Goblin Kingdom – Volume 1 Chapter 13: Attack

TL Note:
Red Snake’s Eye is translated as such to emphasize that it’s a one eyed snake.Large Sword -> Great Sword

Chapter 13: Attack

[Race] Goblin
[Level] 99
[Class] Noble; Horde Chief
[Possessed Skills] <<Horde Commander>> <<Defiant Will>> <<Overpowering Howl>> <<Swordsmanship C+>> <<Avarice>> <<Distant Soul>> <<A Ruler’s Wisdom I>> <<Eyes of the Blue Snake>> <<Dance at Death’s Border>> <<The Red Snake’s Eye>>
[Divine Protection] Goddess of the Underworld, Altesia
[Attributes] Darkness, Death

The attack of the orc horde.

I let my guard down after settling the issue of the orcs living in the area.

The threat of an orc horde was far greater than I’d expected.

The number of orcs that attacked the village was six.

Excluding Gi Gu who ran to protect me, all the other orcs have been scattered, and their whereabouts are unknown.

I headed towards the village with Gi Gu while I had him tell me what happened, putting together the information we have as we went.

What bad luck. I know I was knocked out, but still…

No, this all really just boils down to how I’m not yet in a situation where I can let my guard down and fight to my limits. I shudder at how I could have died while I was asleep.

Anyway, my subordinates shouldn’t fight needlessly until they’re able to fight the orcs by themselves. So if there’s one thing fortunate, it’s that I’m now at a level where I can deal with the orcs.

Currently, my subordinates number ten plus Gi Ga. And then, there’s Reshia who tagged along to save the female swordsman.

We’re only this few, and yet we’re facing them head on? What a reckless plan.

“Gi Gu”

At times like this, being a little tricky is needed. So I called over the former leader of the village, Gi Gu.

“Move ahead of us, and get the attention of the orcs. Then lead them to the hunting grounds.”

Regarding the orc’s movement patterns, they’re somewhat similar to goblins in the sense that they move according to their desires. First, they’ll take what they like, then they’ll eat to fill their stomachs, and then they’ll satisfy whatever desires they have left. So there’s a high possibility that the orcs are still within that village.

“You should be able to buy some time with traps. Don’t try to recklessly hunt them.”
“I shall buy time.”
“Oh, and running’s fine too.”

The orc leader won’t chase down Gi Gu’s group, no. Instead, the ones weaker and dumber, in other words, the lesser ones are the ones who’ll be chasing Gi Gu’s group. Therefore, victory should be attainable, provided we’re able to split the orcs as planned.

Without saying anything, Gi Gu nodded. And at the vanguard of his horde, he ran.


At the rise of his raging voice, he led the four goblins into the village.

“The rest of you! Go pick up stones and hide at the northern gate!”

After I gave orders to the rest of the goblins I called out to Gi Ga and Reshia.

“As for us, we’re heading to the southern gate.”

Then, with the great sword on my shoulder, I declared to myself,

“I will take it back… All of it!”

At the stirrings of war, the northern wind blew, and the branches swayed.


Within the village of the goblins, inside that partial enclosure of crumbling fences, were the orcs, eating. Seeing as how there are only three orcs, Gi Gu must’ve succeeded.

If he had failed, then I would have had to use Reshia and Gi Ga as decoys. That’s one of the reasons why we’re here at the southern gate. But since Gi Gu has succeeded, there won’t be a need for that anymore.

All that’s left now is to focus on these three orcs.

As I looked on at that small group, I noticed that one of the orcs wielded a long spear, and wore a necklace of fangs around its neck. It was clearly different from the other orcs. As I looked at it, I focused my eyes. And faintly, information appeared within my mind.

[Skill] <<The Red Snake’s Eye>> activated.

[Race] Orc
[Level] 67
[Class] Leader; Horde Chief
[Possessed Skills] <<Enraged Voice>> <<Overpowering Howl>> <<Lead Belly>> <<Charge>>
[Divine Protection] None

So that wasn’t a dream.

The skill of that one eyed red snake had activated.

As I think that, I took a peek at the skill’s description again.

[Skill] <<The Red Snake’s Eye>>
——When the target’s level is lower than yours, it will show the status of the target.

[Level], huh?

The condition for activation is quite limiting. If it was just number, then it wouldn’t be so troublesome, but since it’s restricted by level, I won’t be able to use it much after evolving to a higher class. Fortunately though, I stopped at 99 and didn’t evolve. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to use it right now.

Caution will be necessary… But that’s a matter for later. Right now, I’ll just gratefully accept this fortuitous coincidence.

