Goblin Kingdom – Volume 2: The Distant Paradise – Chapter 112: Scarlet Maiden

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Volume 2: Chapter 112 – Scarlet Maiden

[table caption=”Status” colalign=”left|left|center|left|right”]
Race, Goblin
Level, 45
Class, King; Ruler
Possessed Skills, Ruler of the Demon Children of Chaos; Defiant Soul; World Devouring Howl; Sword Mastery A-; Dominator; King’s Soul; Ruler’s Wisdom III; Household of the Gods; One-Eyed Snake’s Evil Eye; The King’s Dance at the Edge of Death; Magic Manipulation; Soul of the Berserk King; Third Impact (The Third Chant); Instinct; Blessing of the Underworld Goddess
Divine Protection, Goddess of the Underworld (Altesia)
Attributes, Darkness; Death
Subordinate Beasts, High Kobold Hasu (Lv77); Gastra (Lv20); Cynthia (Lv30); Orc King (Bui) (Lv82)
Abnormal Status, Blessing of the One-Eyed Snake; Protection of the Twin-Headed Snake


I spent the days until the meeting either hunting or talking to Nikea.

Most of it was me trying to convince her to allow the goblins free passage. Originally, we wanted to expand, but with no contact in the west, the path to the elves couldn’t be maintained.

There’s also the war with the humans. It’s necessary to have free passage, so as to easily be able to muster troops from the demihumans. I used the threat of the humans to swing her opinion to my side. I told her of their great influence, of how they cut down the forest, and of how strong their country was.

Nikea’s expression gradually changed for the worse.

“The human threat is real. It would be best to work with me.” I was like a serpent whispering at her ears.

Except for that one incident with Gene, Nikea and her people haven’t crossed swords with the humans for over a hundred years. At that time, they lost countless times because of their failure to unite themselves, only winning once at the end.

But now, a threat greater than that approaches.

“If it weren’t for us, goblins, the humans would have already reached you,” I said.

That was no more than a prediction, but it was most likely what would have happened. That human commander was really greedy for more land.

“…It’s hard to believe all these all of the sudden,” Nikea said.

“Then you should see for yourself what has happened to the east. Selena can speak for us too. She saw our battle with the humans.”

Nikea turned to Selena, a member of the elven race whom the demihumans held in esteem. “Is this true?”

Selena nodded and Nikea’s brows furrowed.

“We have spent the past decades, bridging the gap between our races. We had to, lest we wished to invite a rebellion. Yet it seems the humans won’t even let us do that,” Nikea sorrowfully said as she closed her eyes. “King of Goblins, what is it that you wish of us?”

Filled with resolve, she looked me in the eyes.

“I wish to borrow the strength of the descendants of the crystals to create my country,” I answered.

“You want us to fight as your soldiers?” Nikea asked.

“To fight with us, side-by-side as friends, not as slaves. I have no intentions of harming you. I only wish to defeat the humans and build up my country.”

“Please give me time to think.”

The impending threat of the humans was inevitable. They would have to face them eventually, one way or another, and to go against them alone was a fool’s errand. Of course, there was always the possibility of the demihumans uniting themselves to battle the humans, but… the odds of that happening were exceedingly low.

—Because Gurfia’s dream has long ended.

The centaur who once tried to unite the demihumans was corrupted by the very humans he sought to destroy, and in the end, burned up in his own flames. Ever since then, the demihumans have been floating aimlessly, not knowing what to do with their incomplete union.

It was at such a time that we came, the mighty goblins of the east.

Nikea knows that the goblins are stronger than the demihumans.

The hate of the demihumans is the real deal. That araneae’s hate toward Shumea wasn’t just for show. Hence, there is no way the demihumans would ever accept defeat in the humans’ hands.

Nikea will have to make a choice. Whether to rely on the demihumans’ failed republic… or me.

Someone as smart as her should already know, yet she still asks to be given time to think. Is it because of her disdain for the goblins that she is unable to accept the truth? Or because of her pride as a demihuman?

Regardless, I have given my proposition. What happens next is up to her.

Standing up from my seat, I called out to the goblins who did not join the hunt for the day.

If she does refuse, the goblins summoned from the fortress will have work to do.


Atop snowy plains where cold winds blew were flowers of red.

As red as the hair of that valiant female knight who stood alone at the center of it all.

“GURUuUUu.” Snow wolves growled as they approached her.

Behind the snow wolves was a barbarian, riding on a white elephant as he charged toward her. That white elephant was about three times the woman’s height. It had sharpened ivories for tusks, but even without them, the weight of that white elephant was enough to crush the woman flat.

Despite that, the woman calmly stood in its path.

Her red hair swayed under the blow of the cold winds.

As her breath turned white, she quietly uttered a few words.

Tear them apart, tail of the serpent.Slash

The weapon in her hands shook. It was shaped like a whip, but it was definitely a sword. The sound of metal resounded as the consolidation of countless blades swung. Yes, that was none other than the cursed sword of the royal family, the Vashinant.

