Goblin Kingdom – Volume 2: The Distant Paradise – Intermission: Gi Zu’s Duel Record I

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Volume 2: Intermission – Gi Zu’s Duel Record

[table caption=”Status” colalign=”left|left|center|left|right”]
Name, Gi Zu Ruo
Race, Goblin
Level, 1
Class, Noble
Possessed Skills, Overpowering Howl; Throw Projectile; Spear Mastery B-; Instant Kill; Mad Shishi; Bite
Divine Protection, Mad God (Zu Oru)
Attributes, None


Brushing off the approaching blade, Gi Zu thrust the butt of his spear into the side of the enemy goblin rare. As the enemy goblin rare flew through the air, he followed after him, then as he tried to pick himself up, hit his legs. No longer able to stand the pain, the goblin rare fell to the ground. Gi Zu grabbed his head with one hand.

“Surrender, or else…” Gi Zu threatened to crush the enemy goblin’s head with his hand.

The goblin rare cried as Gi Zu gripped tighter and tighter, until eventually, he was at the brink of losing consciousness.

“I give, I give! Spare me!” The goblin rare cried.

“Good,” Gi Zu said.

Upon release, the goblin rare prostrated himself before Gi Zu, who looked down at him for a moment before turning to eye the surrounding normal goblins.

He spoke in a commanding tone. “From this day onwards, this village belongs to I, Gi Zu Ruo! If you resist, you will die!”

After being sent away by the king to expand the horde, Gi Zu Ruo renewed his loyalty to the king.

“I need to be more like Lord Gi Ga,” he muttered.

During the battle with the Orc King, Gi Ga Rax lost an arm and a leg to ensure the king’s victory. Though at the time Gi Zu did not understand it, the king rewarded Gi Ga with a rider-beast, and then the humans whom Gi Ga had befriended gave him a new leg. To Gi Zu, Gi Ga was a person worthy of admiration.

Gi Zu had been wielding a spear for as far as he could recall. Not long after he was born in the same village as Gi Ga, he was taken into Gi Ga’s spear squad, and then they fought against the orc king. It was then that he received the blessing of the mad god and recklessly cut down enemy after enemy.

By the time he realized it, he had evolved from a mere goblin into something with relatively more wisdom.

Gi Zu was grateful for his good fortune that allowed him to survive despite recklessly running around wildly by himself.

As he walked along the area, he thought to himself, This fortune must also be because of the king and Lord Gi Ga.

If so, then he must fulfill his mission and gather more goblins for the king.

Goblins didn’t grow on trees, however; therefore, he had no choice but to look for the small goblin villages scattered throughout the forest, gathering the small hordes one at a time.

A few days after Gi Zu parted with the king, he came across a small goblin village.

It was a small horde of 30 goblins, but Gi Zu valiantly charged in head-on and challenged their chief. The enemy chief being a goblin rare, naturally could not win against Gi Zu, who was not only a goblin noble but also a battle-scarred veteran. After suppressing them, Gi Zu immediately made them swear fealty to the king, then he asked the goblin rare of the other goblin hordes living nearby.

It was then that he found out there was another goblin noble nearby.

“Oh? is that goblin stronger than me?” Gi Zu asked.

“I don’t know, but… He’s big and his weapon is strong,” the goblin replied.

Gi Zu thought it unfortunate that the goblin rare couldn’t tell him more, but he had his own ideas when it came to these sort of matters.

“I’ll just have to see him for myself then.” Gi Zu fiercely smiled as he decided to have the goblin rare lead him to that goblin noble. “Hmm… But before that…”

Gi Zu was born after the king had occupied Gi Village; therefore, unlike the first generation goblins, he was born at a time when the food was plenty.

Because Gi Zu himself had never experienced starvation, he found the sight of the emaciating goblins ridiculous.

There was a considerable difference between the height of the rare-class goblins raised in Gi Village and the goblins here. The king himself hadn’t intended it, but by fixing the food issue in Gi Village, the goblins at Gi Village were able to grow bigger than other goblins.

“What do you sorry gobs think of filling your belly with some meat?” Gi Zu asked, at which the surrounding goblins all gulped, prompting Gi Zu to raise his spear and laugh. “Hah! Then I guess we’re eating first!”

