The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 283: A Moment of Rest (1/2)

Though we set off a little later because of all the bomb shells dropped this morning, we continued on our way to the Town of Departed Spirits nonetheless.

We happened into a lot of undead just like yesterday, but our trip was a lot smoother this time around. After all, we were riding on the emperor scavenger slime.

“Never thought I’d be riding a slime one day, but it’s surprisingly decent once you get used to it.” [Remilie]

“It doesn’t sway as much as you’d think too. In fact, it’s just like sliding on a flat board.” [Ryouma]

Emperors crawled just like other slimes, but each ‘step’ was bigger compared to the other slimes because of their great size, making them perfect for bad roads. Schieber-san mentioned that we were going about as fast as we would on horseback, but considering how that would normally be impossible since we were in a canyon with no roads, it was more than fast enough.

Moreover, if we were walking, we would lose time every time we had to fight the undead, but by riding on the Emperor Scavenger Slime, any undead we came across just became food for it. Even when there were a lot of enemies, we could reduce their numbers from afar with our spells, allowing us to proceed without ever stopping.

“Even if we hit something and one of us fell, the slime would just catch us, so it’s really safe.” [Ryouma]

There was just one problem. The undead the emperor slime ate were being digested right under our tushies.

The undead couldn’t get away on their own, so we just used a waterproof cloth in place of a picnic blanket, then coated it with light attribute mana to cover the undead, make sure the blanket wouldn’t be accidentally swallowed, and for safety’s sake. Regardless, with how convenient it was to travel and how much energy we were saving, there was no denying that riding on the Emperor Scavenger slime was a great idea, but of course, no one could deny that the undead being digested underneath us were on the back of our mind.

That’s probably why everyone else stopped talking too.

But after awhile, Reinbach-sama spoke.

“Ryouma-kun, about what we were talking about this morning, I believe we should keep it to just my son and his wife.” [Reinbach]

“I told you because I trusted you, and I trust the duke and his wife as well, so I have no qualms whatsoever about telling them, but what about Elia?” [Ryouma]

“Actually, when the possibility that she might be a Child of God came up, we pondered on how to raise her. In the end, we decided to prioritize teaching her things that were important to people rather than nobles.

We poured into her as much love as we could and protected her innocence. Of course, we needed her to learn how to protect herself as well from other people’s malice, both mentally and physically, but we figured we could just protect her while she was still a child, praying that she would be able to trust others even once her power awakened.” [Reinbach]

Now that he mentions it… And I know I’m being prejudiced, but when I think of nobles, I can’t help but imagine someone conniving. Even their spawns, I would imagine to be two-faced and calculative, but Elia was nothing of the sort. She was honest and acted just like a normal girl. I see now that that’s because of how they painstakingly raised her. It was the fruit of their efforts.

“She turned out to be a wonderful child, but unfortunately, she’s terrible at hiding her thoughts. Without her intending to, complacency could show in her conduct, or her emotions might reveal themselves through her actions.

There are many noble children attending the academy, and the quick-witted among them would be able tell plenty just from that. I believe it’s best to minimize any chance of word spreading.” [Reinbach]

“Thank you for your consideration.” [Ryouma]

I’m sure he’d love to tell her right away, but he’s holding himself back for my sake. Truly, I have nothing but gratitude for this man.

“Don’t mention it. If not for you, I would have worried about it my whole life. When I look at it that way, you’ve helped me plenty. I feel like I’ve been saved, really. I’ll be able to bring good news to Alia as well.” [Reinbach]

Alia? That’s a name I haven’t heard before. From the name and the flow of conversation, I understand it must be a relative, but…

“Alia-chan is Reinbach’s wife.” [Remilie]

“Oh, so it’s Elia’s grandmother.” [Ryouma]

“Alia-sama had a weak body, and she worried about the young lady and her future all the way until just before she passed. When the time comes, I too will have good news to bring her.” [Sebasu]

“I’m glad you’re happy, but please do live a long life.” [Ryouma]

“Indeed. What an ill-omened topic. I’m glad that you have less regrets now, but aren’t you letting your guard down a little too much?” [Schieber]

“It’s such a beautiful day, why worry? Let’s just take it easy.” [Remilie]

It’s a beautiful day indeed. A clear blue sky with no clouds, and a refreshing wind to accompany us as we made our way to the Town of Departed Spirits leisurely.

“Besides, we won’t be able to say anything of the sort once we get to the Town of Departed Spirits. We need to recharge our spirits while we can! So let’s talk about something fun. Ryouma-chan, do you have anything on your mind?” [Remilie]

“Even if you tell me that out of the blue…” [Ryouma]

People without a diverse range of topics to talk about can be problematic. She’ll probably end up talking about magic again, so…

“How about places you’d recommended for travel? I’d love to see the world, and I’d like to prepare in case word gets out that I’m a Child of God. It would be reassuring to be able to prepare a place I could hide in temporarily should the need arise.” [Ryouma]






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