The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 321: Subjugating the Leader Rhino

The following day after expending great efforts to gather materials. We started the morning with a leisurely breakfast, but then a thunderous-like sound suddenly started clapping from outside.

“Looks like the leader of the rhinos are here. Let’s go.” [Ryouma]

“Perfect. Just the workout I was looking for to help me digest.” [Glen]

Glen-san and I left the manor and headed for the former site of the village reservoir. Glen-san still recalled the place from when he went around the village, so we didn’t get lost. But the closer we got, the louder and rougher the sounds became.

Whine I used Hide to conceal myself and check what was up ahead, I saw a giant monster that was about 3m tall and 4m long. It was repeatedly ramming itself against the Heat Emitting Trees around the reservoir. It had horns like a rhino and long fur. It was definitely a cannonball rhino, but it was far bigger than the average specimen.

“So he’s the leader we’re looking for. He really is acting weird, huh.” [Glen]

“Cannonball Rhinos are herbivores, so they usually slam against trees to feed off the leaves and branches that fall. But I think it’s a bit too agitated for someone trying to have a meal.” [Ryouma]

“Yeah, it definitely doesn’t strike me as someone trying to eat. Doesn’t seem like it’s trying to fight with anyone either, though. What’s it doing?” [Glen]

“Who knows—!?” [Ryouma]

In the thickets about 10 meters away from the giant rhinos, I noticed a juvenile cannonball rhino that wasn’t even 1m tall or long hiding. So, immediately, i used my wind magic, and Glen-san rushed out.

“Kyuon!!!” [Juvenile Rhino]

That’s probably the juvenile rhino that Cormi mentioned. With a shrill cry, it recklessly appeared before the giant rhino, but before either of them could move, the spell I cast reached them. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem to have done anything. The cannonball rhinos have resilient fur and are also naturally resistant to magic. That’s probably why.

But even then, I was hoping to at least be able to get their attention.

“Doraa!!” [Glen]

Glen-san slammed his hammer into the side of the leader rhino, sending waves throughout its body, but it didn’t even so much as cry. If anything, that just made it glare at Glen-san with bloodshot eyes.

One silver lining was that due to the leader rhino rampaging, the grass around the reservoir were beaten down, making it easier to see. I teleported to Glen-san.

“Glen-san.” [Ryouma]

“Yeah, that was a clean hit right there, but it didn’t work at all. There was Cormi too. I guess this village is just full of guys like this. Wonderful!” [Glen]

“There’s nothing wonderful about this!” [Ryouma]

He’s really reliable, but at times like these, I just can’t understand how he can afford to have fun.

“In that case, can I leave that to you for awhile?” [Ryouma]

“Yeah, take care of the pipsqueak.” [Glen]

As he said that, he attacked the leader rhino again. The leader rhino swung with its horn and chased after him, so I took that opportunity to turn my attention to the juvenile rhino.

“Kyu!!!” [Juvenile Rhino]

The rhino tried to scare me off. I didn’t notice it earlier, but apparently, behind him was the cannon ball rhino that Cormi had mentioned.

She looked alive just like the villagers, but her body was covered in holes. Her hind feet were broken and crushed. Based off the situation, the leader rhino must have gotten to her. She’s an undead, so her body is gradually recovering, but it doesn’t look like she’ll be able to move anytime soon.

Either way, it seems that’s the reason why the juvenile rhino is like this. He’s protecting his mom. And now, he’s protecting her from me.

“Don’t worry, I’m not a bad guy, or so I’d say, but Cormi isn’t here, so there’s no way we can talk.” [Ryouma]

“Kyu!” [Juvenile Rhino]

“Careful!” [Ryouma]

While I was wondering if I should form a contract with it to be able to understand each other, the juvenile rhino charged at me. It might be a juvenile, but it’s still a rhino. I managed to dodge, but if I’m not careful, I won’t get off with just a few wounds. Let’s not forget that there’s the leader rhino too, though Glen-san is currently taking care of him.

In order to protect my promise with Cormi, there’s no other choice.

“Sorry, but it looks I’m going to have to get a little rough with you!” [Ryouma]

There was no way for the little rhino to understand, but I said it anyway, then with my back against the reservoir, I circulated ki throughout my whole body. The juvenile rhino charged recklessly at me and tried to stab to me with its horn, but I dared to receive that full bodied charge and fell to my back to grab at its neck and horn.

“You need to stay away!” [Ryouma]

“Kyuon!?” [Juvenile Rhino]

With my strengthened body, I threw it over with an irregular judo throw technique and sent the little rhino flying into the air, landing next to its mother by the reservoir behind me. In battles between cannonball rhinos, throwing them around like one would in sumo is the way to make them acknowledge their defeat. Hopefully, the little one won’t attack me anymore after this, but just to be safe.

“‘Stay’!” [Ryouma]


I cast a dark spell on it ordering it to stay with its mother. Just like with the spell, Fear, it’s enough as long as it can get an inkling of the emotion. Even if the emotion doesn’t get through, it’s fine as long as it stops attacking.

I did this completely on the fly, but the rhino became wary of me and slowly went back to its mother.

“Let’s consider this side solved… Hmm?” [Ryouma]

“Hey! What’s the matter!? Come at me!” [Glen]

“Kuooooo!!!!” [Glen]

What are they doing? Glen-san is clearly trying to provoke it, but the leader rhino is thoroughly ignoring him. It zigzagged across the reservoir and shore, stirring up mud, only to start slamming its body against the heat-emitting trees again. Not only was it not fighting with Glen-san, it didn’t even seem to acknowledge his existence.

