Goblin Kingdom – Volume 2: The Distant Paradise – Chapter 128: Sylph Unification War III

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Volume 2: Chapter 128 – Sylph Unification War III

Race Goblin
Level 54
Class King; Ruler
Possessed Skills Ruler of the Demon Children of Chaos; Defiant Soul; World Devouring Howl; Sword Mastery A-; Dominator; King’s Soul; Ruler’s Wisdom III; Household of the Gods; One-Eyed Snake’s Evil Eye; The King's Dance at the Edge of Death; Magic Manipulation; Soul of the Berserk King; Third Impact (The Third Chant); Warrior's Instinct; Blessing of the Underworld Goddess; Guided One
Divine Protection Goddess of the Underworld (Altesia)
Attributes Darkness; Death
Subordinate Beasts High Kobold Hasu (Lv77); Gastra (Lv20); Cynthia (Lv1); Orc King (Bui) (Lv82)
Abnormal Status Blessing of the One-Eyed Snake; Protection of the Twin-Headed Snake


“Thank you… Truly,” Silver said to Felbi.

Felbi led a preemptive squad into the Forest of the Lost (Sheng), under the assumption that the village would be suffering an internal conflict, an assumption proved true the moment they invaded the village.

By utilizing Pale’s plans, Felbi was able to expel the Shure Faction, and in the blink of an eye, brought control of the village back to Silver.


As Silver and his people were expressing their thanks to Felbi, a messenger came running to them in ragged breaths.

The Silent Forest (Sinfall) had fallen.

“That fast? No, with the villages in chaos, I suppose it could be possible,” Felbi muttered.

Nodding, Pale touched her slender chin and asked. “Lord Silva… If I recall correctly, doesn’t Sheng have a huge supply of Blue-Silver Steel (Srilana)?”

Silver nodded though he wasn’t sure what she had in mind.

Pale turned to Felbi. “It’s probable that they’re able to go so fast because of the lack of heavy armor. It might be best to ignore their speed and focus on our preparations. That way we can take them by surprise once they get here.”

“What about Lord Nash Jirad? Won’t he make it in time?” Felbi asked full anxiety.

But Pale’s words were as cold as ice, calmly continuing despite her friend’s apparent anxiety. “Lord Silver, please prepare some Srilana armor and Orichalcum weapons for Symphoria.”

“The chaos in the village has been suppressed to some extent… I’ll prepare as much as I can.” Silver nodded.

Pale smiled at that, then she walked away with Felbi.

Their battle had just begun.

As far as Pale was concerned, the sooner this needless war ended the better.

Though it did beg the question. Why would the wise and heroic Shure choose to ally himself with the goblins? The goblins were unintelligent brutes that destroyed crops and kidnapped the women of other races. The elves wouldn’t lose to them even if they were to come in great numbers.

Besides, the elf villages had a barrier that led others astray. It should be very difficult for the goblins to get through.

There should be a deeper reason behind this whole plot.

Perhaps Shure Forni intends to use this as an opportunity to lead the sylphs himself. Or perhaps his renown of being heroic and wise was nothing more than a sham, and in fact, he was nothing more than an ambitious chief.

Such lowly characters were common among the humans. Could Shure be one of them? Regardless, however, it was undeniable that he has indeed joined hands with the goblins and has instigated his sympathizers to cause havoc in the villages. In fact, no one even knew of his sympathizers in Symphoria until the moment he made his move.

Pale couldn’t understand.

Did Shure Forni have a reason to betray the elves? Impossible. If that were the case, the entire Tranquil Forest (Forni) wouldn’t have chosen to follow him, and he wouldn’t have sympathizers in every village.

If his renown for his wisdom is indeed not a lie, then could it be that there is something he wishes to accomplish even if it means using the goblins?

Could it be related to the demihumans? Some of them live in the west and south, but most of them live in the east. But no… That’s not possible either. If the elves were under the demihumans, perhaps, but the elves were masters over the demihumans.

Could it be an enemy? Was he driven to a corner?

But what could…

The humans are still a long way away to the east.

Perhaps the goblins are actually strong.

“There’s not enough information.”

Pale and Felbi sighed as they walked.

They had 200 elven warriors under them. At most, they just wanted to avoid letting them die a meaningless death.

