The Man Picked up by the Gods – Volume 2 Chapter 46: Building a Store 2 (3/3)

Rumors? What rumors?

“You’ve been building a store in the neighborhood for a while now, right? It stands out quite a bit, so word of you being a great magician has already spread.” [Mary]

“I’m not that amazing. At most, I can just cast a spell or two that can be used in day-to-day life. It just so happens that I specialize at construction.” [Ryouma]

“If you can build something that sturdy, you’re plenty amazing. Rumor says you’re also raising a lot of slimes.” [Mary]

“That part is true.” [Ryouma]

“We know… We saw them with my own eyes, after all.” [Mary]

“We saw a great ooze of slimes carrying Ryouma’s stones.” [Kiara]

“You saw that?” [Ryouma]

“It’s a first seeing slimes act like that, so we ended up watching.” [Mary]

“Monster tamers aren’t rare in Gimuru, but they all prefer scary-looking monsters. Oh, yeah. You came here to buy something, yeah? What do you want?” [Pauline]

“I’m looking for some flower seeds and lawn grass seeds. Do you have them?” [Ryouma]

“We do. The price of the flower seeds will depend on the variety, but the lawn grass seeds go for 130 suits a bag. How many do you need?” [Pauline]

While I was wondering how much I would be needing, Pauline-san offered to help out.

“How about showing me the store? I could advise you then.” [Pauline]

“Thank you.” [Ryouma]

After saying that I led Pauline-san to the store. Leni, Kiara-san, and Mary-san followed us from behind.

Is everyone coming?

But as soon as they saw my store, they all froze.

“Is something the matter?” [Ryouma]

“Just a little surprised. This store wasn’t this color this morning, was it?” [Pauline]

“I painted it just a while ago. The color of dirt doesn’t exactly give the impression of cleanliness, so I thought it ill-matched for a laundromat. As such, I bought some lime and cooked something up with my slimes and a little magic.” [Ryouma]

“Haa~ You really work fast, don’t you?” [Pauline]

“It certainly looks cleaner like this, though.” [Kiara]

“So this is a laundromat. Maybe I should try getting my laundries washed too. It would be a load off my back if I could cut down some time doing laundry.” [Mary]

“By all means, please do. And since we’ve already been acquainted with each other, I’d like to offer you a free trial good for one bag worth of laundry.” [Ryouma]

I took out two bags of from my Item Box and distributed it to Mary and Kiara. You gotta get customers at times like this!

After that I let Pauline-san pick the seeds. In the end, I ended up purchasing 15 bags of lawn grass seeds and 2 bags each of 4 different flower seeds.

Speaking of which, didn’t someone mention that you can advertise on the guild’s bulletin board?

I need to the scavengers to make some fertilizers too, so I guess I’ll drop by the guild tomorrow.

Upon deciding that, I went back home and thought of what to write in the advertisement.


Tl note: THere’s another chapter part.

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  1. Inside i feel like a kid asking; “Are we there yet?”
    Aside from thanks for the chapter, just need the “next chapter” button.

  2. “We know… We saw them with my own eyes, after all.” [Mary] needs to be changed to:
    “We know… We saw them with OUR own eyes, after all.” [Mary] so that the pronouns match up.

    1. Makes you wonder, what if the typo wasn’t a mistake, and “We have a lot of tamers in Gimuru” was connected, could the others have a contract on her so they could see through her eyes? Maybe all the housewives in the area have a complex interconnected contract system, to augment the local gossip…?

  3. Thanks for the chapter. “I need to the scavengers to make some fertilizers too, so I guess I’ll drop by the guild tomorrow.” You got a “to” too much in the sentence.

  4. This is odd, the author just skipped through when Ryouma built his first home and was learning magic, but now for this store he decides to write the progress of every single day.

    It’s not that interesting so I can’t understand why two different approaches to the construction of something.

  5. I took out two bags of from my Item Box and distributed it to Mary and Pauline. You gotta get customers at times like this!

    It supposed to be “Mary and Kiara” since he already gave a bag to Pauline

  6. me gusto mas la versión del anime, este ryoma es demasiado retrasado pensando que no nesecita ayuda , en el anime eliaria planta las flores con el y los dos sonrien , ademas los aventureros son los que pintan la fachada …esa era una imagen mas alegre que la sombria idea de este retro haciendolo todo

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