting our manpower and supplies by forcing us to treat all the injured.” [Ryouma]

Perhaps because such a thing was unforgivable both as a human and as a doctor, the eyes of the five doctors became intense. It was especially noticeable for hot-blooded Tint, as his face turned red and it was evident that he was resentful of someone not there.

“It would be good if that turns out to just be mere delusion on my part, but it’s been bothering me, so I mentioned it.” [Ryouma]

“Anticipating possible events is an important part of medical care too. For example, it is only because we stockpiled plenty of supplies beforehand that we can use as much as we want without trouble now.” [Dr. Mafral]

As Dr. Mafral pointed out that Ryouma’s concern was not a waste, he continued.

“We need to confirm the supplies and injured people in the shelters throughout the city. We’ll provide supplies to the shelters lacking, and we should approach the shelters again to see if they will be willing to accept patients with minor injuries.

We’re not doing this to trade supplies for their services, but it will likely be easier for the shelters to accept the supplies by doing so, and those with minor injuries can be treated sooner rather than if they were to insist on receiving treatment here.” [Dr. Mafral]

What do you think? Dr. Mafral asked with his eyes, but there was no one who disagreed.

“In that case, I’ll go ahead and contact them. I’ll get back as soon as I can, but there’s no need to wait for me. Please continue to do your best.” [Dr. Mafral]

As Dr. Mafral took a slice of a sandwich with one hand, he said that and briskly left the break room.

“…I’m grateful that he works quick, but… Is it really okay for him not to be getting any rest?” [Ryouma]

“Don’t worry, Ryouma-kun. The doctor has several times more experience than any of us, and besides, it’s necessary too. More importantly, I hear you’ve been really working hard.” [Isabella]

“It’s mostly thanks to these little ones. I can only tip my hat off to full-time medical professionals.” [Ryouma]

Ryouma stroked the heal slime on his shoulder and laughed.

The reason Ryouma could participate in the treatment of patients with major injuries was mostly because of the existence of healing magic – which from the perspective of Earth’s common sense was a big enough cheat – and because of the education he’s received regarding trauma medicine under Dr. Mafral, albeit brief.

Another major contributing factor was his application of ‘Slime Vision’, which he discovered by accident, allowing him to grasp the specific condition of the damaged parts.

“The slimes help too sure, but you should have more confidence in yourself, Ryouma-kun!” [Tint]

“The doctors of the city are surprised too, you know? They say you’re so young and yet you’re so good already.” [Isabella]

“At the very least, you’re definitely better than me at making incisions and extracting foreign objects… Hmm, any tips perhaps?” [Hector]

“Is your body alright? I hear the burden can be mitigated by focusing only on the patient and on the affected part, but it’s not as though there’s not any burden at all, right?
” [Clarissa]

“Thank you. I’m using everything I can use right now and doing whatever I can.

As for incisions and foreign object extraction… I’ve always specialized in handling cutlery. I’m not sure if it’s okay to lump them all into the same category, but my skill in cutting might be due to the proficiency I gained with skinning and cutting caught prey in the forest.

My body is fine. It’s true that it’s not as though there’s no burden whatsoever, but I’ve dealt with this much in the past. If I feel like it, I can even stay up for 2 or 3 nights. There’s plenty of mana recovery medicines too. In the worst case, I could use stamina recovery spells to keep myself going.” [Ryouma]

“No, that’s obviously going too far… Come to think of it, Ryouma-kun, you were outside before being called to the hospital right? We met by the entrance too.” [Hector]

“Yes, I was helping with the firefighting efforts and with fighting off the assailants.” [Ryouma]

“Since when?” [Hector]

“Since last night, right after the first bomb.” [Ryouma]

“Did you sleep before then?” [Hector]

“I had a nap.” [Ryouma]

As Ryouma readily answered while snacking on his sandwich, and the four medical residents gradually realized that Ryouma wasn’t joking, they all thought the same thing.

( This kid seems like the sort to collapse before you know it.)

Though it couldn’t be helped given the situation, they still mildly reminded Ryouma not to push himself too hard. At the same time, they quietly decided to work even harder.

Though the uneasiness they felt just before played a role as well, since they were also studying under Dr. Mafral, it only made sense that Ryouma would be the ‘youngest brother’ of their study group. Since a boy like that was grinding his body into dust just to treat the patients, as older brothers and sisters, they couldn’t afford to put on a disappointing display.

Such older brothers and sisters reassured Ryouma, but before long, it was time for their brief moment of peace to end.

“Excuse me! The guards have a lot of people injured, and they’re bringing them right now! Please get ready to receive them!”


And so, their long struggle resumed once again.


Tl Note: Changed Isabel to Isabella. The name was changed in the RAWs.






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