The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 76: Walking in the Night (1/2)

…3 guys, huh.

It had gotten quite late after talking to Caulkin-san and the others.

I went back home afterwards, but on the way back home, I noticed that someone was following me.

No one usually passes through here this time of the day, so I quickly walked away to make some distance between us, but my suspect pursuers also sped up.

Looks like they really were going after me. After all, not only were they going in the same direction, they were also keeping pace. Did they really have to make it that obvious? Still, it doesn’t seem like they’re complete amateurs.

If the three of them are together, then they must be working together. But no one’s blocking the path behind me and there’s no one in front either. Could they have people waiting for me further up ahead?

At this rate, we’ll end up reaching the northern gate, where the guards are, so if they’re going to make a move, they have to do it before then.

When the next corner came, I quickly turned right. As soon as I did, I heard a voice.

“Has he noticed?” [Thug]

“Doesn’t seem like it…” [Thug}

“…He took the corner!” [Thug}

“Oops…” [Thug]

When one of the men yelled, they started openly chasing after me.

I quickly tried to run away, but…

“…Over here!” [Thug]

I led them all over the place, but couldn’t quite shake them off. Normally, that should’ve been enough, but for some reason, they always knew where I was.

…No one else is around me, though. And there aren’t any tall building within the vicinity either. Hmm… In that case, let’s go there.


“Hey. Where’s the brat?” [Thug]

“He’s been running all this time. He should be hiding somewhere nearby right now.” [Thug]

“He’s definitely realized that he’s being chased.” [Thug]

“Otherwise, we would’ve caught him already. Running into a place like this…” [Thug]

“Damn it! What a pain.” [Thug]

Northeast of Gimuru. This section of the city that’s near the slums is so dirty that it’s hard to call it clean even as flattery. Obstacles littered the road and cloths seemingly meant to cover from sunlight could be seen put up here and there.

Because of the dark of the night and this diminutive body of a child, my pursuers have been having a hard time grasping my position.

They’ve already rendezvoused with their friends, so…

“Fortunately, there’s no one around and we also have the advantage in numbers. Let’s check every—!?” [Thug]

“Wha—!?” [Thug]

“Get down! Archers!” [Thug]

“Teleport.” [Ryouma]

“Tch! From the other side!?” [Thug]

“What? Now it’s coming from that side!?” [Thug}

“Does he have someone else with him!?” [Thug]

“Teleport.” [Ryouma]

I teleported short distances from within the obstacles on the road as I shot poison arrows (instant effect) at the enemy. I got the poison arrows from my Dimension Home. They should be more than enough to suppress a small group like this.

“U…” [Thug]

“Damn it! The arrows are poisoned!” [Thug]

“You won’t be able to move well for the time being. I investigated that poison beforehand, and it was surprisingly potent.” [Ryouma]

“Tch! Stupid brat!” [Thug]

“How could you do such a thing!?” [Thug]

“I should be asking you the same thing. What were you trying to do to me?” [Ryouma]

As I approached the men, I pointed my spear at them.

“Heh… Don’t think it’s going to end well for you after doing something like this. But if you give us the rimel birds and some money, we’ll forgive you— It’s hot! It’s hot! Stop it!” [Thug]

“Why are you talking as if you have the upper hand right now?” [Ryouma]

I shot them with the fireball from my spear, and while I missed on purpose, they could still feel the passing heat.

“Ah.” [Ryouma]

Something flew at me and I reflexively cut it down.

“KIi!?” [???]

“Oh, so this was the reason.” [Ryouma]

A black owl-like monster. Regret Owl. There’s a poison in its claws that can make one’s nerves oversensitive. There’s a chance of it cutting someone up when caught. In that instance, the resulting pain from the wound is significantly heightened. It’s also nocturnal, so it specializes in hunting in the night.

I know about it because its legs and claws are considered as medicinal ingredients. It doesn’t live anywhere near here, though, so it definitely belongs to them. So, it seems the reason they were making a fuss was to get this thing to take me by surprise.

“What!? How did you…” [Thug]

“I just hit it like usual. I was paying attention to the sky, so…” [Ryouma]

One of the owl’s wings broke and it tumbled onto the ground. The man yelled out loud when he saw that.

I’d already predicted to some extent that they had a monster with them. After all, they were able to find me even though they shouldn’t have been able to see me.

Of course, I didn’t know exactly what it was that they had with them. And with the owl being black, it was only natural that I couldn’t see it. Especially, since it was high up the night sky.

“Oh. It seems they’ve come.” [Ryouma]

“PIRORORORO!” [Rimel Bird]

“Is it here!?” [Guard]

“Freeze! Don’t move!” [Guard]

“The guards!?” [Thug]

“Why would they come here at this time!?” [Thug]

“Hey, Ryouma! You okay!?” [Wogan]

“Guild master? WHy are you here?” [Ryouma]

I’d sent a rimel bird to the guards while I was running, so I’m not surprised about them being here, but why is Guild Master Wogan here too?

“So, you were safe. On the way back home, I saw a rimel bird chasing the guards along, so I figured you might’ve been in some trouble.” [Wogan]

“Sorry for worrying you.” [Ryouma]

“Oh, I wasn’t all that worried… To be honest.” [Wogan]

“Excuse me. Could you explain the situation here?” [Guard]

After that we went to the guards’ office to explain the situation.






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