The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 79: To Renauph (1/2) (SHORT)

It takes 3 days to reach Renauph by carriage and I will be passing through 4 villages along the way. I hear it’s not as big as Gimuru, but it’s still a big town in it’s own right. Normally, 3 days would be considered fast, but since I’m moving by using dimension magic and ki reinforcement, I should get there a lot faster.

I’m practicing my Warp while travelling, but it’s good practice to leave some mana just in case, so after consuming a certain amount, I stop using Warp and run the rest of the way while reinforcing my body with ki. During that time I’m able to recover my mana, so the resulting pace is really fast. Normal people can’t copy this method , though.

I thought I’d take my time and fight with some monsters along the way, but unfortunately, only weak monsters appear around these parts. I don’t even need to reinforce my body with ki or use my magic to defeat them.

Well, actually, I already knew about that when I tried exploring the area outside of town during my two months of going to and fro work, but lately it seems that some strong monsters might appear near Renauph, so I was thinking I could get there sooner and try my hand at the monsters, but then again just very recently, Grisiera-san handed me a package to give to Piero-san, which I accepted since I would be meeting him anyway, so I probably should just do that first.


And so, I teleported and ran the through the forest, past the plains, through three of the four villages, and by the time I got to the fourth village, the sun was just about to set.

I think I’ll call it a day here…

I opened my Dimension Home beside the road, went inside, and started preparing supper.

Today’s menu is made up of several kinds of packed meals which I bought before leaving Gimuru. I bought them from a store in Gimuru out of curiosity.

I wonder how the packed meals of this world taste like.

First, let’s try the thin square-shaped biscuit-like food.

“…It’s crunchy, but it tastes like flour…” [Ryouma]

It’s neither particularly tasty nor disgusting. I poured myself a glass of water and drank it, then I tried the brown-colored dice-shaped lump next.

“Let’s see… Ah, it’s hard… I can bite it, but… Yeah, this is a hard biscuit, alright. It’s probably because it’s so thick that it’s so hard.” [Ryouma]

Next was the dried meat.

“Salty… It’s really salty… The more I bite into it, the saltier it gets… I can’t even taste the savoriness of the meat. It’s just… salt. Let’s stop. This seems really unhealthy.” [Ryouma]

Last was the green bread.

“This looks pretty hard too… I’m just holding it in my hands, and I can tell already.” [Ryouma]

It’s like a piece of rock. The store grandma said not to let it absorb any fluids or it will taste really sour. As in so sour that I absolutely won’t be able to eat it.

But, hey! There’s nothing else to it! Let’s do our best and take a bite!

“Owww!! It’s hard… What’s wrong with this bread? It’s way too hard.” [Ryouma]

I literally couldn’t make a dent on the bread, so I had to use ki to reinforce my jaws. When I tried biting it again, I succeeded, but I didn’t taste anything, so I tried again, but then…

“KAH… GEHO! …This is terrible!!!” [Ryouma]

I quickly reached out for my glass of water and emptied it, but it wasn’t enough to wash the taste away, so I added more water to the glass and drank again.

“…What the hell was that!!” [Ryouma]

What was that taste? Herb? Medical herb? It seemed like there were all sorts of taste mixed together, I can’t really tell. But the more I tried to bite into it, the more my saliva mixed with the bread, and as a result, some grassy-smelling and herb-like liquid came out with a bitter, astringent, acrid taste!! Yuck!!

The dried meat I got from Hyuzu-san was still edible, but this is just…

That’s it. I’m never buying packed meals out of curiosity again. Ever. Or, okay… I might give the others a try again, but I’m definitely not buying this green thing again.

As I decided that in my mind, I sank my teeth into a fruit to wash away the terrible taste. Thank goodness I’d stored this in my Item Box.

I’d completely lost my appetite after that shocking taste, so I ended my supper after eating just one fruit, then I went to sleep in my Dimension Home. I need to pay attention when leaving, but Dimension Home is a really handy magic that makes tents unnecessary.






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