Goblin Kingdom – Volume 3: The Age of Warlords – Chapter 205 – Fortress of the Avengers (1/3)

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Volume 3: Chapter 205 – Fortress of the Avengers (1/3)

When the Goblin King entered the fortress, he left the wounded in the care of the people there and checked on the borderland lords to confirm that they were safe. The Goblin King himself was tired, but as someone who stood at the top, he couldn’t rest just yet.

“I see. That’s good to hear,” the Goblin King said.

He also heard Gi Ba Hagar’s last moments from Zaurosh.

“…Gi Ba Hagar was a warrior.”

“Please forgive me. I am simply too powerless,” Zaurosh said as he hung his head in regret.

The Goblin King shook his head. “Though you might carry the life of a friend on your shoulders, there is no need to be bound by it. Don’t think about it too much.”

As Zaurosh wordlessly thanked the king and left, the Goblin King sighed.

Nowadays, the Goblin King was not only responsible for the goblins, but for the people of the borderlands as well. In the future, the people he would be responsible for would only increase. One word from him, and chaos and unhappiness could spread like wildfire.

“But there’s value in carrying this burden.”

There was no one nearby to hear the Goblin King’s quiet muttering.

Although the duty of a king was not easy, the king must have the confidence to carry it out.

After all, if he were a king who could receive the favor of many warriors, if he were a king who would hold the whole world in the palm of his hands, there shouldn’t be anything he couldn’t do. The Goblin King told himself that.

“It’s good to see you safe, Your Highness!”

After Zaurosh left, Gi ZA Zakuend immediately entered, almost as if he’d been waiting for his turn.

The Goblin King’s cheeks naturally loosened when he saw the druid enter.

“It seems I made you worry,” the Goblin King sad.

As they were yet too far from the divine protection of the goddess, the many wounds carved upon the body of the Goblin King were yet to fully heal. when Gi Za saw those, his brows rose.

“Of course, I would worry. Why didn’t you use the others as shield and run away? The others are replaceable, but the king alone is not,” Gi Za said.

“My subordinates are irreplaceable. My pride will never allow me to throw them away. That’s true for you too.”

“GU, MU… Well, as long as you’re safe.”

While hearing the details of the rendezvous from Gi Za, Pale, who had left to give orders, came back.

“It’s been a while, King of Goblins.”

Pale knelt on one leg as she rested one hand on her chest. That was the greeting a knight would give to his king.

“Has the mist covering the path before you cleared?” The Goblin King asked.

“Yes,” Pale said.

The Goblin King gazed intently at Pale, and Pale did not look away.

“Perchance, did you catch the fancy of a mischievous goddess?”

“If need be, I wouldn’t mind tearing out my soul and selling it.”

Seeing Pale’s unwavering and expressionless gaze, the corner of the Goblin King’s mouth curved.

“Are you resolved to use you power in my name?” The Goblin King asked.

“…So long as you grant me my desire, I would be willing to give you even this very body,” Pale replied.

The Goblin King corrected his posture and puffed out his chest.

“And what is it that you desire?” The Goblin King asked.

“The destruction of the Red King!” Pale replied.

With a sentence, hate, thick like goo, oozed out from within Pale, and that emotionless mask she had been wearing all this time cracked under its weight. Even her elegant fingers trembled at it.

“So shall it be, then. I too have lost much at the south. All of that must be recovered. So long as you submit to my path of world domination, then I shall grant you your desire.”

“I am pleased to hear that, Your Highness.”

Pale once again put on that emotionless mask. As she stood up, she wiped the dust away from her knees.

“I will now be reporting our current situation. It will take us about 4 hours.”

“Let’s hear it.”

At this short break he has been given, the Goblin King closed his eyes.

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