Goblin Kingdom – Volume 1 Chapter 10: The Victor and the Defeated

TL Note: Just finished the raws last week, and I have to say this isn’t like RE: Monster at all. If anything it’s way closer to Kingdom.

Story’s not done yet, but overall I’d say it’s awesome. I mean if you can make me read Japanese that much the story’s bound to be awesome, right? (The chapters get really long later on -_-) Haha.

Oh right, you guys should probably give this until chapter 42 if you’re testing the waters. It’s only then that this story shows its full flavor. If you like it by then, then you’ll like it even more, otherwise, it’d be better to just drop it.

Group -> Horde (Edit: 2015/09/28)
Eyes of the Green Snake -> Eyes of the Blue Snake

King of a Swarm -> Horde Chief (Edit: 2015/09/28)

(2015/09/20) Changed title from Winner and Loser -> The Victor and the Defeated. Also Italiczed a line that should’ve been italiczed.

Chapter 10: The Victor and the Defeated

[Race] Goblin
[Level] 43
[Class] Noble; Horde Chief
[Possessed Skills] <<Horde Commander>> <<Defiant Will>> <<Overpowering Howl>> <<Swordsmanship C+>> <<Avarice>> <<Distant Soul>> <<A Ruler’s Wisdom I>> <<Eyes of the Blue Snake>>
[Divine Protection] Goddess of the Underworld, Altesia
[Attributes] Darkness, Death

After we repelled the humans who invaded the village, we went back to the village with the four humans, two female and two males, as prisoners. There, Gi Ga and the old goblin welcomed us back home with a hint of tear in their eyes.

It’s only expected, after all the village is an environment where it could diminish while the leader’s away.

Taking the opportunity to show off the difference in strength between me and the goblins, I took the Iron Second (Large Steel Sword) I stole from the human swordsman, and carried it over my shoulder,

The king is strong, you can’t win.

By showing that to them, be it consciously or unconsciously, every day, then the chances of them rebelling will also dwindle.

Then again they are stupid, so they might eventually forget anyway.

I had the prisoners imprisoned in one of the buildings, separating the males from the females. I made sure to confiscate anything that could be used as a weapon as it wouldn’t be any fun if they commited suicide. After all, these are the first humans I’ve made contact with since coming to this world.

From the battle a while ago, communication seems to be possible. So with that in mind, I want as much information as possible.

And above all else… the existence of magic.

That woman, Reshia Fel Zeal. I don’t know about the gods’ genealogy, but I feel as if there’s some sort of fate around her. If the chance presents itself, I’d like to ask if there’s something between the goddess of the underworld and the goddess of healing.

Amethyst colored pupils, blue hair extending until her shoulder, and annoyingly, a perfect face so beautiful that it looks as if it was given to her by the god of beauty. In fact, even I, a monster, can’t help but be charmed by her. Her small, damp lips, draw my eyes to her. And those gentle, wide-opened eyes of hers with the benevolence of a goddess seem to be shaking in distress.

Seeing that, desire jolted within my body, and I made a cruel smile.

If this continues, I’ll definitely fall to ruin.

Amused, I watched on at that destructive rampage lying before my eyes that was very much like a car speeding towards a cliff.

This so-called jail is really nothing more than a reinforced shed that was originally for animals.

Throwing the two women into the jail, the edges of my mouth twisted, and a vicious smile could be seen as I spoke to them.

“Don’t think of running away. At the very least, I don’t plan on hurting you as long as you stay here.”

That female swordsman has her guard up as always, while I can’t figure out what Reshia is thinking with that expressionless face of hers.

“If you run, I’ll eat the men. And if you commit suicide, I’ll do the same.”

The female swordsman didn’t appear to have been affected by those words, but Reshia on the other hand, a strong gleam of will seem to have been lit within her eyes as she looked at me.

“It’s a thought for the gods. What you should do to survive that is.”

Having only said those words, I left the place.

“The king, himself, will punish anyone who dares to lay his filthy hands on the spoils!”

I faced the gathered goblins in the village, and declared that. And then, I distributed the food.

After I assigned which goblins to take over guard duty for the night, I went to sleep.


“Zenobia, why?”

I can hear the sad voice of a woman.

“It was I who fell into hades… and yet! Why are you the only one who receives father’s affection!?”

It was because of the love of their father, the ancestor god who birthed the earth, Ativ.

That who shouldn’t be loved was loved. And the grief of the woman could not cease wherever it went.

Ahh, if I could only… take the place of that woman, then…

That cursed voice looked up from the depths of the darkness and strangled my neck.


“… This is why gods are shit.”

Pushing something unneeded onto me.

Rather than a god, aren’t you closer to a demon?

I stretched my back once, and shook off the dregs of that nightmare.

If I could only take the place of that woman.

The traces of that nightmare inside my head were like thick soil sucking me in.

“Well done. Looks like you didn’t run away.”

That was the first thing I mentioned when I got to the jail where Reshia and the female swordsman were.

I did consider them running away, but if it’s like this, then getting them to spit out information might be easier than expected.

Without speaking another word, I smiled viciously at them and left. First thing’s food.

The three man cell still hasn’t shown any results. I guess it can’t be helped. Suddenly making the goblins work as a three man cell… of course it’ll be quite difficult.

There’re some groups that aren’t doing too bad though. As long as they find an impetus, they should be able to get some results, but…

Well until then, I’ll have to do my best.

It’s also a good opportunity to try out that Iron Second (Large Steel Sword) that I got yesterday. So with that in mind, I headed towards the lake with Gi Ga and the first three goblins to take a walk.

Part of my goal was to hunt the preys that come to drink water.

