The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 273: Equipment Update and Familiars I (1/3)

After the adventurers guild finished inspecting my guild card, we walked through the now dark town and returned to our lodging, then we started doing our respective preparations for tomorrow’s search.

The noble rooms at the inn had a connecting room for servants, so I accompanied Reinbach-sama when he returned to his room. As he handed his coat to Sebasu-san, he sat himself on the sofa and spoke to me.

“A lot of things happen, but it’s good that everything ended well.” [Reinbach]

“Yes. Thanks to that, we could quickly finish our errand at the guild, and now, I can use my guild card without worrying.” [Ryouma]

The previous head of the duke’s family, Reinbach-sama, the former knight commander, Schieber-san, and the former royal court magician, Remilie-san. Any one of those names would have been enough to get a VIP treatment, yet all three of them were with me. The treatment I got from the adventurers guild was night and day compared to what I experienced recently.

It was a little uncomfortable, but thanks to them, I was able to get an immediate response regarding my guild card. There was nothing wrong with my guild card. It was properly promoted to a C Rank, and there were no strange tricks whatsoever.

“Don’t hesitate to ask for our help when it comes to matters like this. As I said before, we are indebted to you. That’s not something that could be repaid with merely something of this level, and I would like to thank you too for something else.” [Reinbach]

“You mean something else other than the incident at the end of the year?” [Ryouma]

“Yes. Thank you for sparring with Schieber. He’s been depressed for a long time already. I’m sure his age has something to do with that, but those gloomy days when he’d spend his whole day doing paperwork likely didn’t suit him. It was still fine when he could fight in the front lines, but ever since his resignation, he would look weaker every time we met.

But thanks to you he’s regained some of his old vigor. I didn’t think he’d become an adventurer just because we stopped by the guild, though. I don’t know if I should call him extreme or decisive.” [Reinbach]

“I was surprised too.” [Ryouma]

It was great that Schieber-san was lively again, but we were all shocked when he said he wanted to become an adventurer.

It was so sudden that people suggested he go back to the knights instead, but Schieber-san just said, “I resigned on my own despite everyone’s protest. Going back now would be just too selfie. I properly handed over my duties to my successor, so even if I returned, I’d just confuse everyone, especially, the knights. Besides, there’s no denying that my heydays have passed, so I just want to use the strength I have left for everyone’s sake.” [Reinbach]

No one could change Schieber-san’s mind, and he finished his registration to the adventurers guild while my card was being examined. He was given a temporary rank of A, but he was really unofficially Rank S.

He would have preferred to start from Rank F, but given his history as knight commander and his ability and experience from that, the guild master could only get on his knees and apologize for being unable to give him a lower rank.

In the first place, even the rowdy adventurers made way for him as soon as he entered, and the receptionist and the guild master were like, ‘we are not worthy!’ When he asked to register. It was just a glimpse, but I feel like I was able to see just how trusted and respected he was during his time as a knight commander.

“I’m glad I was able to be of help. I also realized where I was lacking, so I’m grateful too.” {Ryouma]

“I’m glad to hear it benefited you too. But this is this and that is that. If something ever troubles you in the future, don’t hestiate to contact us. Though we’re not omnipotent, I’m sure we’ll be able to do something. At the very least, we’ll be able to give you counsel.” [Reinbach]

“Yes, I’ll be sure to contact you then.” [Ryouma]

When I said that, Reinbach-sama nodded with satisfaction, then he looked at my body.

“How’s your condition? It wasn’t a lot of blood, but you still lost some.” [Reinbach]

“It’s nothing to worry about. Remilie-san closed my wounds immediately, so I was just a little tired. A blood-forming medicine and a night of rest, and I’ll feel right again, I’m sure.” [Ryouma]

“In that case, I’ll have hot water prepared for you. You can go in first once it’s ready. Feel free to rest in the room next door until then.” [Reinbach]

“Thank you very much.” [Ryouma]

Reinbach-sama saw me off with a smile, and I decided to rest at the room I was given. We’ll be heading to the Town of Departed Spirits tomorrow, so I need to make sure I’m in my best condition.

The next day.

We left town in the morning and traveled west through the canyon.

Trelle Canyon is a natural labyrinth that formed over many years. We would reach the border if we kept heading west, so there’s a highway here too. The Town of Departed Spirits is northwest from Teresa. The direction was a little different, so we had to leave the highway and enter a narrow chasm with cliffs on either side.

Our destination wasn’t that far if we could move straight, but the road was complicated with many forks and ups and down. We’re only walking now, but we’d have to scale down some cliffs with a rope, and there are times we’d have to take a roundabout way because of the condition of the road. In the end, it would take us about two days to get to our destination.

Fortunately, Schieber-san was familiar with this canyon, so there was someone to guide us.






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