Decisions are, after all, easier to make when your opponent’s strengths are an open book.

Thinking on the situation now, there are three orcs before me. The only point of concern is the leader who’s wielding a long spear. Aside from that one, everyone else should be a normal one.

If it’s just this, then I should be able to manage by myself.

“Gi Ga, Reshia, run past the center and head for the northern gate.”
“By your will.”

Gi Ga looked at Reshia, waiting for her reply. And Reshia nodded at my words.

She might have her doubts, but right now, there’s no other choice but to follow my command.


While the orcs had their backs turned, Gi Ga and Reshia ran.

And at the same time, I rushed towards the orcs that were still eating in a trance.

Ten more steps. They still haven’t noticed me.

This is another reason why I went to the southern gate. The orcs have good nose, but from this direction, they shouldn’t be able to detect me as fast.

Seven more steps.

At that range, I saw it.

The corpses of my dead subordinates and the unmoving female swordsman.


Unconsciously, I grinded my back teeth.


Four more steps.

But at that, the orcs finally noticed me, crying out in anger.

But it’s too late.

They are all already within my range. I swung Iron Second (Steel Great Sword), and brought it crashing down on an orc’s head.

The weight of the great sword plus the acceleration from the centrifugal force, this two put together, turned that one blow into a deadly force, easily crushing the head of one of the orc leader’s followers.

With the follow up blow, I aimed for the leader, but as expected, it was able to use its spear as a shield, and was able to get some distance.

“PUGyuuaAAa! GyuAA!”

It was maddened by rage. But… do you really think I would lose to you when it comes to my fury!?

——Pay for the crimes you’ve done!


At the cry of Overpowering Howl, one of the orc followers cowered.

That one should be weaker than me. But——.

Suddenly, the orc leader attacked, interrupting my thoughts. That spear, having double the range of my great sword, came sweeping at my head. Missing, it swept against the empty expanse above my head.

If your range is bigger than mine, then let’s bring it into a melee!

The moment that spear swung past me, I compressed my body, and bolted towards the orc.


Like a beast, I went on all fours. And concealing my great sword, I aimed for the orc leader’s head.

But then I saw it grinning.

When I saw that ugly face that was perfect for the pig it was, smiling, my back froze.

And I saw something from the corner of my eyes. Without even confirming what it was, I reflexively moved to meet it.

At that instant, heat rushed up my leg as an attack hit me, and without giving me time to rest, the long spear descended on my head.

But by rolling on the ground, I was somehow able to dodge it. Then I picked myself up, and made a run for the northern gate.

I wanted to whittle down their strength a bit more, but it doesn’t look like it’s possible to do any more than this.


An angry voice bellowed out from behind me. The orc that had seen blood, has gone full berserk. No longer can it be stopped by something half-baked.

Like that I ran for the northern gate, leading the orcs whose blood has gone to their heads.


The path beyond the northern gate is closed by the forest.

Ever since people had stopped living in this village, almost no one’s gone to the mountains.

So naturally, the path leading to the mountain has worsened overtime. Turning it into its current condition where half of the road’s been corroded, thickets are crawling out from both sides, and small plants could be seen growing on the road.

Bristling with trees, it was within that narrow road that I decided to use as the stage for my duel with the two orcs.

With the goblins having already been deployed, these two are the only missing puzzles. Once I kill these two, everything will end. But of course, the opponent before me isn’t weak enough to let me do that easily.

I chose this place specifically because it was narrow. Being narrow, I expected the orc to have difficulty moving its long spear, but that expectation was completely blown away.

The orc brought the spear above his head, and he spun it. By taking advantage of the effect of centrifugal force, that spear became a force to be reckoned, easily mowing down the surrounding small trees. In fact, the power contained within that spear was so strong that unless I wielded my great sword with both hands, and with all my power defended against it, I too would be blown away.

If I was going to take it by surprise with a sudden attack, then I should have taken advantage of this.

In my regret I showed a slight opening. The orc follower failed to miss that, and it attacked at that very moment, unleashing its long sword. At the same time, the orc leader’s range kept me from making a move, effectively sealing my movements.

——Fucking pigs, don’t use your heads!

I grew more and more impatient. And with it, I slipped faster, falling into the enemy’s pace. And although small, the countless wounds I received, caused blood to flow without rest, greatly weakening me.


As I dodged the orc follower’s long sword, the long spear came immediately after it, blowing me away.

I can see the orc follower’s face twisting into a grin as it swung its sw–.






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