There were about 30 goblins all-in-all in the village. Gi Zu took three normal goblins with him and entered the forest to look for some prey. A little later, they managed to hunt a beast. In doing so, Gi Zu did not only secure food for the village, but he also managed to teach the three normal goblins how to work together.

At first, the goblins didn’t understand too well, but after the second and third hunt, they finally grasped it. Unfortunately, they couldn’t stay any longer, as the other goblins were waiting at the village with empty bellies.

Their hunt for the day were a double head, a spear deer, and a big-horned deer. Just that three by themselves were enough to make the goblins of the village wide-eyed. They had never seen a feast of this scale before!

“Now feast!” Gi Zu said.

At first, the goblins couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw Gi Zu treat them to this feast, but when they realized he was being serious, they unabashedly dug in to this sumptuous feast.

Until now the goblin rare had always monopolized the village’s hunts, but after the feast, even the rare-class goblin had a sense of satisfaction he had never before experienced.

To these goblins, Gi Zu’s existence was like that of a savior.

“Why would you give us meat?” One of the goblins asked.

“Why? Because you’re hungry! Of course, I would give you meat. Are we not comrades who have sworn to follow the king?” Gi Zu replied.

Putting it positively, Gi Zu was optimistic; negatively, Gi Zu was ignorant of hardship; and to the goblins of this village, that attitude of his was nothing short of shocking. Food was supposedly something a goblin bet his whole existence on just to secure, and yet here was a goblin who generously gave it away. Much in the same way that Gi Ga swore absolute fealty to the king, these simple goblins were greatly touched by his actions.

The normal goblins could not comprehend what Gi Zu was talking about. It was simply far too complicated for them, but at the very least they understood Gi Zu’s greatness and the fact that behind him was someone even greater.

The rare-class goblin alone was puzzled.

He couldn’t help himself but ask. “King? Are you not the king?”

“The king is the great goblin to whom I have sworn my spear. He should be somewhere north of us. Right now, we are gathering strength for the sake of the coming war with the humans. Once you meet him, I’m sure you will understand his greatness,” Gi Zu said.

The rare-class goblin couldn’t help but blink his eyes upon realizing that there was a goblin even greater than this one standing before him.

“I will never forget that you gave me meat,” the rare-class goblin said.

Gi Zu happily nodded.


In the end, Gi Zu decided to stay in the village for a few more days. The rare-class goblin earnestly offered the females to Gi Zu, but Gi Zu was someone born under the rule of the king. As far as he was concerned, embracing the females was a reward given only to those worthy, usually because of some merit made.

To Gi Zu, sharing food with his comrades wasn’t anything special. That’s why despite the goblins sentimentally offering the females to him, he couldn’t help but feel that accepting them would still slight the king’s law. As a noble who has been given the right to have a household, to break the king’s law would be to spit in the face of the king and Lord Gi Ga, whom he holds in esteem. Which is why, in the end, Gi Zu decided to return the females to the village.

“I am glad that you offered them to me, but as someone with a household, I must refuse,” Gi Zu said.

Wry smiles were had as Gi Zu returned the females to the village. Not to mention, the goblins were again moved at his actions.

To happily receive the females was a given to the goblins, so his refusal was truly shocking.

After a few days passed, the goblins had completely taken to revering Gi Zu. During this time, Gi Zu had taught the rest of the goblins how to work together and set traps. By doing so, he would be able to ensure that they wouldn’t die even without him.

Of course, Gi Zu had no intentions of dying, but the enemy was another noble class. In the unfortunate scenario where he perishes in battle, the king must be informed of the existence of a formidable goblin in the southwest. Even if he can’t win against the goblin, the king and Lord Gi Ga might be able to.

Because of that he asked the goblins of the village to send a message to the king. This is the reason why he taught them how to feed themselves and ensured that they wouldn’t die.

After a few more days passed, when the rare-class goblin, who was the former boss of the village, had fully learned how to set traps, Gi Zu decided to go back to his original objective.

“I wish to challenge the strongest goblin in the area,” Gi Zu said.

Of course, the goblins earnestly tried to stop him. He was their benefactor. If they were to lose him now, the village’s bright future would surely be dampened.

It was a complicated matter too hard for the normal goblins to understand, but when they realized that the boss who gave them food might die, they were greatly disheartened. They held onto his sleeves, begging him not to fight the noble-class goblin.

