Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 205 – Fortress of the Avengers (3/3)

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Volume 3: Chapter 205 – Fortress of the Avengers (3/3)

10 people have come from Elks with Pale to the western region. The rest remained in the east. That’s all she said about them. She said no more and the king did not ask either.

“The topic for today’s meeting will be the development of the western region’s agriculture and the strengthening of its defenses. We also cannot lack a proper census of the current population, which is needed in order to know the region’s income,” Pale said.

The Goblin King nodded, but when he looked around, he was forced to knit his brows.

Most of the people gathered in the fortress were military officers. Those like Gi Za and Gi Do were still alright, but Rashka and Gi Zu looked at Pale as if she were speaking in another language. The same was true for the Fang Tribe’s Mido and the centaur’s Tianos.

“As expected of a daughter of the elves. She is smart,” Tianos whispered to Mido

“I have no idea what she’s talking about either. As expected of an elf,” Mido whispered back.

“I… I don’t even…” Rashka mumbled to himself.

Unfortunately, almost everyone in the room shared his sentiments.

Meanwhile, Pale was tapping against the desk with her fingers. She looked like a teacher wondering how she could make her bad students understand the topic.

“…We can leave the domestic affairs for when we return to the western capital,” the Goblin King said.

“…If you say so, Your Majesty,” Pale replied.

Although she didn’t say out loud her displeasure, she looked at the Goblin King with a gaze that seemed to ask, “But aren’t the internal affairs and the foreign affairs essentially the same topic?”

In response, the Goblin King nodded a little to her in response, then Pale went on to explain the situation outside.

“This information was received 4 days prior,” Pale said.

That being the case, that information contained almost everything the Goblin King wished to know.

First, were the movements of their allies, the Kushain believers.

“They are not doing well, to say the least. Though they are currently unified under their faith, that will not last forever.”

If the siege continues like this, they might only last 4 months.

“This one will depend on the king’s decision,” Pale glanced at the king and waited for his words before continuing. “Next is the information on the enemy.”

The Red King left the holy city of Cultidian to Germion Kingdom, and has now advanced to the borderlands, where they then proceeded to enter first city of the great desert of Ashunasan, Farvard, with the retreating forces of Pena.

They appear to be peaceful for now, but it is believed that the Red King will eventually make a move to conquer Pena.

“The key point will be how long can the knight commander, Allen’s, loyalty to the queen persist. The battle between the Red King and Pena will drag on depending on that.”

Pale glanced at the Goblin King. She also spoke a little about the countries eastward of Germion Kingdom, but they didn’t have a big influence on the current situation, so she quickly wrapped up the discussion.

“In conclusion, there is no need for us to fight right now. We can use this time to recruit soldiers and regather our forces,” Pale explained, to which the Goblin King nodded gladly.

With this they had a rough idea of their what course to take.

Up next would be filling in the details. Meaning, how to recruit the soldiers, how to regather their forces… etc. Speaking of which, because of how complicated the recent topic was, most of the people in the meeting have already dozed off.

“…Let’s take a break,” the Goblin King said.

“As you will,” Pale replied.

Because of the Goblin King, all the people present in the meeting, who have been wrung dry, were granted a short break. After the break, the meeting was resumed. Zaurosh, Gi Za, Gi Do, Gi Jii, Pale, and Felbi were participating.

“King of Goblins, if I may confirm, we are not abandoning the Kushain believers, yes?” Pale asked.

“But of course. Those without fidelity cannot form an alliance,” the Goblin King replied.

“Too soft, Your Majesty,” Gi Za reproved, but the Goblin King merely wryly smiled at him in response.

“Understood. in that case, what do you think was lacking in your last battle?” Pale asked.

“Numbers, I suppose,” the Goblin King replied.

“Indeed. Unfortunately, I do not think it is a trifle task to increase the numbers of the goblins presently. I’m sure you know that well,” Pale said.

Although the female goblins have been steadily increasing in number, there was a limit to how many they could give birth to. On top of that, it would take several months for a child goblin to become a fully-fledged warrior. But the humans are numerous, and if they take their time, the Red King will unify the southern lands and swallow Germion Kingdom.

In that case, even if the goblins increase their numbers, grasping victory against such a power might prove difficult.

“In that case… How do you intend to defeat them within three months?”

The 3 months Pale was referring to is actually the time the goblins have before Kushain falls completely.