Wolves came at the female knight from both of her sides. Vashinant turned to them. The instant they leapt, true to its name, Sky-SplitterVashinant literally tore through the sky. In a stroke, two new flowers bloomed on the snow-white plains, and then the woman pointed Vashinant at the white elephant before her.

“RURUuRARARAAIII!” The barbarian cried out as he charged on elephantback toward the red-haired knight. He held a throwing spear in his hands, but he could not throw it in time, for the same sword that cut the snow wolves in half pierced him from the back. In the same moment, blood gushed out from the elephant’s feet.

A thunderous sound erupted as the white elephant fell to the ground. The man on its back, half-dead, spoke only one word before blood gushed out and his head came off.

“Diablo…” That was the man’s last word.

Wiping the blood off her, the female knight called back the swords that were gathered around her like a coiling snake, and then she swung her blade, bringing it back to its normal shape.

“Diablo, huh.”

Lili’s voice disappeared into the cold winds.


In the seemingly endless winter of the snow god’sYugrasill mountain, up in the northern borders of the Germion Kingdom, were an endless war and the barbarians known as Yugushiva.

The hero, Gulland, was dispatched to the ever despairing north with his soldiers in hopes of quelling the unending war. But his soldiers alone could not fight a battle. They needed weapons, food, and a place to rest.

The country decided to supply those things through a colonial city known as Colonia, which both acted as the soldiers’ place of rest and a fortress that protected them from their enemies. Naturally, it was well defended, being something which exerted much pressure on the region.

The roads of the city stretched on endlessly, tearing through where there were forests and passing over as bridges where there were waters. Built up by the blood and sweat of countless men, these roads were humanity’s pride.

In pursuit of self-sufficiency, fences made out of wood around the region, as if to demarcate the boundaries which separated the lesser from the greater. The colonial city was a sight so stunning anyone who saw it for the first time would gasp.

That was especially so for the descendants of the other races, who would find their hometowns shameful when compared to the glory of this colonial city.

It was in that very city that Lili visited a farmer’s family.

“I’m back,” she said.

“Welcome home. You’re not hurt, right?” Bern and Neumann said.

They were both humans Lili once lived with in the village of the king. After Lili patted the snow off her overcoat, she smiled at them.

“Yes, I take it nothing’s changed here either?” Lili said.

“Everything’s as usual… For better or for worse,” Neumann bitterly smiled, while Bern scratched his head and apologized.

“I’m sorry,” Lili said. “I thought I’d be able to help, but…”

After they were rescued from the goblin village with Reshia, King Ashtal sent them all over the country to different colonial cities. Chinos was sent to the east, Mattis to the south, while Bern and Neumann were sent to the north. The others too were sent to various different places. Everyone was sent somewhere different.

In fact, Bern and Neumann were also sent to different places. It just so happened that Neumann, who was stationed near the capital, pined for Lili, and Bern, who became a soldier to keep his family from starving, was sent to the cruel cold of the north.

After Lili heard of their wretched situation after they delivered a package to Gulland, Lili dropped by to check on them. From then on, she would visit them whenever she went to the north.

Recently, Lili has asked them to investigate the source of the rumors surrounding her.

Though Lili still hasn’t given her answer, after King Ashtal revealed to her the history of her lineage and asked her to serve the country, rumors meant to help her ascension to the rank of holy knight had been spreading as if they were true.

“It’s fine. If it’s to support my family, a little hardship is nothing,” Bern said.

“Ah, Lili!” Mill said, sweeping away the solemn atmosphere.

“That’s Miss Lili to you,” Bern reprimanded.

“It’s alright. I don’t mind,” Lili said.

Mill had always been a mischievous boy even back during their time in the village. That hasn’t changed even now.

“Hey, hey, did you bring some candies?” Mill asked.

“Hey, Mill!” Bern reprimanded, prompting the boy to hide behind Lili.

“How about these?” Lili asked as she took out some candies.

“Yay! Thank you!” Mill said.

“I’m really sorry about this,” Bern said with his head bowed.

Lili waved his apology away as she hid her own embarrassment. “You don’t have to apologize. I’m just doing whatever I can while I’m still here.”

“Thank you,” Bern said. He must have been struggling a lot, as his voice sounded exhausted.

“Lately, I’ve been looking fondly back at our time in the village,” Neumann said. “There were scary times too, sure, but at least, no one was hungry.”

“Now that you mention it,” Bern agreed. “Those were fond memories. Even though we didn’t spend much time there…”

“The people around here are all weaklings compared to those green bros!” Mill said as he licked his lollipop, prompting Lili, Neumann, and Bern to chuckle.

Three days later, Lili left the north.

The endless winter that imprisoned the mountains of the snow god was still continuing.

The breath that left her mouth was white and cold.

Though she felt like she was being strangled, Lili set out on a trip back to the capital.


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