But when the worst possible outcome was considered, Pale decided they had to make their move.

“Felbi, I have a proposal,” Pale said as she looked up Felbi.

Felbi nodded upon hearing her plan.


Meanwhile, while Pale and Felbi were fighting to free the Forest of the Lost (Sheng), Shure led the goblin-elf army to their next objective.

After occupying the Silent Forest (Sinfall), Shure and the Goblin King decided to split their army into two. One would head to Sheng, while the other would head to the Whispering Forest (Jirad).

At this point, all Shure knew was that his sympathizers were causing havoc in two villages. After all, he needed to spend some of his men to look for Priena and it was also important for his people to lay low when communicating with the Tranquil Forest (Forni). Not to mention, it was indeed exceedingly difficult to quell the unrest in the recently occupied Sinfall while moving his people at the same time; hence, it was by no means incompetence that left Shure in the dark of Pale and Felbi’s accomplishments.

The goblins could not possibly quell the unrest among the elves, so naturally, such business fell to Shure’s hands. Unfortunately, juggling politics and military was truly difficult.

“Our goals are to take back Sheng and Jirad. Once we’ve accomplished this, we’ll be able to pressure Symphoria,” Shure said to the Goblin King as they both looked at the map

The Goblin King touched his thick chin. “Fighting two fronts is quite daring.”

Shure nodded. “We don’t have time. My sympathizers in the other villages are getting fewer. We have to move quickly.”

It would be a lie to say that Shure himself was not in a hurry. After all, he wanted to reward the sympathizers who have sacrificed much for his cause.

“…Very well. It is indeed best to attack while the enemy villages are in chaos.”

The reason the Goblin King agreed was also in due part to his own calculations. He wanted to deliver a powerful blow to the elves before giving them a chance to pick themselves back up.

The elves thought similarly of the other races, but the goblins in particular were considered to be the lowest of them all.

Be it the demihumans, the elves, the monsters, or the humans, in the whole wide world, the goblins alone were considered as the weakest and most savage race that could never be trusted.

It was not completely unfounded, however, as even the Goblin King himself couldn’t deny that. But there was a danger to the goblin’s ill-reputation, especially for the Goblin King who wished to build his own country.

The weak would be weeded out.

Ever since the Goblin King was born, the law of the jungle had been stuffed into his face, a law that proved even truer for organizations.

A benevolent country that would lend a hand to a country unworthy of an alliance did not exist; hence, the Goblin King wanted to first show the elves that the goblins weren’t something to be disdained.

“You should take Jirad. I’ll leave Fei with you to lead the way. Meanwhile, I’ll be heading down south to the Silent Forest (Sheng).”

After the Goblin King and Shure decided on the forces they would bring, they concluded the meeting.

“By the way, the item you requested from the koro dwarf seems to have been completed. Shunaria said she’d bring it here. The smith, Dumbre Dadee David, was apparently quite delighted with the result. He mentioned it’s been a while since he last stuck his hand in a bloody transaction.”

The frowning Goblin King was relieved upon hearing that.

He innocently exclaimed. “Oh! It’s done?”

Shure smiled at that. “It’ll get here by the time you finish with Jirad. Look forward to it.”

“A weapon you can be accustomed to is a precious treasure in battle. I’m glad it’s done.”

Shure decided to offer a toast to the Goblin King.

Pouring pure-water wine on their cups, he said. “Once we’ve accomplished our objectives, let’s meet up at Sheng. I pray that the fortunes of war grace you.”

“Hmm… I don’t like praying to gods, but… Fortune to you, Shure Forni.”

After toasting their blue-silver-steel glasses, the two went their own ways.


The entrance to the Whispering Forest (Jirad), which was ruled by Nash Jirad, was firmly shut.

Normally, we goblins wouldn’t be able to force our way through, but the elves’ barrier had been disabled.

This must be the work of Shure’s sympathizers.

The entrance was as quiet as death, almost as if a war had just taken place.

The silence was deafening. Was the forest trying to strangle us with silence?

“Now then, what to do?”

I had over 100 soldiers with me. Most of them were goblins, but there were also 30 archers who’ve sworn themselves to Shure. Shure’s adjutant, Fei, was responsible for leading them.

