The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 73: Gossip (1/2) (SHORT)


Normally, this would be the time when I leave the house, but I was asked to start going to the store later, so I decided to go and build my house first.

“For the mean time, this should do for a rough draft…” [Ryouma]

To the side… A long house wall… A house with a door and a window. [1]

I gradually improved the image as I revised the map drawn on the ground.

I can just restructure the tunnel to fill in the necessary facilities needed for day-to-day living, so all the house needs is a bedroom.

…But lately ruffians have been coming to the store.

What if they attack my house? It would be worrying if my house was weak then.

But it’ll take quite a bit of effort to make the house sturdy enough.

“Maybe I should camouflage my house.” [Ryouma]

I could turn the tunnel until here into a decoy.

“I could block the entrance of the tunnel with the house, and then make the interior look just like a normal house, so when they enter they’ll think they entered the house I live at.” [Ryouma]

That should buy me some time to prepare a counter attack or run away. I could also set some traps in the decoy house.

“If I fuss over this too much, I’ll end up taking too much time again, so…” [Ryouma]

To make things simple, I’ll just set some slimes to pour acid, poison, or maybe sticky slime on the intruders…

Hmm… But unlike acid and sticky liquid, poison won’t take effect unless it enters the body, so a poison gas would be more effective than liquid poison.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a slime that could use potion magic.

Although if I used fire I could create poison smoke…

As I thought about it, I ended up going toward a direction that would take time.

For the meantime, I decided to just go with the acid and sticky liquid for the traps.

I should go and make the house first or there’s no point to any of this.

“The house needs to be easy to repair.” [Ryouma]

After all, there’s a chance it could get destroyed in an attack.

And the most important thing for a decoy is to look the part, so I just need to focus on appearances while making sure that it’s easy to build.

In that case, a prefab should do the trick.

With prefabs, the parts are made in the workshop beforehand, and then the structure is assembled at the scene.

There’s not a lot of actual work done at the scene, so it’s a lot faster than other construction methods. It’s also a lot more consistent quality-wise than other building methods when building the same structure.

I have to make the parts myself because there’s no factory to order parts from here, but once I have the basic parts down, the whole process should go smoothly.

Also, I’ll be making the parts with Create block, so I already have a sure way of making the building stones in a set size. If I just tweak that a little, everything should go well.

“Create Block” [Ryouma]

I tried making my thoughts into reality.

I used Create Block to make building stones and tweaked the shape.

I wanted a concrete block, so I made the building stones into the size of a brick, then I opened a hole in the middle part. Simple enough.

If I pile these up, I should be able to make a wall.

I’ll be needing cement and sticky liquid if I were to just pile these up normally, so I’ll just make a hole in the bottom and make a protrusion in the top so they can fit together without any adhesive.

I’m going to be using mostly square blocks, so I’m worried that just one protrusion won’t be enough. In that case, let’s divide each block into four and make four protrusions instead.

Also, wf the protrusions are sharp, they could hurt people, so I should make sure to round them off.

“…And there we have it. Lego, basically.”

Before I knew it, I’d transformed my building stones into the world famous Lego.

Isn’t this completely different from what I was aiming for?

But it helps a lot with the visualization…

I’ll name this new version of my magic as Building Block.

“Building Block Cube!” [Ryouma]

“Building Block Rectangle!” [Ryouma]

I built building stones as I pleased according to shape.

I tried making a wall with these blocks, and lo and behold, it actually took me some strength to move the wall. Each block was heavy enough, so after adding them altogether, the resulting weight was something.

When I tried even rubbing some clay on them and letting it dry, I was able to make a good wall.

It’s basically precast concrete, but if I keep making the parts like this, I should be able to make my prefab a reality.

…Now then, it should be about time for me to get going.


[1] – Don’t really get this line. Maybe it’s just a monologue while Ryouma is drawing on the ground.






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