The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 2 Chapter 45: Building a Store (3/3)

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The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 2 Chapter 45: Building a Store (2/3)
The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 2 Chapter 46: Building a Store 2 (1/2) (SHORT)

Adventurer work ended before noon, so I was able to completely demolish the building and remove the grass with time left over. This should be enough for the land. Next I should figure out what to do about the building…

As I was pondering that question, I uninterestedly looked toward the street in front of my lot, and there I noticed that a crowd of children had gathered and was watching me from afar.

“Is something the matter?” [Ryouma]

I asked them as gently as I could so as to not scare them. When I did, the youngest boy from the crowd answered.

“You’re not from around here! Who are you!?” [Youngest Boy]

“Hey, Rick! That’s rude!” [Young Girl]

When the girl standing beside the boy heard him say those words, she scolded him, and then the seemingly eldest boy of the crowd bowed his head.

“Sorry about that. Rick is a little mischievous. Also, sorry for disturbing you when you’re working.” [Eldest Boy]

“Don’t worry about it. I was so caught up in work I didn’t notice you until now. And besides, I’m already about finished.” [Ryouma]

I’m more concerned about their age, though.

They are kids, right? They won’t throw me a curve ball like that group of 6 adventurers did, where the smallest was actually the oldest, will they?

“Really? Well, thank you. You sure are amazing. You don’t look that much older than me, and yet you can actually use magic.” [Eldest Boy]

“Onii-chan, magician?” [Child 1]

“Adventurer?” [Child 2]

Questions came one after another from the children as they crowded onto me. Their questions were unreserved and full of innocence even as they started pushing against me. I was going to try and answer them, but then the voice of a woman resounded.

“Would you all calm down? If you ask your questions all at the same time, that kid obviously won’t be able to answer!” [???]

When I turned around to the source of that voice, a woman with a good physique was standing there.

“Sorry about that. Seems our kids and the neighboring children caused you some problems.” [Woman]

“They weren’t causing me any trouble, actually. But regardless, thank you.” [Ryouma]

“Oh? It seems you know your manners despite your age. Would be great if my son could learn a thing or two from you. You an adventurer?” [Woman]

“Yes, but I registered just a few days ago.” [Ryouma]

“I see. Well, do your best. Are you here for a job? This lot is a lot cleaner than I last remember.” [Woman]

“Not a job. I’m here to prepare this place to open my laundromat. …Ah, please excuse my belated introduction. I am Ryouma Takebayashi.” [Ryouma]

“I’m Poline. This mischievous brat of a son is Rick. And this tomboy here is my daughter, Leni.” [Poline]

“Name’s Rick. I wouldn’t mind making you my henchman!” [Rick]

“What stupid thing are you saying!? Sorry about that. I’m Leni. It’s nice to meet you.” [Leni]

“I’m Tall. Nice meeting you.” [Tall]

“It’s a pleasure to meet you all. I am Ryouma Takebayashi. Does everyone live around here?” [Ryouma]

“Yes. We all live in the residential area over there. I also work as a florist at a nearby shop.” [Poline]

“We’ll be neighbors then. I’ll be sure to give you a proper greeting in the future.” [Ryouma]

“Don’t sweat it. Rather than that, you mentioned something about a laundromat, yeah? Is that the sort of business where you do laundry in exchange for money?” [Poline]

“Yes.” [Ryouma]

I took out a bag meant for personal use from my Item Box and gave her a brief explanation.

“This is a bag meant for home use. All the clothes you can fit into this bag will cost 1 medium copper coin.” [Ryouma]

When I said that, Poline-san became interested.

“This bag’s worth of clothes for 1 medium copper coin? That’s cheap, alright.” [Poline]

“If you’d like, I could even give you a free trial on our opening day. We are neighbors, after all.” [Ryouma]

“Really? Well, okay. I’ll take you up on that then.” [Poline]

After that I asked her about this neighborhood, then I thanked her and went home.


Tl Note: I have exams this week, so I’ll be uploading the PDFs/ePUBs on Friday. I really need to maximize my study time, but don’t worry, I’ll make sure to continue the translations. After all, I’m probably going to be having exams almost every week. Sigh…

Also, do you prefer Tall or Thor for the tall boy’s name? They didn’t say he was tall, but it’s implied, I believe.

The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 2 Chapter 45: Building a Store (2/3)
The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 2 Chapter 46: Building a Store 2 (1/2) (SHORT)