The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 287: Secure a Base and Lunch Break (1/2)


Dealing with the undead gathered by the terrain and the explosions took a good amount of time, but it was a success nonetheless, and we entered the Town of Departed Spirits just as planned.

With the undead near the gate cleaned up during the battle in the morning, the Town of Departed Spirits was quiet and gloomy. It was truly a ghost town. But this was only temporary, and once night fell, undead would come pouring in from the depths of the city again, which brings us to the second stage of our plan, ‘securing a base’.

The city is arranged with the tower at the center in a circular fashion of many layers. There are rectangular-shaped housing units built side by side on each level of the mortar-shaped lot, but because they were rebuilt or restored in some places, parts of them appeared distorted, making them look like worm-eaten Baumkuchen.

Connecting the various parts of the city were narrow streets that were circular like the buildings, and a long central staircase that led from the gate to the tower. The circular camp seem to have also served as a wall to prevent the inmates from escaping. A difficult ordeal when combined with the height of the steps. One impossible for the likes of zombies and skeletons.

The grave slimes increased in number because of the battle this morning, so we used those to block the path to the central staircase. We checked the buildings closest to the stairs and secured them with Holy Space if there were no enemies inside. Otherwise, we dealt with the remaining enemies first.

Fortunately, the housing facilities were simple in structure, so we were able to quickly check and seal them, then after going through about five buildings, the goblins contacted me.

“Looks like the experiment is almost ready.” [Ryouma]

“In that case, let’s make this building the last. It’s a good time for lunch anyway.” [Reinbach]

“It’s a good number too. Three buildings on each side for a total of six. Let’s finish this quickly.” [Schieber]

“I’m ready whenever.” [Remilie]

“Let’s do it then. ‘Flash Grenade.’” [Ryouma]

We hid behind a building, then I threw a ball of light the size of a baseball into a small hole where a small window might have been, then I focused my Mana Perception, and in the next moment…

“Gyah!” [Undead 1]

“Hiii?” [Undead 2]

At almost the exact same time a short screeching sound was heard from the building, a strong light poured out. I had visualized that spell with the concept of a flash grenade in hopes of clearing the undead hiding in the building in one go, but some of the wraiths were quick to flee, and they passed through the walls to get away.

“Light Ball.” [Remilie]

Unfortunately for them, Remilie-san had anticipated that and was already waiting for them. She quickly and accurately shot them down, while Schieber-san and Reinbach-sama entered the building and made sure that there were no undead left. Finally, we used Holy Space to make sure that no undead would occupy the building again.

“Good job.” [Ryouma]

“You too, Ryouma-chan.” [Remilie]

“Be sure to keep the experimentation in moderation after lunch, though. The real operation will begin once the sun sets, so you should get some rest in preparation for that.” [Schieber]

We defeated a ton of undead in the morning, but that was nothing more than preparation for evening. The real thing doesn’t really start until night falls since that’s when the undead are the liveliest. It’s a bit of an aggressive strategy though since we’ll be using the spell I came up with just yesterday inside the Town of Departed Spirits to forcefully send the undead on their way.

I will be performing the spell once we’ve reached a certain level of security, and if it’s too dangerous, then we’ll retreat to yesterday’s base, but regardless, the operation is bound to last late into the night. Just as Schieber-san suggests, it might be better to get some rest.

While I was thinking that, I returned to the building closest to the entrance of the town. Sebasu-san had prepared a table and some chairs. He was in the middle of making lunch. It was inside the building, so he must have made sufficient preparations so we could have a proper meal.

“Welcome back. I’m in the middle of preparing our lunch, so please wait a moment.” [Sebasu]

“Thank you for your efforts, Sebasu-san. How did your side go?” [Ryouma]

“The goblins worked hard. They seemed used to it too, so I believe there won’t be any problems with your experiment. I’m not sure what they were talking about, but they seemed to be having more fun than when they were fighting, and they zealously tended to the farm too.” [Sebasu]

“Most of my goblins are like that.” [Ryouma]

Even as their number increases, my goblins remain ever faithful to eating, drinking ,and making merry. I’m not unhappy about that since I would have to dispose of them if they were to ever become a threat, but… It’s a mystery.

Well, putting that aside, if Sebasu-san is going to make lunch, I’ll go ahead and work on my experiment.

“i’ll be going now, but I won’t take long.” [Ryouma]

All the buildings in this area had one entrance in the front and in the back. Connecting the two entrances was a hallway that ran through the center, then on the side could be found the prison cells, which were not partitioned by any wall or divider.

Apparently, thick iron bars were once used as partitions, but these bars were removed when the prison and execution site was closed, so the interior of the buildings were now just a “large room” with traces that suggest they were once prisons.

With that being the case, I decided to build a farm inside. It was a trivial matter with the power of slimes.

“Gigi!” [Goblin 1]

“Gobubu!” [Goblin 2]

As I approached the field, the goblins that had been tending to the farm came to me to report. I couldn’t understand their words either, but I could understand their intent. Because of that I was able to learn that they completed everything I asked them to do.

To the left side could be seen a row of large planters I made with earth magic. They were filled with Soil Slime and from those grew potatoes. To the right could be seen the building’s flooring broken with earth magic to forcefully create tillable land. The earth there has been mixed with fertilizer and was also growing potatoes.

“Ok, let’s give it a try. Please get me some water.” [Ryouma]

“Gobu!” [Goblins]

Starting with the left, I used water magic to stimulate the growth of the crops. No problems occurred here and the potatoes grew smoothly. The resulting buds, leaves, and fully grown potatoes were without any abnormality.

In comparison, the potatoes to the right side barely grew at all. The Accelerate Growth skill did have some effect, and some buds and leaves did sprout, but they wilted before they could become edible. I could use more mana to force them to become big, but the roots and stems ended up skinny, and the color of the leaves was poor. Moreover, the resulting potatoes were small and shriveled. It wasn’t something you’d think of eating.

I used Identify on it, and…

‘Miasma-Spoiled Potato’

A potato grown in a land that has been corroded by miasma for a long time. It was forcefully made to grow through the employ of wood magic, but its growth was undermined by the soil’s miasma.

Due to the accumulation of miasma, consumption of this potato will lead to illness, and in the worst case, death.


“I see. This won’t do then.”


I’ll dispose of this later. As for the other potatoes… Well, these ones grew just fine, so they can be eaten without problem. Based off the results of the experiment, the reason for the differing results should be the soil. The miasma in the air has been cleansed via Holy Space, while the water was produced by Sebasu-san’s magic, so these potatoes have pretty much been cultivated in what you would call a ‘clean room’. The only thing different between the two sets of potatoes is the soil.

“In any case, I’ll dispose of these potatoes later. Thank you for your work. I’ll take over and do the rest, so switch places with the others and go have your lunch.” [Ryouma]

“Gogo!” [Goblin 1]

“Gobubbu!” [Goblin 2]

The goblins were ever faithful to their desires. I watched them leave, and when I made my way back to where everyone was, I realized that everyone was looking at me.






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