Goblin Kingdom – Volume 1 Chapter 7: Bloodbath

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Also a new separate TOC has been added for Goblin Kingdom. 

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Lastly, the title for this volume is, “Return of the King.”

For those who don’t know what tsukkomi is,

“突っ込み (tsukkomi). From the verb tsukkomu (突っ込む), meaning something like “butt in”, this is often the role of the partner to the boke in an owarai kombi. The tsukkomi is generally the smarter and more reasonable of the unit, and will criticize, verbally and physically abuse, and generally rail at the boke for their mistakes and exaggerations. A typical tsukkomi often slaps the boke on the back of the head, an action always accompanied by an intentionally cheesy slapping sound effect. It is common for tsukkomi in manzai to end an act with the phrase, “Let’s quit!” (やめさしてもらいますわ!Yamesashite moraimasu wa!). The American equivalent is known as the straight man.” (Wikipedia)

Chapter 7: Bloodbath

[Race] Goblin
[Level] 14
[Class] Noble; King of a Group
[Possessed Skills] <<Commander of a Group>> <<Defiant Will>> <<Overpowering Howl>> <<Swordsmanship C->> <<Avarice>> <<Prowling Demon>>
[Divine Protection] Goddess of the Underworld, Altesia
[Attributes] Darkness, Death


After the night had left, I noticed the changes in my status.

The divine protection of the Goddess of the Underworld… huh?

My lips twisted.

Don’t mess with me.

What the hell do you think a person’s heart is!?

But I leave it at that. Thinking anything more than this is troublesome, so I went outside and asked the old goblin about it.

Apparently the so-called divine protection is something that is generally decided by the gods, and is something that we mortals have no control over.

“Contemptible” that was my impression of the gods.

But after a bit, I changed my mind.

I ordered myself to calm down. If you’re a cruel monster, then act like it. If something is useful, then make use of it. I suppressed that seething anger deep within me like lava. If I couldn’t even do this, then what right do I have to call myself, king? But then again, why? Why did I – to someone who might have been my mother – do such a thing?

Regarding [Attributes], it is apparently possible to demonstrate specialized magic based on one’s divine protection.


I kind of expected this, but the fact that there really was something like this made me let out a strained laugh.

“Precisely,” seriously replied the old goblin. According to the old goblin’s explanation a class known as druid appears to be able to use it, but there aren’t any in the village.

Considering how little this village has, I’m not surprised.

But there is something I’m concerned about regarding our war potential.

“Is there anyone who can control beasts?”

“If wild dogs are fine, then…”

Apparently the beasts one can use depends on one’s level. And right now, the most the goblins in this village can do is to raise three wild dogs.

I suppose this can be considered ‘not bad’, all things considered. As long as their level is raised, then it should be possible to make use of even triple boars and double heads.

But really, three wild dogs? What’s the difference with just raising them up normally?

I kept that tsukkomi at the back of my head, and nodded. I suppose the war potential of the village is only this much. All that’s left is the variation of the environment, but that’s something that depends on the scouting of the former leader, Gi Gu.

While that goblin is still out, the spear wielding Gi Ga has already returned. His spoils for the day include a double head, a rabbit, a snake and some fruits.

There’s actually quite a lot. As expected, having a lot of people is really good.

The biggest spoil for the day is the double head. Who would’ve thought they’d actually be able to kill this big of a beast?

As a reward I should give him that rusted iron spear.

Gi Ga was deeply touched at my action, so I had to deal with that, after which I then went to distribute the meal amongst the people in the village.


It was evening by the time the reconnaissance team led by Gi Gu came back. I let them have their fill as I listened to their report.

There are 5 orcs all in all, and they work separated during the day and night.

Three work during the night, while the other two work in the day.

I thought that was all he would be able to find out, so I was quite surprised when I found out he was even able to investigate their routes.

Gi Gu, quite a thinker.

I granted him the best part of the double head’s meat, and had him leave after I told him to be the guide tomorrow.

Now, what should I do?


The next day we went out to hunt the orcs.

I took over 20 goblins with me, with Gi Gu and Gi Ga as heads.

Then when we got to our destination, we laid some ropes made out of vines at my feet.

There are plenty of open roads amongst the places that the orcs like to travel. And even when patrolling, they try to make it so that there’s no thatches or trees around them.

Right now, I’m standing in the way of their route with the goblins hiding in the bushes at my left and right

And then the orcs came.

I gripped my chipped sword, and with a simple provocation, the orcs came rushing at me like a bunch of brainless fools.


At my signal, the ropes scattered at my feet were all simultaneously pulled.

As the ropes were pulled, the orcs tripped on it and fell. One of them were down for the count, but the other was able to recover its stance.

But it was already too late.

As the orc somehow recovered its stance, my sword came flying at it. And in a flash, its head was smashed. Spinal fluids came gushing forth as the orc fell lifeless to the ground.

The other orc tried to stand up, but the ropes were pulled again.

The orc unmoving, I went for its legs.

Blood flowing, its two legs rolled away. And as the orc screamed, my face twisted into a smile.

“Do it.”

The goblins came out of the thickets, carrying the spears I’d made out of wood for them.

Regardless of how tough an orc’s skin is, the eyes, the mouth, and the wounds are all fair game… right?

Blood spurting, spears piercing, an orc screaming.

The symphony of torture played in the open road, leading the orc to death’s embrace.


As a result, my level rose, but my class didn’t change.

I was hoping another goblin rare would come out, but unfortunately that also didn’t happen.

When we tried eating the orc’s meat, we found out that it was indescribably delicious, so we brought it back home to feed to the larvae.

When night came, we went to hunt the rest of the orcs.

I’ve already sent some goblins to monitor the orcs’ home. As soon as they move out, we’ll give chase.

But before then, I figured I’d prepare them a gift.

So I painted their route with their comrades’ blood, scattering it in drops, here and there.

Like the brainless fools they are, they will follow that path. But what’s ahead is nothing but hell.

And so, the orcs moved out, and just like I had done during the day, I cut their limbs off。

I killed the first orc, then I gave the other two to the goblins. The goblins wielded their wooden spears, and they pierced the orcs through their wounds.


Like this I killed that entire orc group.

Oh, speaking of which, one of the three orcs had its limbs eaten while it was still alive.

That meat is quite valuable, so we took it along with the things in their home back to the village.

Our spoils of war include armor, long axes, clubs, long swords, and others.

These things are too small for the orcs to use, so they probably plundered these from the village here.

We got quite a bit of spoils, so I guess it’s not bad.

In any case, with this we should at least not have to worry about having our food stolen for a while.

So what’s next is strengthening this group.

It’s true for me as well, but this race called goblin is really too weak. I don’t have any pieces except these goblins, so there’s no other choice but to strengthen them or increase their number.

For the meantime, I’ll make it my goal to have 8 more goblin rares. At the same time, I should also work on levelling up my class. At the very least, I’ll need at least enough strength to cut this guys down if they ever think of rebelling against me. Otherwise, I won’t be able to sleep quietly.


Level has increased from level 14 => Level 32.


Author’s Note:

Orcs are weak!?
That’s not true at all.

Please think of orcs (Normal) as equal to a goblin noble when it comes to strength, with the rest being decided by their equipment, Lv, and skill.







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