(Well, we better do something about it quick before it goes to the mother and son rhinos.)

“GUOoOOoO!!!” [Leader Rhino]

Just as I was thinking it, the leader rhino suddenly bellowed out a war cry, then it charged straight for me.

“!” [Ryouma]

I cast Fear on it right away, then jumped in the opposite direction of the mother-son-rhino-pair to avoid its charge, but it changed direction and chased after me. When I teleported to the side of the reservoir, the rhino passed by where I was, and unable to stop itself, crashed into the tree ahead, pushing that massive tree into a bend and causing cracks to crawl from where its horn penetrated the wall-like trunk.

“I guess a direct hit really is instant death.” [Ryouma]

“Hey, Ryouma. That rhino is weird.” [Glen]

“Wasn’t that the case from the start?” [Ryouma]

“That’s not what I mean. Of course, it’s acting weird too, but more than that is its strength. Defensively, it’s as tough as the S Rank Dragon I fought in the past, but in practice, it’s a lot weaker than it. It feels like a small fry that got stronger because of strengthening magic.” [Glen]

When it comes to strengthening magic, Glen-san’s credibility in really high. Earlier, it was really agitated, but now, half its mouth is open, saliva spilling, and it’s walking while wobbling. And it’s not emitting the slightest hostility too just like earlier.

Upon seeing that, I put two and two together, and finally realized it.

Strengthening magic, agitation, sleepiness…!!

“Glen-san, when you fought that monster, did you notice any purple spots on it?” [Ryouma]

“Purple? I think there was inside its mouth. Look.” [Glen]

Glen pointed with his hammer at the mouth of the leader rhino, and there were indeed vivid purple all over it.

“Ah, it’s there.” [Ryouma]

“Is that supposed to mean something?” [Glen]

“That cannonball rhino must’ve been stabbed by a doping bee. It’s a bee-type monster that has a venom with a strong stimulant and sedative effect. It also has a strengthening effect when used on other monsters. They strengthen monsters near their nest and make them go berserk to wipe out their enemies. The place that has been stabbed shows purple stabs.” [Ryouma]

“So, there’s a monster like that, huh.” [Glen]

“The way that cannonball rhino is acting proves it. It wasn’t mentioned in the document I asked the guild to prepare, but it’s such a rare species that it’s not hard to imagine that they missed it.” [Ryouma]

“There’s no way for them to know if a monster goes berserk this deep in the Great Forest. I’ve seen my fair share of monsters that’s not in the documents they give you too.” [Glen]

“I was able to notice since their needles and honey are medicinal ingredients.” [Ryouma]

It doesn’t change the situation, though. It might be calm right now, but in time, the leader rhino will start rampaging again. I’d like to defeat it before then, but it’s completely fine no matter how many times Glen-san attacks it, so a normal attack might not work.

“The poison must be numbing it to the pain. Your attacks should still be working against it. If we keep attacking it, it should eventually fall.” [Ryouma]

“What a pain. It’s not interesting when the opponent is like that.” [Glen]

“Well, that’s true.” [Ryouma]

I’ve started to be able to predict how he reacts to things. In that case, there’s no other choice but to hit it somewhere fatal. To that end—

“Guoooo!!!” [Leader Rhino]

“It’s agitated again.” [Ryouma]

“‘Bind Ivy’!!” [Ryouma]”

“Guo!?” [Leader Rhino]

With a wood spell, I manipulated the nearby vegetation and bound the leader rhino. The vines themselves were plenty tough on they’re own, but they’re even tougher once they’ve entangled a target.

Unfortunately, not even those vines could last. The leader rhino would sway its body, and each time, the vines would be torn off a little.

“‘Mud Pool’!” [Ryouma]

“Guoa!?” [Leader Rhino]

So to be doubly sure, I summoned mud by the feet of the leader rhino by mixing the water of the reservoir with the ground. The vines creaked, but with the leader rhino unable to get footing, it couldn’t exhibit enough strength to tear them off. I generally fight up close, so it’s not a spell I normally use, but it’s a good thing that I learned it.

“Glen-san!” [Ryouma]

“Hmm? Ah, I get it. In that case, I’ll go at full power!” [Glen]

I drew a sheathe from my waist and transformed it, while Glen-san kicked off from the heat emitting trees around us to leap high into the sky. It seems he was able to understand my intentions. Meanwhile, I teleported for the neck of the unmoving leader rhino.

“Careful now.” [Ryouma]

Although it couldn’t break free from its restraints, I had the vines hold it steady so it won’t be able to shake me off. I focused on my mana perception and shared my vision with my metal slimes sheathe.

“Gururururuoo!” [Leader Rhino]

The rhino laid bare its hostility as it cried from below me and struggled. The vast amounts of information flowing into my brain was annoying, but I nonetheless forced myself to focus.

“Is it here!?” [Ryouma]

With the concepts of healing magic, I ascertained the exact position of the leader rhino’s brain, then I changed the shape of the sheathe and planted it right there.

I transformed it from a curved sheathe into a hollow rod, but the top was a flat surfaced stretched out, while the bottom was protruded, so it looked just like a giant nail.

“Let’s do this!!” [Glen]

Glen-san’s voice resounded from way high up as he jumped off a branch near the top of the heat emitting trees. Without even turning to look at him, I strengthened my body and the metal slime with ki, and in the next moment.


Glen’s voice descended along with a great impact, passing through my hand then the rest of my body.






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