“King, there’s a herd of Eirel Deer (Spear Deer).”

What passed before our eyes was a herd of spear deer. The spear deer have large horns that’re sharp at the tip. If you get hit by those, you’ll probably die. As for its body, it’s covered with hard fur all over.

From the looks of things, their leader appears to be quite good as the bucks are all together, keeping the does and fawn protected.

In a one versus one situation, the spear deer are above the goblins. They could be on par with the goblin rare, Gi Ga, or perhaps even stronger… But what’s more is that they’re moving shrewdly with a leader guiding them.

I made the goblins ready their throwing stones, while I, alone, went to close in to the herd.

I ordered Gi Ga to pay attention to the surroundings, and slowly, we, along with the stone throwing goblins, surrounded the herd.

When we finally got close enough, the herd were already aware of us. But even then, they continued to drink water at their leisure.

Looks like they’re quite confident that they can run away. Certainly, that decision isn’t wrong… if I were a wild animal that is.


Bellowing out the overpowering howl, I quickly rose up from the ground, and carried the large steel sword on my shoulder. Without stopping, I rushed at the herd of spear deer. And in response, the herd ran the opposite direction I appeared.

But over there is where the stone throwing goblins are waiting. The herd of deer immediately turned, but unfortunately for them, that was more than enough time for me.

As I overtook the last amongst the herd, I swung my large steel sword down, aiming at the neck of a spear dear. It was still a fawn as its horn was still small and thin.

I felt my sword weigh down on its meat, crushing even its bones. Having felled one, I quickly moved on to my next prey and ran.

What entered my field of vision next was a fully grown buck.

In order to protect the herd that had turned back, the buck headed towards me. I brought my sword high and swung it down against the buck. But a hard sound resounded as the deer’s horns managed to stop my sword.

It wielded its two large horns like a trident, and struggled to keep me from getting close. But I calmly dodged that, and instantly closed the distance between me and the deer that jumped back.

Having completely entered my range, the deer’s leg was crushed by my large sword, making it unable to move. I then finished it off, ending its suffering.

I had my subordinates carry the two deer as we went back to the village. By the time we got there, it was almost noon.

I inserted my dagger through the deer’s wound, and skinned it off. This pelt could probably be turned into some clothes.

I gave the liver to the larvae goblins, while I took the intestines for myself first. Afterwards, the rest of the goblins began to eat voraciously.

Aside from the deer, we also had three triple boars, some rabbits, and some leaves for our breakfast.

Amongst those, I took the rabbit, quickly skinned it, and removed its organs.

After that I grilled it with fire and dry wood, and then I took it with me to the jail.


The female swordsman was suspicious, while Reshia was emotionless and on guard as always.

I didn’t really expect them to let their guard down with just something like this.

I left the rabbit meat covered in blood in front of the jail, while I went to prepare another one which I brought to the two men.

These ones looked at me with fear instead, and ate it as soon as I gave it to them.

Hmph. Being scared witless, these two are still some ways off.

Leaving those two, I went back to where the two female where.

“… Why are you giving us food?”

“This is a deal. If you don’t mind, that is.”

Reshia’s stomach continued to cry out in hunger, but even then, she refused to touch the meal in front of her and only stared at me. I responded with an evil smile.

“I will you use you and your friends. In that time, I won’t kill you, and I also won’t harm you.”
“In other words, we get to live as long as we’re useful.”
“Lowly monster! What are you scheming!?”

The corners of my mouth twisted upwards at the female swordsman’s abuse.

“And who was it that was done in by this “lowly monsters”? Hmm? Even though the reason that you’ve fallen in a place like this is because of your ability…”

The female swordsman turned beet red in anger at that low-toned sneering. She tried to say something, but Reshia stopped her.


Reshia shook her head, stopping the female swordsman, and Reshia stared at me again. What is it that glitters in those amethyst eyes of hers I wonder? Is it wisdom? Or is it an indomitable will to fight? Well, whatever it is, I’ll be enjoying myself.

This woman must become a stepping stone for me.

“And? What is it that you want us to do?”
“Give birth.”

In an instant, Reshia stiffened. That response was more than enough to make me smile wryly as the corners of my mouth twisted up.

“I jest.”

As Reshia was relieved from the bottom of her heart, the female swordsman exploded in anger.

“You bastard!”
“I want you to take care of the healing. And at the same time, I want you to sew some things for me.”

Interrupting the female swordsman’s fit, I said that.

“B-But I’m an adventurer!”

The female swordsman, Lili, was beet red in anger. And as if provoking her, I responded.

“And this ‘adventurer’ of yours can’t sew?”
“Tch… I got it…”
“Also, when I feel like it, I want you to answer my questions.”
“Is that all?”
“Yes, that’s all.”

Reshia looked at me dubiously.


That gaze carried with it a hint of displeasure. And without showing any fear, Reshia asked me a question.

“I have three questions. One, what happened to Chinos and Mattis? And would you happen to know a woman named Finra?”
“I gave those men the same work and food I gave you. If they’re useful, I’ll let them live. If not, then they have no right to live. As for the women this swarm had kidnapped, they’re all already dead. As for whether that’s Finra or not, I wouldn’t know.”

Lili became more and more hostile at my response, but in contrast, Reshia was like a student seeking an answer as she absorbed the answers I gave her.

“Please tell me your name.”
“… I don’t have a name. If you want to call me something, then call me king.”
“I see.”

Reshia didn’t seem to be disappointed at all as she mumbled that. Having answered her questions, I left.

It might be because of [Skill] <<Insurgent Will>> that I didn’t feel the same urge I felt yesterday.

Well, it’s good even if I was only able to confirm that.


You have levelled up.

43 -> 45







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