Goblin Kingdom – Volume 1 Chapter 6: Status

TL Note:
Mataza is a reference to Maeda Toshii who preferred to use a spear and was called Yari no Mataza.


Chapter 6: Status

[Race] Goblin
[Level] 14
[Class] Noble; King of a Group
[Possessed Skills] <<Commander of a Group>> <<Defiant Will>> <<Overpowering Howl>> <<Swordsmanship C->> <<Avarice>>
[Divine Protection] None


As I focused my consciousness inside my head, I could feel an existence similar to that of a “status”.

When I first heard about this from the old goblin from the village, I was greatly bewildered. However, I quickly came to understand just how important this was when it came to understanding my own abilities.

I received the instruction of the old goblin and found out that all I needed to do was to focus in my mind, and something reminiscent of a “status” will come out.

But to think that it would actually give such precise numbers. Moreover, these words… and on top of these, there’re levels, skills… and even divine protection?

This world is truly becoming more and more like a real fantasy, and I just can’t help but smile wryly at that thought. Also, I found out that the so-called level up (evolution) that I felt before was actually me going up a class level.

I can understand it just by looking at this status. The level shown is a level within that class.

A level 14 of the class, Goblin Noble. So if I were a goblin rare then it would be something like this:

[Race] Goblin
[Class] Rare; King of a Group

But what’s more is that you can even see the effects of the acquired skills.


<<King of a Group>>: The abilities of your subordinates will slightly increase.

<<Defiant Will>>: Resistance to the pressure of higher races will slightly increase.

<<Overpowering Howl>> Creatures whose classes are lower than one’s self will become slower. If the class is the same, then it will depend on the level. If used towards ones subordinates, it will allow one to force an order.

<<Swordsmanship C->>: Compensates ones swordsmanship.

<<Avarice>>: Increases the number one can lead.

… Normally, one would learn this skill right after being born, and then go out to hunt, but in my case, since I became affiliated with an estranged group, and since that group was estranged it didn’t have a person capable enough to draw it out, so until now I haven’t been able to learn it.

That estranged group is really too impulsive.

According to the old goblin, skills are something that increase as one evolves, and when one clears some special conditions.

I’m extremely grateful to have skills like <<Commander of a Group>> and <<Avarice>> as these are things that are absolutely essential in order to make my ambition a reality..

As for <<Defiant Will>> well… it’s not like nothing comes to mind.

I’m fairly sure this ability took effect while fighting the orc when I was able to move my body. Or alternatively, I may have learned this ability during that moment instead.

Goblins do normally tend to freeze up with just a howl, so I guess they need more guts and fighting spirit.

In fact, now that I think about it, I wonder if the previous leader of this group also had this skill. After all, even though it was like that, he still did have the guts to challenge the orcs.

Then again there’s really no point in thinking about a dead guy. Now, as for swordsmanship, I probably got it from using that chipped long sword. As for the rank, C-, I don’t really know to what extent this is, but it’s probably not too bad. Probably.

Sooner or later it’ll probably be a good idea to try out something else though.

As for <<Overpowering Howl>>, it seems to have quite a number of uses. In fact I’m fairly certain I used this ability when I made the goblin rare yield to capture this settlement.


After I finished analyzing my own abilities, and getting a good grasp of it. What’s next is information.

First of all, how is it that a group with supposedly 50 goblins have become this weak?

It’s true that because of that I was able to avoid needless conflict but…

As I asked the old goblin about it, I once again failed to hold back a wry smile at the goblins’ position in the hierarchy.

Apparently, the goblins were oppressed when a group of orcs migrated nearby. And the goblin rare that yielded to me was actually not the leader back when that estranged group left. By the way, since this goblin rare didn’t have a name, I decided to name him Gi Gu for convenience’s sake.

They have changed leaders 3 times in total so far, so it’s actually easy to tell just how oppressed they were.

I might digress here a bit, but when I gave that goblin rare, Gi Gu, a name, it seems to have been touched, and has now become emotionally attached to me. Apparently, naming is an act that greatly delights the goblins.