Among the goblins, the shaman, Gi Za Zakuend, and the Ferocious Arm, Gi Ba, were leading. The tribal goblins Ru Rou of Ganra, Dashka of Gaidga, and Hal Paradua were with Shure. I left the three of them to the wide-eyed Gi Jii. This can be considered a trial for the wide-eyed goblin. Hopefully, he’ll be able to meet my expectations.

The human, Shumea, and the elf, Selena, were with me. Shumea didn’t have a good relationship with the elves and the goblins, so she preferred to stay by my side. The fact that she merely doesn’t have a good relationship with them, however, is a testament to her high adaptability and sociability as a person.

Selena was clinging to Shumea as usual; she readied her bow while hiding behind her.

“Shall we attack at once? It seems they have yet to recover from the sabotage of our sympathizers,” Fei suggested, at which I nodded while looking around me.


It’s quiet, yes, but it reeks.

I looked up the sky through the gap between the trees. The vast blue sky was alone with its clouds. Not a bird was flying through it.

“Fei, do the sylphs have a spell to conceal one’s self?” I asked.

Gi Za’s ears perked up the moment he heard the word ‘magic’.

“There is, I suppose…” Fei said, then he glanced around him and ordered one of his subordinates.

He seems to have picked up on what I was implying. As expected of Shure’s assistant.

“Boss, something doesn’t feel right… I don’t know how to put it, but something isn’t right.” Shumea put on her helmet as she covered Selena.

I agree, but if we don’t go, nothing will happen.

“Gi Ba take three goblins with you and accompany the scout elves. Gi Za, watch the left flank. I’ll watch the right, while Fei watches the back.”

From overhead our formation looked like a long spindle.

We proceeded warily. As we entered into the Whispering Forest, the scenery changed.

“Your Highness, up ahead!” Gi Ba yelled, prompting me to look toward the front.

Through the gaps of the thick trees could be seen the figures of demihumans that could almost be mistaken for ghosts. They were members of the Fang Tribe, werewolves. On their bodies were countless scars, and on their face was a grim expression. From that and the sword in their hands, I could tell, they were our enemies.

“A demihuman?” Fei muttered in surprise.

“Prepare for battle! Don’t let your guard down!” I ordered.

“Lord Fei, from the back!” An elf said loudly, almost screaming.

Behind me and Fei were minotaurs. Their bodies were also covered with scars, while their expressions were so grim they seemed hollow. Regardless, however, they masterfully handled the great axe they wielded. They could not be taken lightly.

“OOOooOOO!” The enemies bellowed out a roar, almost howling, and then the werewolves and minotaurs attacked. There were about 50 werewolves coming from the front, while 40 minotaurs kept us from retreating.

What are they thinking?

“Spears, forward! Stop their charge!” I commanded.

As the spears moved forward into the frontlines, I unsheathed my sword and turned around to meet the minotaurs.

“Fei, tighten your watch. Use all the elves if you must!”

Up ahead, Gi Ba and his three goblin subordinates fought equally with the demihumans.

“Gi Za support the front. I’ll leave it to you if they manage to break through,” I said.

“Got it. You can leave it to me!” He said.

Gi Za happily ordered his druids to begin chanting. “Focus fire on the werewolves trying to surround Gi Do from the right!”

Under Gi Za, the druids fought as one and supported the goblins at the front, allowing them to create new opportunities to turn the battle around.

“Onwards!” The ferocious Gi Ba commanded, prompting his three goblins to swing their swords one after another.

One goblin would block a werewolf’s attack, while the other two goblins would swing their swords; at the same time, in another part, the spears would line up and skewer the werewolves.

Gradually, the battle at the front swung to our favor, but the enemy wouldn’t let us have our way so easily, and from the heavens suddenly fell a rain of arrows.

“Close in on the enemy!”

If we near the demihumans, the enemy will have no choice but to stop their attack.


But contrary to expectations, the enemy shot goblins and demihumans altogether.

That’s not good.

We’ll be at a disadvantage if the druids can’t offer their support.

“Boss, this is really bad!” Shumea dodged the great axe of a minotaur, then thrust her spear toward its legs. The minotaur cried out in pain, but it kept on charging, forcing Shumea to tumble on the ground to dodge.

