Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 205 – Fortress of the Avengers (2/3)

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Volume 3: Chapter 205 – Fortress of the Avengers (2/3)

In between the short break, the things the Goblin King had to look over had piled up. First, he needed to check on all the goblins that evolved a class during the recent battles.

The ancient beast tamer Gi Gi Orudo had evolved from a noble to a duke, while another beast tamer, Gi Bu, evolved from a rare to a noble.

The Goblin King also revised his name-giving ceremony a little.

The goblin forces were presently being led by the goblins above noble class, who owned a fief of their own. Gi Gu Verbena was one such example. It could also be said that he had received permission from the Goblin King to rule over the south. And during this moment, the Goblin King clearly announced that he is also giving them the rights to name the goblins born in their land.

In other words, the only goblins that the Goblin King has named will only be those that came from the Gi Village, which are the goblins from the Fortress of the Abyss. Although Gi Ji Arsil, Gi Jii Yubu, and Gi Ga Rax did not have a territory of their own, the Goblin King also gave them the right to name those that served the king.

In the end, the ones the Goblin King named were those that fought directly under him.

Which goes to say that if one wishes to be receive a name from the Goblin King, one must fight under his direct command and evolve. The imperial guards led by Gi Ga Rax are mostly wounded soldiers. So, if one were to be wounded in the battle led by the Goblin King and were transferred to Gi GA Rax’s platoon, then the naming right would be given to Gi Ga.

The Goblin King wore a stern face as he thought this up, but deep inside, he was smiling to himself. He was as bad at naming as usual.

“What about the last names? Are you just going to let the goblins pick those out too?” Gi Za Zakuend asked sharply.

The Goblin King hesitated for a moment when Gi Za asked him that, but in the next moment, he replied.

“I will reserve the right to give last names and delegate territories.”

So one would receive a last name from the Goblin King if one manages to become a noble class.

Name: Gi Gi Orudo
Level: 1
Class: Duke
Divine Protection: None
Attribute: None
Owned Monsters: Triple Head

New Skills:
Enraged Roar – When angry, attack and defense are increased but agility is lowered.
Advanced Beast Tamer – The number of monsters one can tame is greatly increased.
Remarkable Animal Trainer – Can train monster beasts to be usable by others even without the monster tamer skill. This skill can be taught to other monster tamers.
Monster Tamer – Increased probability of success with taming advanced monsters.

After checking Gi Gi Orudo’s skill, the Goblin King announced that he would entrust the next village to him. [1]

The next goblin was the beast tamer, Gi Bu, who evolved from a rare class to a noble class.

Name Gi Bu
Race: Goblin
Level: 1
Class: Noble
Divine Protection: None
Attributes: None

New Skills:
Increasing by birth – Monsters raised from childhood gain loyalty faster (MEDIUM).
Monster Smell – Can distinguish which feed are necessary for a monster’s growth.

When the Goblin King saw Gi Bu’s status, he became thoughtful.

Judging from his skills, it seems it would be best to have him raise monsters instead of having him fight at the front lines.

Currently, Gi Gi’s monster army is made up of the monsters that Gi Gi has gathered and the rare goblins that take care of them.

Gi Bu could help the goblins managing the monsters or help by turning the monsters into livestock. Either way, he would better serve the horde by working as a support.

“I bestow upon you the name of Rakuta. You shall help Gi Gi as a member of his monster army,” the Goblin King said.

“Thank you,” Gi Bu Rakuta replied.

All the key people were gathered within the meeting room of the fortress, which was nothing more than a large room with a large table and a chair. As the Goblin King announced that, he asked Pale to explain the current situation. Since Pale has come back from the human region to the west, then the situation with Germion Kingdom must have calmed down.

“Though lacking, I shall do my best to give a brief report of our current situation,” Pale said.

Her cold voice resounded in the ears of all those present. First, she reported about the state of the internal affairs.

Although Germion Kingdom seems to have plotted to encroach into the western region and even intervened in the southern war, the former residents of the western region that gathered in the fortresses at the Germion Kingdom’s borders was nothing more than a diversion.

But although they are merely a diversion, they can’t afford to leave them an opening, so Gi Ga Rax had to sortie with a small force. At the same time, the key people of the demihumans had to strengthen their monitoring of the woodlands of the northern part of the western region in order to prevent the enemy from sneaking adventurers in and trying to pull a fast one on them.

The borderland people and the borderlords were currently in the process of migrating to the western capital, but it wasn’t possible to provide houses for all of them, as the monsters and the demihumans also shared the city. That is one topic that needs to be discussed.

The Leon Heart Clan will be living alongside the borderland people. They have lost many in the last battle, but there’s no signs of any panic among them.

10 people have come from Elks with Pale to the western region. The rest remained in the east. That’s all she said about them. She said no more and the king did not ask either.

[1] – Not sure about this. I find it really vague. Is duke the class at which the GK hands out lands? If so, maybe this is the correct interpretation of the line. If you have any better ideas, here’s the original for that one line: 引き続き集落を任せることを宣言する

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