The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 281: Spending Time With Remilie-san II (1/2)

“Looks like I was right.” [Remilie]

For a moment, Ryouma’s tranquil heart rippled. And with how close they were, Remilie-san was sure to notice. Perhaps, that’s why she had made him sleep with her in the first place, but regardless, it was unlikely for her to do all this just to ask a leading question.

“Don’t worry, I’m not scheming anything. I was already sure of it, actually, and I just wanted to confirm with you. There was a time when I researched a lot about the Children of the Gods, you see.” [Remilie]

After saying that, she began explaining what tipped her off.

“It wasn’t until after your match with Schieber-san that I started suspecting it. But I was curious about you ever since you noticed me while I was using Hide. You were just too strong for a child. That’s the first reason. You also used a lot of spells along the way, but you never showed any signs of mana exhaustion, so I’m sure you must have a much bigger mana pool that normal people. That’s the second reason.

Then there’s the preserved food you showed us. Most Children of the Gods possess great knowledge and many of them come up with all sorts of things, so that’s the third reason. The fourth reason is because you mentioned gunpowder when we were clearing the undead below the cliff. I don’t know why, but the Children of the Gods have a preference for guns and gunpowder.

Moreover, one of the Children of the Gods used a small gun called shotgun. It was a weapon that spread small bullets in an area. You called the spell just now ‘Lightshot’, right? The way your Light Balls flew when you used the spell was similar too, so you must’ve imagined a shotgun while using your spell.

Moreover, your reaction when we were talking about King Masaharu was also strange. I can’t express it all that well, but you seemed to be thinking about it as though it were about yourself.” [Remilie]

Yep, she’s got this. She knows about the principle behind the shotgun too, and she probably even more detailed information than that. With my heartbeat giving me away, I don’t think I can worm my way out of this one… In that case, I might as well come clean.

The existence of the Children of the Gods is akin to a fairytale, but they really did exist. So if I continued working as an adventurer without being careful, I’m sure people would suspect me at some point. That’s what’s happening right now.

“Yes, you’re right. But was my reaction really that strange?” [Ryouma]

“I don’t think a normal person would immediately connect you to the Child of the Gods as soon as they see your abilities. I just happen to know a lot, so I could tell as soon as I started suspecting you.

Also, I think Schieber-chan and the others have also noticed. They’re just not saying anything. I researched about the Children of the Gods because of a rumor surrounding Elia-chan… You know how she has a big mana pool? On top of that, she’s also a descendant of King Masaharu, so rumors spread and people started asking, ‘is she a Child of God?’” [Remilie]

“Ah, yes… I haven’t heard that much about it, but I did hear that an incident occurred because of that.” [Ryouma]

“The rumors started long before that, but the incident made those rumors spread that much faster. As such, we couldn’t ignore them anymore, and we had to investigate a lot of historical literature. The duke’s family were involved in the research, and Schieber-san also participated, so they know as much as I do.” [Remilie]

“I see.” [Ryouma]

“By the way, the Jamil family has no intentions of using you whatsoever. The other families too, I’m sure. It might differ depending on the person, but generally, none of them will treat you poorly if they know you’re a Child of God.” [Remilie]

Oh? I don’t have any reason to doubt the duke’s family, and I do trust them, but would the other nobles really be willing to acknowledge me? I was curious, so I asked about it.

“The Children of the Gods generally possess some kind of ability that’s far beyond the norm. That’s an irrefutable fact. So if anyone is able to employ them as a subordinate, they’re bound to produce tremendous profit. But precisely because they possess great power, they could run away if offended, and in the worst case, become hostile. In fact, there have been cases of them bringing great disasters upon people. Great power is just power, after all, and it still depends on how it’s used.

As the name, Children of the Gods, implies, they are existences sent by the gods, and the church would not stay quiet should they be offended. And considering how their poor treatment could be the ruin of a country, any family that treats them poorly would have to be prepared for their house to be destroyed and even their own execution.” [Remilie]

No matter how great a certain power is, if it can’t be controlled, then there’s no point. So they must’ve thought that it was better to give the Children of the Gods better treatment than give them a reason to become hostile. It makes sense, but to be honest, I still have my doubts.

“I’m sorry, but I find it hard to believe that an entire kingdom would give that much face to a single person.” [Ryouma]

“I know honor is a thing among nations and the nobility, but it’s true.” [Remilie]

Remilie-san gave an example.

This was the story of a man that once appeared in the Kingdom of Riforu. He rode upon an iron horse that never tired, and with it, traveled the country at a terrifying speed. He also possessed an ability akin to Dimension Magic that allowed him to carry a great number of supplies and cargo. The king saw the power of that ability and the iron horse and commanded that they be used for the sake of the country.

But the man desired freedom and stubbornly refused the king’s commands. Even when the king threatened to take away his job and his freedom, the man stubbornly shook his head. When the king finally had enough, he sent his troops, only for them to be mowed down, and the pursuers left in the dust. The man was easily able to get away.

After that the man became a bandit and repeatedly raided the manors and carriages of the nobles. The speed of the iron horse excelled not only in fleeing but also in attacking. The man was the very definition of a phantom. In time, the man gained more and more allies, and before long, the national army couldn’t handle them anymore.

With no one to stop him, his banditry only grew worse. It did not take long before he reached out for the other nations. Whenever he and his bandits fled, they would always mention that they came from the Riforu Kingdom. They would explain the circumstances behind their actions, claiming that their banditry was both for survival and a protest movement.

Before long, public discontent turned to the king, and all sorts of accusations and conspiracy theories appeared both in and out of the country, worsening the relationship with the other countries, eventually, leading to the execution of the king and for the younger brother to take his throne.






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