The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 3 Chapter 94: Volunteer Work (1/2)

I gave the three kids some random excuse, then we waited until the woman in charge took the lead. She first thanked us for participating, then she started giving out jobs to each child.

I started sweeping alongside the other children too, but I didn’t bring out my scavenger slimes or use my magic. Sure, it would be faster, but with the children working so hard, it just didn’t seem right, so I just went and cleaned normally using tools.

Because of that it took us until afternoon to clean the big church. We were given sandwiches for lunch, and then the sweets. When it was time for the sweets to be handed out, Rick couldn’t sit still anymore.

Are their sweets that good?

“Thank you for helping out today.” [Nun]

“Thank you too for letting me participate.” [Ryouma]

The woman handed me a small pouch tied closed with a ribbon. Inside were 4 cookies. Everyone was already eating theirs, so I took a bite myself. When I did, the fragrant smell of baked sweets coupled with moderate sweetness and the strong taste of the fruit jam filling filled my mouth.

When the children were done eating their sandwiches and cookies, they formed groups and played at the garden, but some were just looking at the entrance of the church as if they were waiting for something.

…I get the children playing around, but what are the other children doing?

Tall, Rick, and Leni also seemed to be waiting for something, so I asked them about it.

“What are you three doing?” [Ryouma]

“We’re waiting for uncle!?” [Rick]

Rick was the first one to answer, but all I found out was that they were waiting for someone.

“There’s an uncle that comes every time we finish cleaning the church. He teaches us swordsmanship and how to fight.” [Tall]

“How to fight?” [Ryouma]

According to Tall, an uncle who happens to be a former adventurer is sure to drop by whenever they’re done cleaning the church. He doesn’t come here just to give a donation to the church, but also to teach the orphans here how to fight, so that when they come of age they’ll be able to live on their own. He does everything for free, so he’s a volunteer.

It has also become common practice for the children cleaning the church to join their training. Of course, just enough training for their age. Although, from my perspective, as someone who is a working adventurer, it’s not exactly very interesting, but that can’t be helped.

“Rick, I get, but Tall and Leni, you’re interested too?” [Ryouma]

Rick is rather mischievous, so it’s not weird to see him want to participate, but I never thought Tall would also want to. Is it because he’s a guy? Does he admire adventurers too?

“There’s nothing wrong for a girl to know how to fight. Who knows? Maybe one day I might get tangled up with some no good guy. Besides, I have to watch over Rick.” [Leni]

“As for me, my mom told me to train my body. Not that I was particularly planning on neglecting my own physique that much.” [Tall]

“It’s because your personality is so weak! If you train, I’m sure you’ll become manlier!” [Rick]

“S-Sure…” [Tall]

So, that’s why… That aside, Tall, aren’t you being pushed around too much?

While I was thinking that, the children nearby grew noisy.

“He’s here!” [Child 1]

“Uncle!” [Child 2]

“Scary uncle!” [Child 3]

When I turned toward the entrance, a scary man was walking toward where we were.

“Hey! Who called me scary!? That was uncalled for!” [???]

“Ah…” [Ryouma]

The scary man was apparently none other than the guild master, Wogan, himself. It seems the children are already used to him, as they weren’t startled by his yelling. In fact, there were even some who clung to him. While he was dealing with those children, he noticed me.

“Oh, if it’s isn’t Ryouma!? What are you doing here?” [Wogan]

“The store is closed today, but it also happens to be a rest day for me, so I was walking around town aimlessly when I heard about the cleaning event at the church. As such, I decided to participate. I thought it would be better to participate so I could get to know the people living in this area better.” [Ryouma]

“That’s great. Oh, right. If you have time, why not help me out?” [Wogan]

“Help?” [Ryouma]

“Yeah, lend me your ear for a bit…” [Wogan]

“…I see.” [Ryouma]

“After hearing him out, I decided to lend a hand. While the children that were receiving training were running around in an open area and practicing their fundamentals, I opened my Dimension Home and took out 20 slimes.

“Alright! Today, we’re going to do something different! We’re going to have practical training! Ryouma!” [Wogan]

“Okay.” [Ryouma]

I led the scavenger slimes to stand before the children. The children seemed startled by the slimes. It seems this is their first time training with monsters.

“Today, you’ll be facing these slimes.” [Wogan]

“We can heal the slimes with healing magic, so don’t hold back.” [Ryouma]

Although, to be honest, I think it’s the children who are going to get hurt.

The scavenger slimes have not only trained themselves diligently, they have also learned the Taijutsu and Physical Attack Resist skills. To make things worse, the children are using wooden swords with the strength of a child. I doubt they could hurt the slimes.

Just to be safe, I told the slimes to prioritize dodging and limit their attacks to just body slams. With that, at most, they’ll just ram their body against the children and make them break posture, so the worst injuries the children can get are scratches from falling.

“Ryouma, are you ready!?” [Wogan]

When I said I was ready, Rick said he would like to be the first to fight.

I glanced at Wogan-san, and he seemed fine with it. Alright then, let him have at it.

“Let’s do this!” [Rick]


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