The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 275: A Little Chat Over Lunch

“Hmm… This taste, this fragrance… It’s just like it was made back in town. It’s hard to believe that this is preserved food. Moreover, you can eat it after just boiling it in its bag. You couldn’t ask for a better food for camping and marches. If I’d known about this while I was in service, I would have surely introduced this to the knights and the army!” [Schieber]

After the goblins finished preparing lunch, and my retort pouches were revealed to the group, we started eating, but Schieber-san in particular was really excited.

“Schieber-chan, I can understand how you feel, but you’re way too excited.” [Remilie]

“It can’t be helped. Being able to eat normal food out in the wilds so quickly really is something.” [Reinbach]

“This freeze dry soup is spectacular as well. Pour a little hot water, and voila, soup is ready. A perfect dish for both the adventurers and the army.” [Sebasu]

“Ryouma, are you planning on selling this? I’d like to procure a lot even at a high price.” [Remilie]

“I’m glad you like them, but I’ve already handed the manufacturing methods to the current head of the Jamil family, Reinhart-sama. The Jamil family is fully in charge of it now.” [Ryouma]

“Hmm… I see… With how useful this is, perhaps only a noble would be able to hold onto it.” [Reinbach]

“Indeed. If not for your backing, some stupid noble might have even gone after you. It’s a good decision. Oh, this is delicious too.

Still, slimes are unexpectedly useful, aren’t they?” [Remilie]

As Remilie-san muttered, she suddenly became quiet and pondered something. She’s still eating, so the taste shouldn’t be a problem.

“Is something the matter? You suddenly became quiet.” [Ryouma]

“Hmm… I was just thinking what a waste it was after hearing about your slimes. Just recently, an acquaintance of mine from the imperial capital mentioned that the slime laboratory at the Royal Institute of Monsters was closed.” [Remilie]

“Huh? Really!?” [Ryouma]

The royal capital’s monster research lab. If I recall correctly, that should be where my employee, Caulkin-san, used to work.

“You didn’t hear from Reinhart?” [Reinbach]

“He didn’t mention anything about the capital. I did hear from someone that used to work there that the slime department was being treated coldly, but I never heard anything about it being closed.” [Ryouma]

“Then I wonder if you’re aware that in the last few years there has been an increase in the sightings and the damages incurred from monsters?” {Remilie]

“I’ve heard rumors.” [Ryouma]

“Records note many periods where monsters increased and great damage was caused, so the upper echelons of the kingdom are becoming increasingly vigilant. Information is important in battle, right?

That’s true even when dealing with monsters. Variants with traits differing from the original could spawn more frequently. Monster researchers and the Royal Institute of Monsters play a vital role in that regard.

So with their workload likely to increase, the upper brass(・・・・・・・・) of the lab decided to abandon the low priority jobs and focus their resources on the more important jobs.” [Remilie]

Her words seemed to imply something, but I was more concerned about how the slime researchers were going to be handled.

“What happened to the slime researchers?” [Ryouma]

“Don’t worry. The Jamil family will be taking in all of the researchers that have been fired.” [Reinbach]

“Really!?” [Ryouma]

“Yes. The king himself sounded out our intentions before making the decision. I was also involved with some of the arrangements, but it was the master who said that the researchers would be entrusted with the slime research of the fief. I was sure they’d be placed under you, Ryouma-sama.” [Sebasu]

“The slime research――” [Ryouma]

There was one thing that came to mind.

That was something that came up during a meeting we had after I became the Jamil family’s specialist. Reinhart-san was interested in my food production plant and wanted to build a new village to investigate it further.

There were two objectives behind the village. One was to build a testing area to see whether the slime farming method was completely possible for people other than me and to make an objective evaluation of it when utilized by others. The second was for the duke to purchase all of the crops produced and build a huge reserve of food for emergency.

The scale is almost certain to expand, as there are already plans to build a plant to process the crops into retort pouch, freeze-dried, and other such preserved foods. That’s why it was agreed from the beginning that the construction of the village and its management would be left to a third party and that I would not be directly involved.

That wasn’t a bad thing for me, as being able to move freely was a good thing, so I agreed, but it seems that Reinhart-san might have made that proposal because the king approached him. If it was a deal with the royal family, then there must have been things he couldn’t talk about easily.

“The cost effectiveness remains a concern, but it’s certainly reassuring to have a village dedicated to the production and stockpiling of this kind of preserved food for emergencies.” [Sebasu]

“If they needed to put someone in charge, they might have considered it easier to talk to a researcher that once worked at the capital.” [Reinbach]

“They also have to consider the status of the person. No matter what the reason is, a person that was once kicked out of the lab is a bit problematic. Perhaps they’ll put someone like that in charge but monitor him for some time.” [Remilie]

“Though it’s certainly sad for them to be treated so coldly, there’s just no telling how people will behave nowadays. People about to lose their jobs, people at the end of their wits and hasty for achievements… If you let people like those meet Ryouma, there’s no guarantee they won’t succumb to temptation.” [Schieber]

As Schieber-san said that, he glanced at my preserved food, my field cooker, and my equipment. Those few words were more than enough to get me to convince me and the others.

