The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 2 Chapter 46: Building a Store 2 (2/3)

6th day of construction.

I built shelves and counters out of the lumber I gathered yesterday, then I used the sticky liquid in place of varnish to coat them. After drying I plastered them over the walls and floors of the store.

I did that because I felt a stony interior gives off a solemn atmosphere.

Fortunately, with the help of earth magic, I was able to change the interior into that of wood, but then it suddenly occurred to me that a cleaner slime was acting strange.

Huh? Is it eating the sawdust and trash? It’s never done that on its own before… Well, the scavenger do, but… Hmm? Wait, it’s not eating, it’s gathering them, then throwing them in one place… It’s sweeping the floor!?

Immediately, I used monster identify. On the skill column could be seen a new skill added: Garbage Collection Lv1. There was a skill like this? Or rather, slimes can actually learn skills on their own? …Ah, but I guess that’s nothing new. After all, there are those eccentrics who even learned how to use a staff.

Curious, I checked the other slimes, and it seems the acid slimes learned Woodworking Lv 1. It’s true that they helped out, but they only did simple stuff like dissolving the lumber of the demolished structures, used tools to shave some lumber, and dissolved some lumber (just normal ones, not from demolished structures)… Can you really learn the skills of this world just like that?

Well, regardless, with this the construction will go smoother.

After that when there weren’t enough boards to go around, I had the acid slimes deal with the size and the shape of the new boards. The resulting product was a lot better than I’d expect from an acid slime.


7th day of construction.

The interior was all done, so all that was left was the outside. Technically, there was nothing wrong with leaving the store unpainted, but I think a laundromat should give off the image of being ‘clean’, so I decided to paint the walls white. If that’s not possible, then at the very least something cleaner than mud-colored.

Earth magic wasn’t enough by itself, so I decided to drop by Serge-san’s place and ask him for advice.

“You want to make your walls… white?” [Serge]

“Is that not possible?” [Ryouma]

“It is, but most stores generally don’t. Usually, it’s only the aristocrats who make their walls white since it’s expensive and dirties easily.” [Serge]

“That’s true, but I’d really like to do something about my laundromat’s walls. White walls look a lot cleaner than mud-colored walls, no?” [Ryouma]

“You are most certainly correct. Unfortunately, there’s just not a lot in stock.” [Serge]

“I see…” [Ryouma]

But then again, I guess you would normally go to a contractor for constructions like this. Though I guess it’s a bit too late to be saying that now.

Still, I wonder why he even has some in stock.

“My Morgan Company’s strength lies in variety. Even if we don’t have stock, given time, we will generally be able to acquire most items.” [Serge]

So I guess that means he can procure them. But the thing is I’ve already spent quite a bit of sum purchasing that lot…

Hmm… Oh, isn’t this a mining town with an iron mine?

“Serge-san, does this town have a shop that works with iron?” [Ryouma]

“There is, but… what about it?” [Serge]

“Do they use lime?” [Ryouma]

“You’re well informed. That they use indeed.” [Serge]

“Would it be possible to acquire those limes? Cheaply, if possible.” [Ryouma]

“Yes, my store can make it happen. Although it is originally cheap in the first place, so…” [Serge]

“That’s good to hear. With that I might be able to make some white stone blocks.” [Ryouma]

Lime is used as an ingredient in stucco back in Japan, so it should be safe to use in construction. It’s a pity I don’t know enough to actually make stucco, but I can definitely turn them into blocks through magic. And if I treat them with a sticky slime’s sticky liquid, it should be possible to make them easier to clean.

Serge-san also didn’t think anything would go wrong as he hastily procured me some quick lime, which I then transformed into slaked lime through the application of water and alchemy, and then blockified via compression.

Unfortunately, Serge-san’s eyes started to twinkle upon seeing the prospect of cheap white building blocks, so I filled a big bag with lime and promptly excused myself. He’s a good person, but I’d really like to focus on my store for the time being.


I went back to my store and quietly produced a large number of blocks, which I then quietly plastered on the outer walls. Before the sun started setting, the whole walls were already painted in white, and even the crevices were filled with lime and hardened with magic. When everything was done, I mobilized the sticky slimes and covered all of the outer walls in their sticky liguid coating.

I had a lot of spare quicklime, so I stored them into my Dimension Home for the time being.

“It’s finally starting to take shape.” [Ryouma]

We’re progressing at breathtaking speed here, but if the store is white, the surrounding area around the store will look pale in comparison.

I’d like to prepare a lawn instead of the dirt currently in place, but… Oh! Wasn’t my neighbor a florist? I might be able to buy a couple of seeds from her.

I immediately dropped by her store. As soon as I stood in front of her store, a voice called out to me.

“Welcome! Oh! Aren’t you Ryouma-kun?” [Leni]

“Good afternoon… Leni-san.” [Ryouma]

I forgot her name there for a moment.

“You don’t need to affix ‘San’. I’m younger, so Leni is fine. So, how may I help you?” [Leni]

“I’d like to buy some flowers and some seeds to make a lawn.” [Ryouma]

“Seeds? We have a couple. Wait a moment. Mom!” [Leni]

Leni yelled and Paulin, who was talking to two other women, replied.

“What are you yelling so loudly for? That’s rude, you know?” [Pauline]

“I can’t help it! You were completely caught up in chatting with your friends! We have a customer!” [Leni]

“Oh, if it isn’t Ryouma-kun. Did you come to buy something?” [Pauline]

“Oh, my. Is this child Ryouma-kun?” [Woman 1]

“So small, and yet so amazing.” [Woman 2]

Oh, the two friends Pauline-san was chatting with also approached me.

Anyhow, I should greet them first.

“It’s a pleasure to meet the two of you. I am Ryouma Takebayashi.”

“Oh, dear. You really are well-mannered. It would be wonderful if my children could learn a thing or two from you. My name is Kiara. It’s nice to meet you too.” [Kiara]

“And I’m Mary. It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’ve heard the rumors.” [Mary]


What rumors?


Tl Note:
Poline -> Pauline

Thanks to a reader in the previous chapter for mentioning this. Will add name later. I’m really sleepy.

Also, Leni vs Reni. Which one do you prefer?

Oh, and if you see any errors, just mention it in the comments. There are probably a couple since I stopped checking after a certain point. I really need to hit the sack.






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