Unfortunately, Gi Zu had made his resolve.

In the end, the rare-class goblin led Gi Zu to the cave where the noble class goblin lived.


The rare goblin turned back to Gi Zu, as if asking if he were sure about this, but he just hurried him up, and eventually, they arrived at the area right next to the cave. By then it was nighttime.

As Gi Zu ordered the normal goblin they caught along the way to inform the noble goblin of his challenge, the rare-class goblin’s anxiety worsened.

Gi Zu told the rare-class to go before he went to the cave. When he got to the cave, the noble-class goblin and his horde had already gathered there.

“So you’re the bastard who wants to challenge me,” a noble-class goblin even bigger than Gi Zu said. There was an old scar extending from his shoulder to chest.

“I am Gi Zu Ruo. I have come here at the command of the king. I challenge you, ruler of these lands!” Gi Zu boldly proclaimed.

For a moment, the enemy noble was wide-eyed, but a little later, he laughed loudly.

“HA HA HA! FOOL! This isn’t the sort of forest a soft fool like yourself can live in! Kill him!” The enemy noble said.

Normal and rare goblins smiled as they unsheathed their weapons and surrounded Gi Zu.

Gi Zu’s gaze grew cold as he eyed the surrounding enemies and readied his spear.

“So you can’t even accept a challenge. It seems the only thing big about you is your body,” Gi Zu said.

“I’d like to see just how much longer you’ll be able to keep up that stupid act. Kill him!” The enemy noble commanded.

The surrounding enemy goblins all attacked at the same time.

A club came swinging from behind, but Gi Zu deflected it with the butt of his spear in a speed twice as fast as the club. A sharpened picket came thrusting from the left, but Gi Zu inclined his upper half, letting it slip through. At the same time, Gi Zu used the momentum of his spear to strike at the goblin whose club he’d deflected, then he swept at the goblins coming at him from the right and from in front. The only remaining goblin was the one with a picket, but when the spear returned from its course, it took its head with it.

Gi Zu exhaled.

“Mercy will not be shown to those who fight. I am Gi Zu Ruo, representative of the great king and first disciple of the indomitable Gi Ga Rax!” Gi Zu declared.

“Don’t cower! No matter how strong he is, he’s just one guy! Kill him with numbers!” The enemy noble-class goblin declared, prompting the surrounding goblins to tighten their encirclement on Gi Zu.

Breathing out faintly once, Gi Zu took a step forward then struck his spear into the corpse of the goblin he’d killed moments ago. With great power, he lifted up the corpse.


Then he threw the corpse up front toward one part of the encirclement.

The surrounding goblins didn’t think he would try to pull off a stunt like that with his spear; they couldn’t help but cry out in surprise. Even the rare goblins in the path of the thrown corpse were so shocked that they forgot to move away. Because of that they ended up getting hit by the corpse.

In the midst of all the surprise and confusion, Gi Zu stepped forward. He skewered the rare goblins buried under the corpse, then as he pulled his spear out, he swung his spear and swept around him.

Finally, the goblins awoke from their stupor. Immediately, they tried to attack Gi Zu, but their uncoordinated attacks were easily dodged, then Gi Zu struck them dead. Gradually, Gi Zu neared the enemy noble-class goblin.

A spear lunged at Gi Zu from both flanks, but he twisted his body and dodged, allowing him to leap through the opened path.

A goblin immediately came running for him from behind, however; but Gi Zu quickly dealt with him by burying the butt of his spear into the solar plexus of the goblin. Unfortunately for the goblin, it ended up hitting the center of his chest instead, giving rise to one last throe before he breathed his last and collapsed.

Gi Zu didn’t even turn around to confirm he was dead. The sounds were enough.

Gi Zu ran for the enemy noble goblin.

Meanwhile, the enemy goblin was gradually realizing how strong Gi Zu was, causing panic to well up within him. Gi Zu’s spear handling, his ability to quickly see the hole in the encirclement, and his courage which allowed him to stand fearless in the face of a horde. All these things proved to the noble-class goblin that Gi Zu was far stronger than him.

The individual’s strength wasn’t the only deciding factor in becoming leader of a horde, however.

“Gi?” A goblin cried out.

The enemy noble-class goblin had grabbed the head of a normal goblin, causing the goblin to cry out. But without caring one bit for it, he threw the normal goblin at Gi Zu.


