The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 70: Depression After Parting (3/3)

I repeated the same process for the rest of the grell frogs, and in the end, 6 out of 25 of those I purchased today got the highest quality mark from Identify. The remaining 19 were all praised as high quality too, so they weren’t bad by any means.

The reason the quality went down was because the grell frogs were caught too crudely. The blood flow of the grell frogs worsened right as soon as I hurt them.

Also, I used the leftover grell frog hide and meat as feed for the rimel birds. I knew the rimel birds loved grell frog meat, so I brought it to them, and as expected, they had a great time. I hear rimel birds eat piratically eat anything, though, from meat to fish to fruits to vegetables to grain… Anything.

They’re omnivorous, but I suppose meat would be the main part of their diet? I should check with the tamers guild.

Before I knew it, it was already dark outside.

Just to be safe, I gathered the slimes and the rimel birds in the tunnel to ensure their safety. The slimes have gotten stronger, but the night is still dangerous, so I also blocked the entrance with some stones, making sure to just leave enough opening for the air to enter.

“Now then… It’s been a while since I last spent the night like this…” [Ryouma]

Reminds me of the time when I first got to this world…

At the time, I read the letter from Gayn and the others, then I looked for a place to stay at and found the cliff where I built my house.

That was how I learned my earth magic – by digging out a cave.

At first, my Break Rock could just barely make a crack, but somehow someway I was able to dig out a hole big enough for my body to fit in, then I blocked the entrance with a stone wall I made. My residence back then was that simple.

After that I gradually worked on the cave. I also gradually got used to the forest and started training and hunting in the night.

“…I’m not really in the mood right now, though, so… I guess I might as well just use the ingredients I prepared and make some medicine.”

As I entered the medicine concocting room aimlessly, I took out the ingredients I got and preserved from the Forest of Gana, and stored them in the shelves.

I’d like to create a wooden shelf specifically for the medicinal herbs, but I’ll make that some other time.

The medicine I can make right now with the ingredients at hand is an… antidote. I have just enough to make an antidote that uses the liver of the grell frog.

The necessary ingredients are grell frog liver, a poisonous plant called ‘Kasuri’, a fruit of Kunashi that can be used as antidote after weakening its poison, a flower of jusho that has a strong nourishing effect, and an ufuru herb that has a diuresis effect.

After that I made a pot with earth magic, two spatulas to stir it, and a mortal and pestle. Next time I’ll just buy the tools I need. I’ve gotten by so far by making my own tools with earth magic, but it would probably be best to just buy my tools.

As I thought that, I filled the pot with water via water magic, then I put in the cut kasuri herb and kunashi fruit, then I heated the water with the electric spell, Microwave [1], as I stirred the pot.

I don’t always use this method because sometimes the ingredients are weak to heat, but the kasuri herb and the kunashi fruit are strong against heat.

As the two ingredients boiled, the color gradually dissolved, and the liquid within the pot turned violet.

Seeing that, I stopped heating the pot and let the pot cool by itself, while I crushed the dried grell frog liver.

“Should be about time…” [Ryouma]

When the pot was at a good temperature, I threw the crushed liver in and started stirring again.

When the liquid got even cooler, I added the joshu flower and ufuru herb as I ground them into tinier parts with my hands, then I stirred the pot again until they sank.

After that I left the pot to let it simmer and allow the medicinal contents to permeate.

“What should I do until then?” [Ryouma]

When I left the room, I noticed the rimel birds.

I took out my guitar from Item Box and played two national anime ending songs. I played because I saw the moon shining through the ventilation hole.

When I finished playing…

“…” [Rimel birds]

An incomprehensible sound resounded throughout the cave.

“Woah!? My ear hurts… Can you guys tone it down for a bit? Ouch…” [Ryouma]

The source of the sound was none other than the rimel birds.

They were making those beautiful chirps they made when I contracted them, but it was hard to make out the sound because we were inside a tunnel, making the sound really loud.

I ended up receiving a lot of damage, but the rimel birds seemed fine. What kind of ears do these guys have?

The slimes didn’t have ears, so they were also fine.

After that the rimel birds quietened down, and after hearing their chirps, I ate supper, and then went back to the medicine concocting room.

Extracting the medicinal effects of the joshu flower and the ufuru herb doesn’t take much time, so it should be about done.

When I used Identify on the contents of the pot…


Incomplete Antidote (High Quality)
An antidote that uses grell frog liver.

Disintegrates poisonous content and activates one’s metabolism to expel poison from the body. It works on a large variety of poison, but it is especially effective on paralyzing agents. One should drink plenty of water when taking this antidote for best results.


“Alright. It’s been a success so far. Next is…” [Ryouma]

I took out a large cloth from my Item Box, then I had the cleaner slime clean it.

This cloth belongs to one of the bandits I killed in the forest. The spaces in between its fibers is really small, so it’s perfect for straining the medicinal content from the herbs.

I covered an empty pot with the cloth, then I fixed it in place with the sticky slime’s thread. After that I slowly poured the contents of the pot through the cloth. Like that the medicine flowed into the empty pot as the cloth filtered it.

After transferring all the liquid, I removed the cloth and wrung out the medicine to the last drop.

I stirred the completed medicine with the spatula, then I used Identify on it. When I did, the ‘incomplete’ part vanished from the name of the product and the quality turned into highest quality from high quality. Well, it’s complete now, so that’s only a given.


…Now then, it’s good and all that I managed to make the medicine, but what am I supposed to do with this?

“Maybe I should’ve turned it into a pill instead to preserve it, but there weren’t enough ingredients.” [Ryouma]

Now that I think about it, I have the poison resist skill, so a weak poison wouldn’t work against me anyway, so there’s not a lot of uses of this antidote for me.

I should have one at hand just to be safe, but I definitely won’t need an entire pot’s worth. If I transfer that entire pot into vials, I would have about 20.

For the meantime, I used earth magic to create a funnel and a dipper, prepared a lot of vials, then filled them with the medicine one at a time.

After filling up 20 vials, I stored 19 inside my Item Box. As I fiddled with the remaining vial on hand, I left the medicine concocting room and went to the living space.

“What to do… Should I sell it at Serge-san’s, or maybe I should give it to Jeff-san and the others?” [Ryouma]

While I was thinking that, I accidentally dropped the vial.

“Acha~…” [Ryouma]

Because I kept fiddling with the vial, the cover got loose, so when it fell, all the contents came pouring out.

“Somehow I’m just not in the mood today…” [Ryomua]

Maybe it’s because of that thing age regression thing that Kufo was talking about? For some reason, I can’t change my mood very well. Who would’ve thought at this age… Ah, but I’m actually 11, ain’t I? Still… that’s only on the outside. Mentally speaking, I’m already 40, so it’s really hard to believe that I would actually be sad at this age…

In my previous life, a lot of my coworkers retired either because the work was tough or because they fainted from overwork. So I thought I’d gotten used to it already.

Of course, I’m not actually sad enough to cry, but when I’m not busying myself, I can’t help but become sad.

I pondered for about 10 seconds, and then, I made up my mind.

“…Let’s just sleep.” [Ryouma]

Rather than try to drag myself around like this, it’s better to just sleep. As I thought that, I looked for the fallen vial to clean the spill, but for some reason, only the vial was left and the medicine was already gone.

“Huh? Where did the medicine go?” [Ryouma]

There were several slimes loitering around the room, and there were cleaner slimes among them, so maybe they’d cleaned it already? Huh. Well, that saves me the trouble, so that’s nice.

As I thought that, I went to bed.


[1] – Used to be range, I believe.


Tl Note: Better name for medicine concocting room?






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