“This army lacks the numbers, it lacks experience, and even the technology isn’t there. But what this army lacks the most is… speed.”

“Lord Pale, if I may raise a point,” Gi Jii Yubu said. “We pride ourselves in having physical abilities that far surpass the humans.”

“But of course,” Pale replied. “But the humans have their horses. Lord Gi Jii, can your army be a good match against the mobility of the sand horses?”

“That would prove… difficult,” Gi Jii replied.

“Hence, I propose that a sizeable cavalry unit be established,” Pale said.

“Wait. We have Lord Hal’s riders for that,” Gi Za said as he looked harshly at Pale.

“Unfortunately, it is far from enough. Moreover, those black tigers originally lived in the forest. It is difficult for them to contest horses on plains,” Pale said.

With no further rebuttals, Pale turned to Goblin King.

“Your Majesty should be the one to lead said cavalry,” Pale said.

The Goblin King could only groan in response, however. It was true that Hal’s riders weren’t enough, but were goblins even really capable of riding horses?

“…You want us to learn how to ride a horse in three months?” The Goblin King asked.

“No. We shall do it within one month,” Pale said.

The Goblin King looked blankly at her for a moment. But when she demanded something so crazy from him, the Goblin King was once again reminded of the weight he carried on his shoulders. It was the Goblin King himself who said that they needed to save the Kushain believers, but that wasn’t purely due to loyalty.

In truth, the Goblin King did not believe that they could defeat all of humanity with just the goblins alone. As such, he wished to divide the enemy and crush the divided parts. There was a huge difference between crushing a small enemy versus crushing a giant enemy.

But even a small enemy was already giving the goblins a headache.

“What about the remaining 2 months then?” the Goblin King asked.

“I hear monsters can evolve,” Pale said.

“It’s true,” the Goblin King replied.

“…I wish to recruit soldiers from each platoon to serve the platoon under your direct command. And then… I want them to go to a certain place,” Pale said.

Considering her previous question, the Goblin King could tell what it was that she intended to do.

The Goblin King raised his brows. “Are you…”

“I will have them conquer a dungeon,” Pale said.

There was certainly a dungeon like the one Gi Go Amatsuki went through within the territory of the goblins. Pale had already inquired about it, in fact. Being an adventurer, this was the way Pale saw things. If one sought strength, then one should gather a party and go to a dungeon to gather experience. Even though the goblins weren’t humans, she believed it would work for them as well.

The fact she thought that was proof that she had completely aligned herself with the goblins.

“What about our defending forces?” The Goblin King asked.

“We can leave the western region to Lord Gi Ga Rax. It should be fine. As for the south, I will be the one to restrain it. As for the provisioning of the horses, Lord Gi Gi Orudo shall take care of it,” Pale said. “As for you, King of Goblins… You must go to the deepest part of the Fortress of the Abyss.”

Hearing Pale say something so strange, the Goblin King couldn’t help but be confused. When he realized what it could be, he narrowed his eyes.

“Did that woman order you?” The Goblin King asked.

“A divine revelation from a goddess,” Pale replied.

Beyond the twin-headed snake that watched over the gate, deep within that path said to connect to the underworld itself… That was where Altesia was guiding him.

“Wait. Although it’s only temporary, the king will still be away. Who’s going to take command during battles!?” Gi Za asked.

Pale looked at the Goblin King.

“An obvious question. As such, I would like to push through the reformation of the current military system,” Pale nonchalantly said. “Also, the region inhabited by the monsters is within the territory of Lord Gi Gu Verbena. I would like to designate that position upon completion to Lord Gi Gi.”

If their numbers were insufficient, then Pale would make up for it by increasing their mobility and making their individual warriors stronger.

In order to defeat the humans, the goblins needed something they were overwhelmingly good at.

Even in the Goblin King’s past life, the greatest empires belonged to those with the most mobile forces.

One such person from ancient times, came from but a small country, and yet he crushed a great enemy, and went eastward to become emperor.

Another such person, was born to a tribe in the plains, and yet he managed to take over half of the whole world.

If one can move faster and farther than the enemy, and if he can con focus his attacking power, then the initiative will naturally fall to him.

No matter which way the Goblin King looked at it, he couldn’t help but agree with Pale.

After hearing Pale’s opinion, the Goblin King ended the meeting.

What worried the king most right now was the reformation of the military system. This wasn’t something he could leave to others. He had to do it himself. As a result, the Goblin King spent three days and three nights thinking it through.


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