Gi Zu was taken by surprise with the appearance of a giant object suddenly flying toward him. After dealing with two goblins who came at him from his flanks, he swung his spear to deflect the object flying toward him. He didn’t know what it was, but when he recognized the detestable sound of a spear, he quickly twisted his body. Gi Zu managed to avoid the trajectory of the flying goblin.

An anguished cry rose when the goblin hit the ground, but the enemy noble-class goblin was faintly smiling.

Gi Zu glared at him. “What do you think your comrades are!?’

The enemy laughed loudly at Gi Zu’s angry outburst. “These guys live for my sake. They should be happy to be of use.”

The sound of teeth being ground resounded from Gi Zu’s mouth.

That’s impossible, he thought. Whether it was the Gi Village, the Fortress of the Abyss, or the tribes… everyone helped each other to live. When the humans attacked, everyone stood together to face them. It didn’t matter whether one was a normal class or a noble class.

Everyone was equal under the king.

Even a normal or a rare could be recognized as long as he showed results. Anyone could be rewarded with a female or given good food to eat. Even our fealty to the king was something we swore on our own volition. We were never forced!

“Are you really ok with this!?” Gi Zu glared at the goblins around him as he spun his spear.

The normal goblins backed off at the pressure emanating from Gi Zu, but the rare goblins wore a cold smile on their faces.

“Looks like everyone agrees with me. Now I think I’m about fed up with that stupid look on your face! Finish him!”

At the noble goblin’s behest, the normal and rare goblins charged. The rare goblins swung their spears from the back while the normal goblins acted as living shields at the front.

30 days after Gi Zu accepted this mission from the king, he found himself in a predicament.


Gi Zu’s level has risen.

1 => 15


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  1. For someone with the blessing of the mad god he’s got quite a clear head.

    Guess the predicament is that the king wished for allies yet he found ones more likely to backstab.

    Time to see what answer he’ll come with.

      1. Nah, he’ll just purge the Noble and the Rares, because the Normals (peons) can be leveled up and trained into loyal subjects since they are oppressed by this Arshole, the Rules of King Gi will be a blessing by comparison(and to be fair they are). Maybe even some rares can be spared tho not necessarily since he has one Rare who kind of understands his way of thinking and the Rares under Mr. Arshole have grown up to be arsholes themselves. Essentially you don’t want a bunch of back-stabbing C*nts holding power in your state/Kingdom, and since Nobles hold power in the ranks of the King’s Men this particular Noble would be a bother.

  2. its just show that Gi zu is also a monster he hasnt even use the blessing of the Mad God in this chapter. Thank you best novel ive red so far.

  3. ” hey held onto his sleeves, begging him not to fight the noble-class goblin.”

    For some reason, this came to mind when I read this

    Gi zu got run over by a noble
    Fighting off his hordes with such great ease
    You can say this was a bad idea
    But as for the readers, we believe

    He’d been refusing all the females
    All the normals were in shock
    His generosity was awesome
    So they revered him and his senpai, Gi Ga Rax

    When they heard he wished to challenge the noble
    They tried their best to hold him back

    That’s as far as I got.

  4. “With this title/reward of a second name, I the King give you rights to you’re own household.”

    That would definitely infer that they could… make their own household. Ways to make a household in the stories universe.
    A few options, any or all could be used to make a household.
    1: Buy Slaves to join household to serve you and your king as needed. (Not even meaning it in a lewd way.)

    2. Find goblin or other races either in established places like villages, or the random ones encountered on travels. Have them swear loyalty to you and your king either after defeating them or having them surrender. They then join your household to serve you and your king (Still no Lewd implied)

    3.Find female/s. obtain Female/s. locate cave, tent, tree, some other shelter, or just the great outdoors. Commence snu snu and/or Zug-Zug. Time passes and Offspring serves your household and your King. But your chosen females only serve you, don’t need no Prima Noctae Braveheart crap going on here.

    TL;DR He was given permission to find females and make with the younglings. BUT NOT with any that are already claimed by the Goblin kingdom, claimed by other Goblins the king had given permission to, or anybody taken while directly participating alongside the King. (No fighting in the kings army to then take lots of elves)

    But while he is out and about on his own? Praise be the King, make with the ZugZug, FOR THE GLORY OF THE GOBLIN KING!

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