The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 314: The Jungle Inside the Mansion


“So, that’s how things ended up like this?” [Glen]

Glen came back for lunch and found himself watching as the Mimic Slime rushed through the grass with a horde of undead chasing after it.

“I’d only be a hindrance if I rode it. The Mimic Slime originally lived in this forest too, so it’s better for it to just run on its own while in the Takeostrich form. The undead prefer that too anyway. The humanoid undead get to act like they’re hunting, while the beast zombies like the Raptors chased after it because of its skill.

“Well, I’m grateful since I can get a proper lunch thanks to it.” [Glen]

“Both the traps and the gathering of the undead ended up being automated by the slimes.” [Ryouma]

With more time to spare, I was able to put a bit more effort into preparing lunch. I figured that something like yesterday’s fried snake with lots of seasoning would be good, so I went with the “Tatsutaage Sandwich,” using freshly made soft bread, adding plenty of garlic and fresh leafy vegetables with fries on the side.

Having fried food for two days in a row might be unpleasant, though, so I also prepared egg sandwiches and potato salad sandwiches, but Glen-san didn’t mind at all. As usual, he enjoyed his meal, and he quickly emptied his plates. As we finished eating…

“Oh.” [Ryouma]

“What’s wrong?” [Glen]

“The Mimic Slime is being chased by a living Raptor. It seems to have accidentally lured it while attracting the undead. It’s running towards us now.” [Ryouma]

“Sounds good, let’s go have some fun to relieve the tension then.” [Glen]

In an instant, the plan was set, and we prepared to intercept.

“I see it now.” [Glen]

“I’ve confirmed it too. Let’s separate the undead and the living with ‘Holy Flame Carpet.’” [Ryouma]

As the Mimic Slime rushed past us, the spell was cast. Flames, mixed with light attribute magic, spread thinly and widely, forming a red and golden carpet.

The excited group of enemies, that were attracted by the pheromones of the Takeostrich, rushed through the flames without retreat. I’d focused on covering enough area, so the fire wasn’t too intense.

The living raptors didn’t suffer much damage, but the zombified Raptors mixed among them suffered lethal damage to the legs due to the light attribute magic, and they stumbled and fell, before finally being engulfed in flames to burn out without a trace. As a result, only the living Raptors emerged from the fire.

After that, it was just a matter of defeating them normally.

“Let’s do this!” [Glen]

The raptors charging straight at us in an excited state might have been dangerous for an ordinary person, but for Glen-san, they were easy pickings. He swung his adamantite hammer, and the Raptors rushing towards him were blown away altogether.

I took care of those that managed to slip past the flames with my magic and sword. In less than a minute, all the raptors were dealt with.

“And done. Hey, you sure it’s fine leaving the fire as is?” [Glen]

“It should be fine. This area is quite humid, and the rapid spread was due to my magic, so it shouldn’t spread any further. Even if it does, the heavy rain we get every day should put it out eventually.” [Ryouma]

I was originally supposed to come here alone, so naturally I’d already considered the use of wide-range magic. Any damage left behind should be minor at worst.

“Still, the nearby undead were cleared a lot faster than I expected.” [Ryouma]

“Huh? Now that you mention it… When I came here, the village had been full of undead, but there’s a lot less of them now. Oh, so that’s why the living Raptors approached.” [Glen]

“I’d instructed the Mimic Slime to ‘run close to the village’s outer wall,’ so that’s probably the reason. I thought it would take at least a day to clear the surrounding undead, but at this rate, we might be able to deal with the central mansion sooner.” [Ryouma]

“All the better if we can conclude things here quicker.” [Glen]

Like that, we decided to attack the central mansion in the afternoon. When we finally headed for the mansion, only small crowds of undead bothered us along the way.

“I guess we weren’t able to clear them all out completely, after all.” [Glen]

“Yes, but the Beast Zombies seem to be gone, and the humanoids left all appear to be former village residents. They were probably all non-combatants who didn’t go out to hunt.” [Ryouma]]

I pointed to one of the many collapsed buildings around the mansion. There, a skeleton could be seen diligently swinging his hammer, so it was probably a blacksmith’s residence or workshop. In another building, was a zombie using what seemed to be a broken weaving machine. It continued to move as though it were weaving even though the machine didn’t work anymore. They were likely continuing the daily activities they had when they were still alive.

“They’re non-combatants by nature, so they don’t attack, but they do recognize us and the slimes as enemies, as they ran for the mansion as soon as we approached.” [Ryouma]

Rather than the undead, the condition of the road was a bigger problem. The former villagers seem to have done some maintenance, but it was a meaningless endeavor. At most, they succeeded in building obstacles with sandbags and metal fences.

Moreover, some undead got caught in those and failed to catch up with the rest of the undead, so I got the Grave Slimes to store them away as we advanced.

“You know, the way they move kind of give me the impression that they see us as a pair of kidnappers invading a village.” [Glen]

“I was thinking the same thing actually. In fact, it probably is just like that for them. Assuming they haven’t realized they’re dead, then the way they see it, a pair of strangers came to the village, so they ran away, but the strangers gave chase, and those that were caught were devoured by slimes to end up in a prison-like place.” [Ryouma]

Saying it out loud like that kind of makes me feel guilty, but whether it’s monster subjugation or hunting, it’s not really all that different. Besides, this is also for their memorial. Before long, we reached the front gate of the mansion. It was surrounded by metal fences to prevent intruders and monsters, as well as a double door.

