The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 93: The God of Magic and Knowledge (1/2)

It has already been a month since I got back from Renauph.

When I opened my eyes and went out the front door, the refreshing blue morning sky came to view. The morning is still cool, but lately, the afternoon has been hot. I’m sure the temperature will rise today too. Adventurers that can use ice magic have also started to become active, thinking it’s the season for them to make money. Yep, this is summer, alright.

The weather is even more refreshing for me because I’ve been cooped up this past few days, making waterproof cloths to prepare for my long trip. But it would be a waste if I just stayed cooped up in my tunnel when the weather is this good.

…I’ve made some progress already, so… Let’s make today a rest day!

I decided that so energetically, but I didn’t actually have any plans, so in the end, I dropped by the store. Unfortunately, the store was closed today.

Now that I think about it, the fixed day offs are supposed to start this month.

I actually forgot my own store’s policy. It can’t be helped, so I decided to just walk randomly around town for now.

“Oh, if it isn’t Ryouma-kun. What are you doing?” [Pauline]

A voice called out to me from next door.

“Good morning, Pauline-san. The store’s closed today, so I’m just walking around town. The weather is great out today. It would be a pity if I just stayed at home.” [Ryouma]

I said as I approached her. Pauline-san laughed.

“You said it. Can’t spend a good weather like this cooped up in your room. Since you’re here, why don’t you drop by my husband’s store? You can get some more feed for your slimes.” [Pauline]

“Thank you as always.” [Ryouma]

I followed Pauline-san and got some blood, meat, and bones from Zeke-san’s butcher. There’s a lot more meat than usual. Maybe it’s because the summer heat has made it easier to spoil.

Seeing how they’ve helped me out so much, maybe I should gift them a refrigerator. Nah, if I did that I’ll get busy again. The store’s refrigerator can’t work without me too. I can’t gift them a refrigerator.

While I was thinking that, a loud voice suddenly resounded within the store.

“Mom!” [???]

“I can hear you just fine without yelling, you know!” [Pauline]

The owner of the voice was Pauline-san’s mischievous son, Rick.

“Ryouma, you’re here too?” [Rick]

“Good morning, Rick.” [Ryouma]

“Greet him properly!” [Pauline]

Pauline-san poked him a little and Rick rubbed the part he was poked.

“So, what is it?” [Pauline]

“Oh, right! Tall’s here already, so I’m leaving!” [Rick]

“Oh? It’s that time already?” [Pauline]

“Are you going somewhere?” [Ryouma]

“What, you don’t know about? Today’s the church’s cleaning day.” [Rick]

“Once every two months, the children of this town cleans up the church and does various odd jobs.” [Pauline]

“We’re going to clean up the church as thanks to the gods!” [Rick]

So it’s like a community service of some sort.

I was somewhat impressed by Rick’s words, but Pauline-san wryly smiled and said this.

“Don’t be fooled. This son of mine couldn’t possibly be so amazing. He’s just repeating what he heard from someone else. What he’s really after are the sweets after the cleaning.” [Pauline]

At that, Rick turned the other way. Bullseye, huh?

“That aside, will you be going too, Ryouma?” [Pauline]

“Well it’s my first time hearing about it.” [Ryouma]

Hmm… Maybe it would be better if I participated? I don’t have anything else to do today anyway.

“Would it be alright if I came along too?” [Ryouma]

“I don’t mind.” [Rick]

“Then I’ll go too.” [Ryouma]

“Great! Let’s go then!” [Rick]

As Rick happily raised up his right and walked ahead, I followed after bidding Pauline-san goodbye.

“Ryouma! You’re slow!”

“I’m going. I’m going.” [Ryouma]

Rick says a lot of cheeky stuff, but he was properly waiting for me. Perhaps he might actually grow up to be a helpful big brother.

While I was thinking that, we rendezvoused with Tall and Leni in front of the store. When we got to the store, the girl dressed in nun’s clothing that I met sometime in the past instructed us to go to the chapel by following the signboards. Just as she said, there were indeed a bunch of signboards inside with arrows for direction. No way we could get lost with all these.

Inside the chapel was a huge crowd of children, but only one woman in charge of them all. There were about 60 children all in all. Since this counts for all th e children in town, or at least all those that willingly participated, I wonder if 60 is big or low.

Anyway, I decided to sit down and wait until it was time to clean the church. I took a seat with Tall and the others.

When I did, light suddenly filled my vision— Light!?


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