Incidentally, the other goblin rare that had just recently evolved and came to like spears was named Gi Ga.

I could’ve named him Mataza, but that was too cool for him, so I didn’t.

Oh? You want to know how I’m naming them?

Well, what else is there to differentiate with aside from their cries?

Afterwards, I made a rule to give a name to any goblin once they evolve into a goblin rare. Then I went to inspect our reserves and weapons.

It was a small village, so finding things weren’t difficult at all. But I was quite sad at how meagre their equipment were.

As for their reserves, well even if I said it was zero it wouldn’t be an exaggeration.

Apparently their spoils for that day was everything.

And it seems that from time to time, when they get an excess of food, they’ll have some leftovers for the next day. But aside from that there’s usually none.

As for their equipment, a damaged pelt armor and a rusted iron spear caught my attention.


Naturally, high class stuff like shield and helms weren’t around.

There were also several axe like things along with forks and small scythes used for farming that originally belonged to the village. But these alone are not enough, so they’ve literally been using only their bodies as their weapons. As a result, the number of injured amongst the goblins have been increasing, and they’ve been greatly disadvantaged in the struggle for survival in the forest.

In order to mend this, I immediately told the spear-wielder Gi Ga to teach the other goblins how to use traps. At the same time I told the goblins that already knew how to, to gather some food. Then I ordered the former leader, Gi Gu, to investigate the orcs’ numbers and location. Just like before, the minimum conditions for success is to come back alive. After I ordered him to find out the area the orcs operated in and their numbers, they all left to do their jobs.

Speaking of which, what’s the village’s non-fighting population? Half?

Well whatever the case is, the ones I can consider as warriors number around 20. While the elders, the larvae, and the rest all number 30.

Those larvae need to grow up and become able to fight as soon as possible.

After the goblins are done learning how to use traps, I should immediately start the education of these larvae.

But the most important matter at hand is still how to increase the population of the goblins. Right now, there are around 10 females in this village. Three of them are larvae, while the other seven are able fighters. And then there’re three more from a different species who were kidnapped, and are now being confined. Their species? Humans. Young female humans. And in fact, some of them were already pregnant.

Surprisingly though, when I saw those girls, I, who has turned into a monster, felt irritation swell up deep inside my chest. Smiling wryly to myself, I quickly expelled those thoughts, and I pondered about their value.

Right now everything is insufficient. But if I had these humans’ help, wouldn’t I be able to posture myself better?

Looking down on them, I called.

“Oi, woman.”

But it was a meaningless endeavor. There was no longer anything inside their eyes. They were like empty holes where nothing neither glimmered nor reflected. And like an endless abyss, their eyes swayed as they muttered pitiful whispers that petitioned for death. Seeing that, I looked down as hatred took me.

Empty dolls… Human dolls.

Humans whose will have been flayed off, and are now living against their will with only one purpose, to give birth to goblins.

“Ahh, I see…”

The moment it hit me that one of these may have given birth to me, I decided to execute them. So with my own hands, I offed their heads in a flash.

In order not to give them anymore pain. In order not to give them anymore suffering, I ended the lives of these women, of which one may have been my mother, quickly and painlessly.

Not a drop of tear was shed.

The old goblin complained to me, but I silenced it with a glare full of killing intent. Then I walked around the shed, piling up dry woods one over another around it, and set it ablaze.

As the red sky was dyed by that flame of requiem, the repose of souls, the shed was thoroughly burnt to cinders.

Why? For what reason did I…

I thought that to myself as I gripped my hand tightly and made a fist.

When the flame died out, my subordinates returned. After I checked the food they brought back, I went to sleep.


[Possessed Skills] Acquired <<Prowling Demon>>
–    This is an unawakened skill. From now on it will change depending on your experience.

[Divine Protection] You have been granted the divine protection of the Goddess of the Underworld, Altesia.
–    The attributes of death and darkness have been added to you.






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