The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 2 Chapter 46: Building a Store 2 (1/2) (SHORT)

3rd day of the store’s construction.

After thinking things through last night, I realized that one story for the basement and two stories for the store itself is the limit for my Construction skill.

But using the whole lot for the store would be too big, so I decided to use just half for the building, and then turn one half of the remaining land for the servants’ use and the other for the backyard.

I used Create Block at the construction site and started digging out the basement while making the stone blocks at the same time. The slimes transported the completed stone blocks.

I used my own earth spell ‘Pavement’ on the resulting giant hole to fortify and transform the hole into a durable foundation.

After fortifying the ground, it was perfectly flat without any cracks or holes. Like that I was able to complete the part of Japan’s so-called leveling concrete and base concrete in one go.

If I recall correctly, in Japan the workers would add further reinforcement during the process between the leveling concrete and the base concrete, but this world doesn’t have that sort of technology. Hmm… I wonder if it’s okay like this? I’m worried it may not hold in case of earthquakes.

But considering how little knowledge I have regarding constructions – after all, I did just work in construction part time – and the fact that this world doesn’t know anything about the reinforcement process, I guess I’ll just have to end the construction of the foundation here. It would be bad if I experimented and ended up making things worse, after all.

Putting together the building stones I made using the sticky slimes’ sticky liquid in place of the cement, I hardened the structure, and then further fortified it. Magic isn’t necessary during this process, so I had the slimes help out. Later on I added more pillars with magic. And like that I was able to complete the basement, the basement’s walls, the floor of the first story, and the outer wall of the store.

Magic is really convenient. I didn’t even need to use a single piece of wood or spend a single suit. Although the pillars were made simply – with the pillars just being placed into a box of stone – they should be plenty durable.

Everything proceeded so smoothly that for a moment I felt like messing around and turning the pillars into like those of the old temples I saw in the textbooks back when I was still a student, but in the end, I decided not to. There’s no point in making the basement so extravagant.

I’ve used a lot of mana and we’ve already made plenty of progress, so… I think I’ll end things here.


4th day of the store’s construction.

I built the walls and partitioned the rooms of the first floor using the sticky slime’s building stones. After that I built the 2nd story too. The day ended like that.


5th day of the store’s construction.

I built the ceiling and prepared the interior. I cut down the trees near the abandoned mine to try out my Woodworking skill with my magic.

I dried the trees gradually using alchemy, then I created a new spell by applying the wind spell, Wind Cutter, like the circular saw that was used in woodworking back in my previous life, which I called the Circle Saw, then I used that to create a board.

I created another spell by combining earth magic with wind magic, and used the resulting spell, Polish Wheel, to make the surface of the board shiny.

Polish Wheel works by using Break Rock to create sand, and then move it at high speeds with Circle Saw, causing the sand particles to grind against the surface of the plank, thereby polishing it.

Also, while using alchemy to dry wood is convenient, the water content is removed so quickly that the resulting wood is prone to cracks. Fortunately, I’m not planning to use it as a pillar, so it should be fine.

I managed to create some boards and lumber, but I ended up using the whole day.


Tl Note: Sorry it’s super short, but unfortunately, chapters like this take longer to translate, so this is about it for today’s part. PDFs and ePUBs tomorrow. I’ve received them already, but I’ll upload them tomorrow, as that’s when I’ll have time.






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