“It would be a lie to say there’s nothing to worry about, but making everything work well is the duke’s job. The researchers have also been given a second chance, so the rest is up to Reinhart’s and the researchers’ efforts.” [Reinbach]

“Yes.” [Ryouma]

One of the advantages of slime farming is that it is easy to secure farmland. Much like the base I built in Gimuru, if we could just get a warehouse or two, we could build a production facility of food supplies and preserved food even within the city.

The duke could easily prepare trustworthy personnel too, and above all, this world has magic. We could start farming anywhere and it won’t even take long to prepare a decent environment, so I hope they do their best.

But enough of that. There’s something I’m more curious about.

“By the way, what kind of person is the king?” [Ryouma]

As far as the king goes. All I know about him is his name, Erias De Riforu. But considering the incident with Yurdum-san, he probably already knows about me to some extent. I doubt he was unrelated with the last incident too. Since we’re probably going to get involved with each other, it would be good if I could at least learn what kind of person he is.

When I explained the situation, everyone but Remilie-san hesitated.

“If it’s about Erias-chan, I don’t think there’s anything to worry about. He’s unprecedented as far as kings go, but he’s definitely an understanding person.” [Remilie]

“Really?” [Ryouma]

“Yes without a doubt. He might make harsh decisions as a king, but he’s not a cold person. He knows about the unfair treatment of the slime research department and has been caught angrily remarking, ‘what a stupid thing for grown adults to do.’ He has also appraised the people working in the royal institute as ‘the brains of the country’, so the slime researchers are brilliant people too. Even the last incident was a desperate measure taken to clean house.” [Schieber]

“Besides, if the duke didn’t hire the researchers and just moved them to another lab, there’s no guarantee that the way other researchers treated them would change… If the situation won’t change even if they worked undercover, then we might as well just separate them altogether and prepare a new environment. That would be best not only for the researchers but also for the kingdom.” [Remilie]

“After all, if the research results in something beneficial for the kingdom, it would be shared with the kingdom through the duke. Though the nobles of the court do not look at him favorably, the king can make bold decisions when necessary.” [Sebasu]

“If the king knows about you through Verdure’s son, then he’s definitely considered you in his plans.

However, you’ve already become our specialist, so he won’t ignore Reinhart and give you an unreasonable order. Disrespecting the rights of the nobility just because he’s king will only end up damaging his and the royal family’s credibility. He’s not someone who can’t see that that’s a losing deal.” {Reinbach]

Reinbach-sama said with a laugh. Everyone other Remilie-san chose their words carefully, but they all agreed that there wouldn’t be any problems. If so, then it should be fine.

“I understand. In that case, if something happens I’ll be sure to seek your counsel.” [Ryouma]

“Well, you sure accepted everything so easily. Are you sure?” [Remilie]

“It would be a lie to say I’m not concerned, but so long as he’s not someone unreasonable, it should be fine. The incident at the end of the year will likely leak out, but I’ve already entrusted everything to the duke’s family. I trust them that much.” [Ryouma]

When I said that with a smile, everyone else smiled too.

Our peaceful time came to an end when a cry resounded from the distant sky. A high-pitched voice like a crow made the goblins alert, causing even the goblins that were eating to shudder. There were even some that took out their weapons.

“That should be a murder of Harris Crow. The fragrance of the food might have lured them.” [Remilie]

“That’s probably it. Oh, there’s no need to take them seriously. There’s a lot of them, but they’re not strong individually. They’re a cowardly sort. If you just scare them a little, they’ll run away. Just like this.” [Schieber]

While I was calming down the goblins, Schieber-san started casting magic. The moment he chanted ‘Tornado’, a strong gust of wind sprouted from his hands toward the sky, blowing away the over 20 Harris Crows. The wind didn’t hurt them much, but the murder of crows scattered all the same, and they fled as fast as they could.

“It’s a hassle if you really want to defeat them. This way is faster and saves mana too.” [Schieber]

“Thank you, Schieber-san.” [Ryouma]

“I’ll take care of something on this level as many times as needed. After all, you reminded me yesterday that I can still fight! Ha ha ha!” [Schieber]

…Schieber-san is a bit different today.

“Schieber, don’t get in over your head and push yourself now. You might feel younger, but you’re still old. I can’t move the same as before, so I might not be able to save you if something happens.” [Reinbach]

“I know. I’m just saying that I’m not so weak as to lose to a monster on that level.” [Schieber]

“What a jovial guy. You’ve always been simple-minded――” [Reinbach]

“Yeah? Well, you’ve always been too lively――”

Just when I was thinking he’s gotten brighter or livelier, he suddenly started arguing with Reinbach-sama. However, the atmosphere between the two wasn’t bad. Sebasu-san and Remilie-san just went back to their meal as though all was right with the world. Looks like they’ve really known each other for a long time.

It makes me a little jealous that they can have such a good relationship even at their age.






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