“Hit anywhere as hard as you can.” [Ryouma]

“Just leave it to me!” [Glen]

Glen already raised his hammer high, then with a clang, the ear-piercing metallic sound echoed throughout the area.

“Damn, it’s one of those, huh.” [Glen]

Amidst the metallic sounds, Glen’s grumbling voice reached my ears. Despite receiving a blow that could create a crater on the massive heat-dissipating tree trunk, the gate only slightly warped before returning to its undamaged state.

“Waoooo!” [Undead]

“Finally, a reaction.” [Ryouma]

“I swung intending to break through, though.” [Glen]

Countless voices of the undead rise from within the mansion, while the sound of intense banging echoed from every window. It was as if the entire mansion was screaming and trembling. After some dozen seconds, armed undead poured out in droves from inside the mansion.

Most of them were clearly in the form of corpses, such as zombies or skeletons, with only rudimentary equipment like spears or bows. However, among them were also higher-ranking Ghouls or even beings that, from their appearance, were indistinguishable from humans.

“How dare you scoundrels attack the villagers and impolitely pound on the gate!” [Noble Undead]

“What did you say, you jerk!?” [Glen]

“I figured this might be the case, but I’m still surprised to see an undead talk so well.” [Ryouma]

A noble-looking undead in armor raised his voice. I’ve seen undead muttering back at the labyrinth, but this is my first time seeing an undead speak so clearly. Moreover, it’s remarkably lifelike. But then again, if their souls are truly still lingering in this world, then I suppose it’s only natural. Though there’s no changing the fact that they’re still just undead.

“I am Baron Alus Destria! I have been entrusted with the royal command of the Forest Exploration Expedition! And this is the most crucial base! Do you understand that attacking this base is an act of rebellion against His Majesty the King?” [Alus Destria]

“How dare you invade my village! I’ll make you regret it!” [Undead 1]

“How could you do such things!? Your savage attacks bring sorrow to the gods!” [Undead 2]

The other undead could speak just like people, but there was no continuity. There were subtle strange behaviors too. But it didn’t feel like the monster was making them say those things either. Rather, it felt more like they were simply reveling in their own world. Either way, they’re definitely undead.

“They just keep running their mouths, don’t they? What’s the plan?” [Glen]

“Same as before. We’ll keep attacking until the big one comes out. ‘Holy Flame Carpet.’” [Ryouma]

I didn’t deign to talk with the undead and just returned their words with fire. Baron Destria protected himself with a shield, while the surrounding undead suffered even though they weren’t hit directly. It seemed that the spell wasn’t as effective on the more human-looking undead. Meanwhile, arrows and magic shot out from the mansion’s windows, so I hid behind the Emperor Scavenger.

“Hey! Don’t ignore me!” [Glen]

While running along the fence, Glen tried to provoke the enemies even more by hitting on the fence. They tried to stab Glen with their spears through the gaps in the fence, but they struggled to keep up with his movements and ended up getting hit back instead.

“Flash Bomb.” [Rrouma]

“Oraoraoraoraa! Stop hiding and fight me like a man! What’s the matter? You scared!?” [Glen]

Wait a moment. I’m also attacking sneakily while hiding behind my slimes. Oh, well. I won’t do anything reckless until necessary and just stick to safety first and the original plan. After continuing to attack the mansion for a while, the gate eventually opened as we planned.

“Finally!” [Glen]

Undead poured out from inside the gate, but once outside, they were ours. Glen continued to swing his hammer, mowing down enemy after enemy, while the Emperor Scavenger crushed the enemies with its massive body, and the Grave Slimes captured the temporarily immobilized undead.

About 10 minutes later.

“Hey, Ryouma, looks like your monster is inviting us.” [Glen]

Glen said as he approached and knocked out some undead. Just as he said, the mansion’s gate had swung wide open, but no more undead came out. It was a chance for us to enter, but it was being so obvious about it, it felt suspicious.

“Well, I was planning to go in anyway, so I’ll be off. If everything goes smoothly, I should be able to come out before the sun sets. If I don’t come out by tomorrow noon at the latest, consider it a failure.” [Ryouma]

“It does seem like the real problem inside the mansion needs to be dealt with. In that case, just leave the outside to me.” [Glen]

Well, that was the plan, so I left the outside to Glenn and the slimes, while I passed through the open gate, walking through the mansion’s entrance, to step into the entrance hall, whereupon the door that had been open suddenly closed, and the latch clicked. It was straight out of a horror movie. I briefly glanced at the door before turning around.

“Huh… Is this some kind of illusion?” [Ryouma]

That genuinely surprised me.

I had stepped into the mansion, which despite its age, should be a robust and simple building. The grand staircase connecting the first floor to the upper floors and the corridors extending to the left and right should have also been visible in the open entrance. However, not a trace of those things remained. What met my eyes was instead a murky sky, a well-paved asphalt road lined with towering buildings, people in suits with exhausted expressions could be seen bustling about , and signs and billboards written in Japanese were everywhere.

It felt both nostalgic and heartwarming, yet at the same time, it was a sight I never wanted to see again. Yes, that was none other than the cityscape of Japan, the world that I, Ryouma Takebayashi, once lived in.






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