The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 278: Extermination Complete (1/2)

“There’s still a lot left, I see.” [Reinbach]

I looked down the cliff, and indeed, just as Reinbach-sama said, though much of the undead have been slain, there were still hundreds of them left. There really were just too many of them.

The remaining undead were moving even slower than before, and there were even some that stopped regenerating. However, the fire was quickly losing its momentum, and the gaps between the undead were now much bigger. With the fire unlikely to spread, I doubt we can expect anything more from the fire.

“It’s much better than before. Let’s take our time and take them down at our pace.” [Remilie]

“In that case, we’ll proceed as planned, and me and my slimes will secure a foothold for us.” [Ryouma]

“We’re counting on you. We’ll join you as you can secure a location.” [Schieber]

I’m going to wear the Filter Slime like a mask to deal with the smoke. Oxygen shouldn’t be a problem since air can pass through it. I’ll sprinkle some water on my landing spot just to be safe.

“Ryouma-sama, please leave the water to me. Waterfall.” [Sebasu]

Upon a chant, enough water to fill an entire swimming pool appeared midair and poured on the fire below, giving rise to a steam that eventually also drowned in the water.

“Thank you very much!” [Ryouma]

After thanking him, I gave the emperor scavenger slime its orders. In the next moment, it grew its body as big as it could, and as soon as its body stretched past the cliff, it suddenly shrunk itself and leaped into the air.

The emperor slime trembled in the wind as it landed below. Looking just like a rubber ball recorded in slow motion, it mitigated the impact with its flexible body. I checked if it was okay, and it responded back with a simple ‘okay’. It jumped from a height no different from the fifth floor of a building, yet it didn’t take any damage at all.

“I’d heard about it before, but I see it really can jump from this high up and be fine.” [Remilie]

“The emperor slime’s physical resistance is just that high. I attacked it myself to test it out, and my attacks didn’t work at all.” [Ryouma]

Magic works much better than physical attacks, but even magic isn’t as effective because of its resistances and its mass. Honestly, I’m not even sure if I could beat an emperor slime if I fought one. Depending on the situation and how the slime is used, it can be a really dangerous slime.

…But that’s also why it’s reassuring to have as an ally.

“Will you look at that, it’s eating up the undead one after another.” [Schieber]

“They’re not on its level at all.” [Reinbach]

The undead nearby did respond and approached the emperor slime, but the emperor slime captured them with its tentacles, then crushed them with its overwhelming mass. They must have desperately resisted, but the difference in mass was just too overwhelming to overcome.

“…Seems everything’s okay. I can have the emperor slime split up too, but I should get the other slimes down first.” [Ryouma]

Once the emperor slime had assumed the shape of a large mattress, I sent the next group of slimes. The slimes jumped down one after another and safely landed on the emperor slime cushion. Then came my turn.

“Well then, I’m off.” [Ryouma]

“Be careful now.” [Reinbach]

“Thank you.” [Ryouma]

I untied my safety rope and jumped down the cliff just like my slimes. The resistance of the wind and its chill could be felt all over my body. There was even a rumbling sound, but I remained calm.

Jumps of this sort have already been thoroughly tested during the experiments with the emperor slimes’ physical resistance. There was no one other than me who could use the emperor slimes, or, more precisely, 10,000 slimes, so we couldn’t put it into practice, but I trust them enough to have considered them as an option during the incident last year.

I held my knees midair, and as I landed on the emperor slime on my tushy, the emperor slime’s body gently wrapped itself around me, mitigating whatever impact could have been and allowing me to come out of that jump with no injuries whatsoever.

“Are you okay!?” [Remilie]

“I’m okay!” [Ryouma]

I had the emperor scavenger slime separate into its smaller form, and at the same time, I responded to the adults waving at me from the cliff. There were still a lot of undead left, so we couldn’t talk for long… Or that should have been the case, but the slimes around me started giving the undead the beating of their lives.

A skeleton was about to approach when I landed but then one of my metal slimes jumped on it from the side, crushing its chest and causing the rest of its body to collapse.

The other metal slimes and iron slimes also attacked. For a moment, I thought they just jumped, but it quickly came to light that they actually transformed midair into weapons. Some into spears, some into chakram, skewering and shredding the enemy. They made full use of their speed, transformation ability, and numbers to overwhelm the undead, after which, came the scavenger and acid slimes to feast on the ghastly parts still crawling on the ground. Apparently, they recognized the undead to be no different from their usual diet of animals and monster beasts, so they acted exactly the same as they would during meal time.

At most, the slimes that devoured parts with some regenerative power left struggled a little during the digestion. The spider slimes and the sticky slimes provided support too with their threads and sticky liquid, tripping the undead or gluing them in place.

The enemy may be numerous, but the situation was in our favor, and there were no opportunities for my or my slimes’ light magic to make an appearance, so we just stood there and kept watch.

I couldn’t let my guard down, and I needed to observe the slimes too. Unfortunately, whether one fought or not, a battle with the undead remained grotesque. I felt a trace of mana behind me, and it turns out everyone else had gotten down with dimension magic.






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