Goblin Kingdom Chapter 4: Orc Hunt II

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Orc Hunt II

The orc walked through the open road with complete confidence.

It lorded over its surroundings while it wielded a boorish club.

It had great confidence as it knew that it was a predator.

But alas, who could blame it? Confidence breeds personality. And that also allows it to avoid unwanted trouble.

However, today, that isn’t the case.

Because that Orc is headed towards the trap that we prepared last night.

Lying hidden amongst the thicket, I eagerly awaited its demise.


But just right before it stepped over the trap, that orc that looked like it didn’t have the slightest bit of brain in it, suddenly stopped.

Its nose twitching, the orc was wary of its surroundings as cold sweat permeated the orc.

At the back of my head, I couldn’t help but hope that the orc would quickly move.


The orc roared.

Just when I thought we may have been discovered, I heard a scream bellow next to me.

“Ga, ga, gaa!”

One of the goblins beside me was panicked after hearing the orc’s cry. In its panic, it exited the thickets.

Immediately, without even having the time to worry, the orc’s sight moved towards the panicked goblin.


Seeing that, I clicked my tongue as I jumped out.

“Stay… there.”

I ordered my other subordinates that, as I swung the chipped blade of my long sword against the orc.

Its skin was so frighteningly tough, that as soon as my sword came into contact with it, my fingers became numb.

It was as if I had just swung against a giant tree.

And just as I had expected, the orc wasn’t the slightest bit hurt from my attack.

Irritated, the orc roared in anger as it turned its eyes towards me.

At the same moment, I felt my guts begin to quiver. And as if my body was greatly burdened, my arms and my legs became heavy.

The stare of that orc was such that it felt like I was underwater. I wasn’t even able to breathe.

What is this!?

Slowly, it brandished its club.

In response to that, my body couldn’t help but move slowly.

“I’m going to die,” that feeling made itself visible through my skin.

Barely able to jump in time, a ferocious wind blew along with that club as it swung pass my eyes.

“Nu, aaa!”

To that, I let out a cry from the pits of my stomach that sounded like a desperate attempt to rid myself of fear.

I confirmed my grip.

I sharpened my eyes, and I clenched my teeth.

As the sweeping club came at me, I jumped back and I dodged it.

Then confirming the trap’s position, I moved towards it.

As I dragged my heavy body towards it, I dodged the orc’s fiendish club at me countless times. Just one hit, and even my brain would be crushed, but gradually, I managed to close in on the trap’s position.

Only three more steps left. But at that moment, as I tried to step back, I tripped over a stone.

That pain made me let out a cry.


As my posture broke, I momentarily lost my focus on that orc.

––– Not good!

I looked at the orc at the same time I tried to fix my posture. But it was already too late.

The orc’s club was already right before my eyes.

With nothing left to lose, I jumped behind. I should have raised my sword to receive the blow, but I was already within the orc’s range.

As a sharp blow hit me, my left shoulder was crippled.


The gap between species is truly big.


The orc let out a piercing howl as it raised its club once more.

Unable to move my legs, all I could do was to stare at that club.

Am I –––.

Am I going to be killed by that?

By something like that!?


––– Absolutely not!

“Guuu… ruaaa!”

As the club tried to claim my life, a howl erupted from within me, denying its claim.


Then it stopped. That club that should have taken my life stopped right before my eyes. And the orc let out a surprised voice.

As the fear of that club’s overwhelming pressure caused me to permeate with cold sweat, I looked at the corner of my eyes. Then my eyes opened wide.

At the same time, the orc turned its head to look behind it.


What stood there was a goblin stabbing the orc with a spear made out of cut bamboo.

It was the panicked one from before.


The enraged howl of the orc echoed.

The orc turned to face my subordinate, seemingly having already considered me, who had already fallen to my knees, powerless.

Yet though they were only facing each other, the goblin was already shaking.

Stand! Stand damn it!

“Gu, gu, ――”

The moment the orc swung its club against my subordinate.


My attack aimed at its shoulder managed to make it in time.

As I felt its skin’s toughness, dark-red blood sprayed out.

The arm that was hit flew into the air, and it fell into the ground. Then the orc moved its gaze towards me.

Shrieking in anger, it rushed towards me.

Maddened by rage, bloodlust gushed forth, and drool was scattered all over. That appearance made the orc look like a true crazed demon.

As the orc rushed towards me with a scream that could no longer be put into words, I thought,

── Good, good! Come here just like that!

Then I jumped back three steps to dodge.

As soon as that crazed orc stepped right in front of me, the ground collapsed.

The ground collapsed because of the orc’s weight, and it sunk deep into it, where countless spears and swords pierced through its legs and loins.

Again, it let out a shriek.

However, this time, it was out of agony.

With only its upper body poking out of the collapsed hole, the orc sent me a killing glare. It was more enraged than it was in pain as its hands bore into the ground, trying to dig itself out.

─── I win!

I approached the orc, and with my sword, I hit its defenseless head.

Dark-red spinal fluid gushed forth, and the howl of victory bellowed.


I let out a cry as I waved my bloodstained sword.

And once more, that sensation of being eaten from within attacked me, and dominated me.

Enduring the urge to cry out, I pierced the sword into the ground and I braced myself.

“Ah …”

As that hoarse voice leaked out, I felt the sensation of evolution (level up) end.

After it had completely left, I took a look at my arm.

My hands that should’ve had three fingers, now number four. And the thickness of my arms had also increased another size; coupled with an abnormal muscle mass. Moreover, the pain that should be there after having my shoulder crushed was missing.

But amongst the changes of my body, the one that stood out the most was my skin’s color. That previously red skin had completely changed to bluish black.

Having confirmed my body’s changes, I took a look around me. There I saw that the goblin from a while ago had also evolved, and was now a goblin rare, kneeling at my feet.

“My king.”

The goblins that were lying in wait in the thickets also rushed out and kneeled.


As I looked over them without the slightest semblance of joy, the seeds of ambition began to sprout from within. 







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