The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 301: Send-Off (3/3)

“By the way, most decent nobles won’t accept help for free. It concerns their honor and reputation, after all. Any debt made could be brought up in the future and cause them problems, so they would much rather provide some form of compensation. It doesn’t have to be money, it could be some sort of condition as well. What matters is that they’re able to settle the bill right there and then. So while it might be referred to as support officially, in practice, it’s really a sale.” [Elize]

Their territory could prosper if production increased. But even if it didn’t increase to that extent, they could still profit off of it by supporting other territories. Either way, it’s a necessary step to prepare for the future.

Anyhow, I was mostly worried that they might need the miasma purified by a certain date, but it looks like they’re in no particular hurry. They just want to pick out some candidate sites, and should I succeed in the purification, they’ll decide then whether or not to build a village there… But can you really build a village just like that?

“It’s a bit different for a city, but for a small village, the process is relatively simple. You just need the right specialists, the initial investment, and the prospect of future revenue. If you can get all those, then you’ll be able to hire mages to prepare the land.” [Reinhart]

“The construction of a new farming village is a huge chance to certain people. For example, many farmer sons other than the first born don’t inherit houses or fields from their parents. But if they were to participate in the construction of a new village, they might struggle at first, but in the future, they’ll be able to get a house and a small parcel of fields to call their own.” [Elize]

There’s no guarantee of success, but the odds are still much better than adventurer work. As for me, I’d be glad as long as I could be of service to the duke and his family. If my slimes could help them, then I’ll be happy both personally and professionally.

While thinking that, the madam stiffened.

“What’s the matter, Elize?” [Reinhart]

“Weren’t we having this discussion because we wanted to thank Ryouma-kun? Why did it become about our profit again?” [Elize]

“…It just turned out like that… Again.” [Reinhart]

As they said that, they chuckled awkwardly. Given the conversation we had just a moment ago and the similar experience I had recently, I could somewhat understand how they’re feeling, but I don’t think they have to mind it so much.

the duke and his family sheltering me is already a huge help. Even in my past life, authority was a convenient thing. Yet that’s made even truer in this world and in this country where the nobles have such great influence over everything. The security they provide just by sheltering me is something you can’t buy with just money.

“You’ve also recommended Eleonora-san, so I’m already receiving a ton of help from you.” [Ryouma]

“I understand how you feel. But from our perspective, just when we thought we’d finally repaid our debt, we suddenly found ourselves even more indebted.” [Elize]

“I appreciate how genuinely kind you are, but it’s a bit unsettling. It would be unthinkable when negotiating with one of those black-hearted nobles.” [Reinhart]

“I’m glad that you trust me so much then.” [Ryouma]

When I sincerely said that, the madam and the duke laughed as though they’ve finally relaxed, then they drank their tea.

“It’s just that I don’t think our current relationship is bad, so I don’t want to destroy it by relying on your kindness too much.” [Elize]

“I feel the same way.” [Ryouma]

“Fu fu. In that case, let’s put off this matter for another time. Forcing the matter to show our gratitude would be putting the horse before the cart, after all.” [Elize]

No one here disagreed with the madam’s opinion. I too hope that we’ll be able to maintain such a good relationship. I also promised to talk to them if anything were to come up.

“Well then, I suppose that’s about it for the secret part of our conversation?” [Reinhart]

“Hyuzu and the others also want to talk to you before you leave for the Great Forest, so it wouldn’t do for us to monopolize you. Of course, that’s only if you don’t mind.” [Elize]

“But of course. I also want to speak with them. As for me being a Child of the Gods, I don’t really know how to talk to them about that. If I took the time to explain it in detail, there’s a chance that the conversation won’t end in a day.” [Ryouma]

It would be much simpler if I just told them that I transmigrated, but for that, they would have to know about Earth, Japan, and what kind of person I was in my previous life… Now that I’m opening up, it turns out that there’s actually so much I want to talk about that it’s actually problematic.

“I guess I’ll have to come up with a better summary for when I eventually talk to Elia.” [Ryouma]

“Alright. At that time, I’ll be sure to give you plenty of time to talk to her.” [Elize]

Like that the secret part of our conversation ended peacefully. Reinhart-san closed the lid of the magic tool, and the spell blocking the sound was dispelled. He spoke loudly to announce that we were done, and everyone waiting in the other room came.

I spoke with them after that.

Rosenberg-dono gave me a medical certificate, then we discussed about the purification of miasma for when I come back from the Great Forest. He was a bit surprised at that, but he happily promised to cooperate. He was a lot more agreeable to the idea than I’d expected. Turns out there weren’t many shamans and exorcists despite the high demand, leading to a persistent shortage of manpower.

I spoke to Lady Eleonora again, and as expected, she had been forcing herself. A defensive spell to deal with the curse had already been erect, so she no longer felt uncomfortable with me, but she looked unhealthy. When the matter about her working as my secretary was brought up, however, she immediately asked me for work.

There are times when it’s hard for someone to endure ‘not doing anything’, so I gave a few simple tasks, but I would honestly much prefer if she just rested.

The four guards were the same as ever. They were worried when they heard that I’d been cursed, but they were quickly relieved upon seen me so lively. We spoke about the Great Forest, my future plans, and their current situation, and just like that the time happily passed.

“You take care now.” [Hyuzu]

“Be sure to contact us as soon as you come back, alright?” [Camil]

They left before the sun set. Our parting words were short, but their encouragement and wishes for my safety were properly conveyed. I was sending them off, but at the same time, they were sending me off as well. It was a strange feeling.

…With this, everything was ready.

And at last, I could go to the Great Forest without worry.

When everything is done, I’ll come back home here.






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