Goblin Kingdom Chapter 5: The Sprouting Ambition

The vast, blue sky. The lake dancing to the passing wind. And my reflection projected on this mirror-like lake.

Sometimes this world is just so beautiful it leaves me speechless.


In comparison to that breathtaking beauty…

Sharpened fangs. Dazzling pupils like that of a beast. And a face, rather than ugly, be better described as ferocious.

I couldn’t help but think to myself,

“I’ve completely turned into a monster.”

My lips twisted at my self-loathing, and the reflected goblin smiled a dread-inducing smile.

“My king. We will arrive soon.”

The goblin that had just become a goblin rare called out to me.

I took him with me, and we went back to the goblin settlement.


It’s been a few days since we killed the orc. In that time I got used to my body, and taught my goblin subordinates how to use traps, and even showed them how to put it into practice.

I taught them how to make a hole, and kill the prey that has fallen into it with a spear.

Even though it’s such a simple trap, the amount of damage that we receive has been greatly reduced.

My body has also become bigger by a size compared to the time when I was a goblin rare.

When I tested just how different this goblin noble’s body, I named it so by the way, compared to the goblin rare’s, I found out that there was a large difference in hearing, sight, and strength between the two.

For example I can now strangle the triple horned boar, Triple Boar, to death. And I can now kill the ostrich with two necks, Double Head, with my chipped blade.

In other words I can now easily do the things that were impossible for my body before.

I’ve also come to a conclusion regarding my evolutions. I can’t evolve into anything else except a goblin.

It doesn’t matter how strong and estranged one becomes from a goblin. It’s not possible to transcend the race. A goblin will remain a goblin.

The fact that I turned into a goblin noble from a goblin rare, despite killing an orc is proof of that.

If this is the case, then all that’s left is to try out the next evolution.


I personally killed the prey that was driven into a corner by my subordinate. Then I asked a subordinate about something that was bothering me.

How do goblins increase their population?

Recently, an ambition had begun to sprout inside me.

An ambition build my own kingdom.

In order to make that a reality, the thing I need the most is an army.

I don’t have any inconvenience with my pieces right now. But I have to increase not only the quality of my subordinates, but also myself.

And while I put emphasis on quality, I know very well not to underestimate number.

For example, if my subordinates were to group up against me, I would probably lose.

Well, that’s if it was just a question of strength that is.

But still… I know very well just how terrifying the dread of raw number is.

After all, I was beaten up by that so-called number in my country in the past.

I may have digressed a bit, but… right. How can I increase the number of goblins? The one who answered that was a senior even amongst the goblins.

That senior goblin talked about a village. And as I heard that explanation, I couldn’t help but think.

To begin with, these group are all goblins who have strayed from that village.

And in that village are female goblins, and females of other species who were kidnapped and impregnated in order to increase the population.

––– I suppose it’s that fantasy stereotype then.

The previous goblin rare who led these goblins forbade the lesser ranked goblins from copulating with the females, causing the younger goblins to be alienated.

This is that group.

Really, what a sloppy story.

When I asked how far that village was, I found out that it was surprisingly close.

That village had around 50 warriors.

The old goblins, and the ones that were just born and can’t fight, number around 30.

By nature the race called goblins did not have male and female relationships, and just went out to hunt and get preys.

But it would appear that the reason these goblins didn’t have a female with them is because they left the village to find one for themselves.

When I asked whether the females just fell from the sky over there, apparently, they purposely kidnapped them from other races.

A rather novel practice if I say so myself.

I led my 20 subordinates towards the goblin village.

Our purpose was of course not peace.

But before the thrashing comes a bit of scouting.

After all, it’s important to know whether there is someone stronger than me or not inside that village.

I wonder if the leader of this group is properly leading its goblins… Then again, since there were goblins who left it, I suppose this group’s unity isn’t that good. Still, I better check how strong the top brass of this group is.

As I calmed my ferocious thoughts, I led my subordinates to the village.

The village looked to have previously belonged to humans as I could see some old fences here and there. And the houses that the goblins were using looked to be quite big for them.

I suppose they plundered the village from the humans or some other similar race who used to live here.

There was also a north and south gate which allowed a great number of people to pass through at any given time.

As I carefully walked around that village that was surrounded by a thick forest, it came to my attention that there were few adult goblins inside.

In fact I couldn’t even find the goblin rare, and the number of adults all in all wouldn’t even reach 10.

As for the females, I wasn’t able to find them at all. Then again, if the females are of a different species, then they’re probably being confined inside a building.

As for the adults missing, they’re most likely out hunting…

All of the sudden the village became noisy.

Throwing my eyes towards the direction of the south gate, I saw the goblins return as they were led by an armored goblin rare that wielded a brand new long sword.

Trailing behind the armored goblin rare were around 20 goblins. I could also see some animals that looked like wolves.

Alright, with this I’ve seen everything I needed to see.

There might be another platoon elsewhere, so I better secure this place before they arrive.

I laughed with a broad grin, causing my fangs to show. Then I turned to my subordinates as I restrained myself, and I gave them an order.

“We’re entering the village from the front.”

We stepped out of the forest, and we passed through the steep road towards the village gate.


The moment I was seen, the goblins of the village made an uproar, but I looked on them condescendingly while I proceeded to walk with an air of composure.

Or at the very least, I walked to give off that kind of atmosphere. Without either going too fast or too slow.

I gave a glance with a glint of pressure on the goblins before me as I walked towards the goblin rare.

“Gu, gurururu!”

As the goblin rare let out shrieks of fear, I looked down on it, and laughed provokingly.

“Are you the king of this group?”

I asked in a low, and frightening voice.

The goblin rare stepped back.

Then I raised my voice at the goblin rare that didn’t answer.

“So it’s you!?”

The atmosphere shook at my voice, causing even me to be surprised.

But while I was a bit shocked, I took a quick glance around me, and I found out that there were even goblins who’ve become unable to stand because of fear.

The goblin rare in front of me was of course not affected to that extent, but it was still clearly frightened.

“… That’s, right.”

It avoided my gaze, and its armor began to rattle as it shook.

“Choose. Either you give me your group or you die. Which is it?”

During times like this I should put up a haughty front.

The best way to make others acknowledge you in a world that practices the law of the jungle, and even more so an estranged one like this, is to put up a front like what I’m doing.

Being polite in a place like this will only spoil the other party.

That’s why it’s imperative to properly teach the hierarchy to beasts like this.


As it let out a groan, the goblin rare didn’t appear to have any intentions of fighting.

However, I put the long sword I had with me over my shoulder, making it look like I could crush the goblin rare in front of me at any time.

I lorded over the leader of the group as I confirmed the success of the negotiation.

The goblin, seemingly having been overcome by the atmosphere, threw its long sword to the ground.

And then it prostrated itself before me. With its legs having been thrown down at the ground, and its head, hanging, the goblin rare showed me that it had completely yielded to me.

“My king. I offer to you your desire.”

“Then I’ll accept.”

I looked over the entire settlement, and then I declared,

“From now on the king of this village is I!”

That day I took my first small step towards my ambition.






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