Wind of Heaven’s BlessingWind Shield!” Several elves chanted from behind.

At that, a wind blew up from the elves at the center of the horde, covering the sky.

A cyclone could be seen raging up above in the sky, deflecting the descending arrows.

“Goblin King, your decision is correct. Let’s attack,” Fei said.

From the trees to the sides could be seen hostile elves. The demihumans changed their formation to protect them.

“…That magic just now. How many times can you use it?” I asked Fei while battling the minotaurs.

“It depends on the enemy’s attack, but… 5 times,” Fei said.

A short while later the raging tempest up above dispersed, leaving nothing behind as it vanished into nothingness. The scope and power is big, but it only lasts for an instant. Moreover, it requires several practitioners to be cast, and if we don’t use it wisely, we’ll only end up crippling ourselves.

“We’ll just have to break through these guys before they can attack again then!” Jumping over the sounds of metal clanging, I cut down a minotaur with my sword.

As I pulled out my sword, I repelled the great axe that came at me from my flanks.

“GURUUuoOOOA!” I roared as I slammed my fist into a minotaur, sending it flying away, while I ran onwards.

Minotaurs blocked my way, but I repelled their attacks with my longsword and counterattacked with my own.

“Your Highness, from above!” Someone cried from behind.

Let my body be inviolable.Shield!”

Immediately, I invoked Shield, but the raining arrows pierced through the black flames and entered my flesh.

My heart rides with the wind.Windea!”

The air shook, and in the next instant, eight small cyclones sprouted around me, blowing the minotaurs away and deflecting the descending arrows.

“Be careful, Your Highness!” Gi Za shouted.

I haven’t let my guard down, actually, but thanks for the support. It seems Gi Za and his druid have fully suppressed the front.

With Gi Za’s support I broke through the minotaurs and approached the enemy elves.

“Lowly monster!” The elf with the best armor stepped out.

Is this the leader?

My sword clad in black flames clashed with the enemy’s. Each time our blades met, the black flames seemed to be repelled.

Is that also an effect of Orichalcum or Srilana?

I still had the upper hand despite that because of my strength, but if I didn’t settle the battle soon, I would eventually have no weapon left. The enemy just kept blocking my attacks, gradually wearing my sword down.

Still, the enemy was no slouch, and while I continued to attack, he managed to keep on blocking while keeping himself from incurring any fatal wounds.

He is the enemy commander. Of course, he’d have some skills. Normally, they would be seized with fear and attack impatiently in their panic.

Be that as it may…

We can’t keep doing this forever!

I can’t leave, though. The elves specialize in long-ranged fighting. I have to keep our fight close.

“Nu.” Brushing away the enemy’s sword, I leapt right into the enemy’s chest. At point-blank, even if the enemy managed to hit me with his sword, it wouldn’t be a fatal hit.

As I seized the enemy with my hand, he tried to swing his weapon.

Unfortunately for him, his sword’s course would end up too far. He wouldn’t be able to cut me apart.


But contrary my expectations, the enemy’s sword buried into me with a weight greater than I could have possibly imagined, causing my knees to quiver at the great pain. For a moment, I stopped.

“GURUuuoOOaAoOA!” Roaring, I pushed myself forward.

A clever man would back off here, but the enemy elf seemed seized by fear, as he sought to swing his sword again.

Ignoring the pain, I filled my legs with strength.

Then as I closed in our distance, I seized his arms that were about to descend and crushed it.

The elf’s anguished cries fell on deaf ears as I took his weapon and turned to the other elves.

Now our weapons are equal.

With my sword pointed at them, the elves stepped back bit by bit.

“Get lost!”

I considered pursuing them, but when I saw the situation around, I changed my mind.

We were still dominating the army, but many of the goblins have been wounded.

The elves’ defensive magic wasn’t all-powerful; it couldn’t completely render the enemy’s long-range attack moot.

Considering the battles ahead, I couldn’t carelessly lose any of the goblins, as it was hard to get reinforcements.

I wish I had some veteran warriors with me.

I watched unmoving as the enemy ran away, then I turned around to finish off the enemy that were left behind.


—310 days until the battle with the humans.


Level has risen.

54 => 55


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