Goblin Kingdom – Volume 2: The Distant Paradise – Chapter 130: Sylph Unification War V

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Volume 2: Chapter 130 – Sylph Unification War V

[table caption=”Status” colalign=”left|left|center|left|right”]
Race, Goblin
Level, 55
Class, King; Ruler
Possessed Skills, Ruler of the Demon Children of Chaos; Defiant Soul; World Devouring Howl; Sword Mastery A-; Dominator; King’s Soul; Ruler’s Wisdom III; Household of the Gods; One-Eyed Snake’s Evil Eye; The King’s Dance at the Edge of Death; Magic Manipulation; Soul of the Berserk King; Third Impact (The Third Chant); Warrior’s Instinct; Blessing of the Underworld Goddess; Guided One
Divine Protection, Goddess of the Underworld (Altesia)
Attributes, Darkness; Death
Subordinate Beasts, High Kobold Hasu (Lv77); Gastra (Lv20); Cynthia (Lv1); Orc King (Bui) (Lv82)
Abnormal Status, Blessing of the One-Eyed Snake; Protection of the Twin-Headed Snake


When we got word that the supply line was destroyed and that Shunaria had gone missing, we immediately dispatched the army. Shure, though pale-faced, led the elves and about 50 goblins to look for surviving people from the supply line, while I led the remaining 300 soldiers to march to Sheng.

If we didn’t set out immediately we could risk another supply line. That wouldn’t do.

“Fei, I’ll leave the elves to you. Keep watch and attack from a distance.”


The surviving Gaidga goblins and Gi goblins formed the vanguard. We needed to attract the enemy’s attention, so it was necessary for us to move gaudily.

We met the enemy halfway the path from Jirad to Sheng.

“Enemy spotted! There’s about 150 of them! They’re about 4 kilometers away!” A scout reported.

I immediately came up with a plan.

“Take out your spears and shields! We’re assaulting the enemy!” I commanded, prompting Gi Jii to order the rest of the hordes.

We gradually increased our pace as we neared the enemy. Leading the vanguard was the enthusiastic Dashka of Gaidga, who wished to wash away the shame of defeat in his last battle, while the riders of Paradua rode at the flanks.

When the enemy came to view, they numbered 150 just as the scout had reported. They seemed somewhat frightened at seeing us. It seems they hadn’t finished their preparations just yet. I unsheathed my sword.

“Go!!” I commanded, and Dashka bolted off, leading the charge into the opposing elven army.

Gaidga’s brutish strength wasn’t enough to tear through the enemies’ armor. The most they could was to send the enemy elves flying with their clubs.

The enemy was donned in full armor and wielded long swords. A troublesome foe.

We were currently on the offense, but there was no telling how long that would last. Most of my force was made up of normal gobs. Letting Dashka continue fighting seemed to be the best course of action considering our stamina, but if they ran of steam, we would still end up as sitting ducks.

“Gi Za Zakuend!” I called.

“Leave it to me, Your Highness. The enemy’s frontlines shall crumble before our magic,” Gi Za said.


Gi Za took his druid horde and turned to the frontline.

“Fire!” Gi Za commanded, and a volley of magic rained upon the enemy elves.


But a part of the enemy forces managed to repel even that magic. Are they using srilana or orichalcum? Either way, it’s troublesome.

We have the advantage in numbers, so as long as we’re able to get a good surround, we should be able to win.

“Ru Rou, Fei, take down their eyes. Ru Rou follow Fei’s commands and strike at the enemy forces’ rear guard!” I commanded.

“As you will!” Ru Rou replied, kneeling.

“Understood,” Fei replied.

After Ru Rou took the Ganra horde and ran after Fei, I turned my eyes back to the frontlines. The middle guard led by Gi Jii was supporting the vanguard led by Dashka, while Gi Za’s druids supported them from the back.

Gi Jii has gotten used to leading. He quickly reinforced the frontline whenever a goblin fell. His timings were impeccable.

In that case, I might as well go out myself.

“10 squads! Follow!”

I entered into the fray with 10 three-man cell squads.


The enemy’s unexpectedly powerful attack caused Pale, who was leading from the back, to frown.

“The enemy is much stronger than expected.”

Even the heavy infantry leading the vanguard couldn’t overcome the goblins’ overwhelming charge. They had their hands full just defending.

More than that, the enemy goblins were strangely variegated, causing Pale to be shocked.

At the enemy’s vanguard were goblins bigger than the rest. They brutishly swung their clubs and pushed back Pale’s vanguard.

Behind them were smaller goblins with spears. Though ‘small’, these goblins were only smaller compared to the giant goblins at the front, and they were still much bigger compared to your usual goblin.

There were also goblins who rode on beasts who took a different path from the others and attacked Pale’s vanguard, and then there were goblins from the back of the enemy forces who persistently casted magic to support the enemy vanguard.

To make things worse, Pale’s archers were being suppressed by the endless volley of arrows shot by the enemy archers.

At this rate, their vanguard won’t last even with the srilana armor.

No, the enemy should be nearing their limits. In that case, Pale could eventually dispatch the yet untouched light infantry in her middle guard. Once they’re out, they should be able to damage the exhausted enemy forces.

If that doesn’t work, she could send them out to take the enemy from behind, cutting their path of retreat off. Either way, victory should be theirs.

Still, though, the goblins were fighting unexpectedly well. So well, in fact, that Pale couldn’t help but look on wide-eyed at the goblin forces.

To think the goblins were actually fighting in a formation. Not to mention, with persistence.

“They’re strong, but… I can’t lose.”

If she were to lose here, she wouldn’t be able to rescue Selena, as Shure Forni would surely destroy them.

To protect her comrades, she had to win.

“At my signal, send the middle guard in. They are to leave to the right and attack the enemy vanguard!”

Then Pale drew her bow and shot an arrow with unique feathers.

The light infantry behind their vanguard set out. It seemed like they were finally about to take the initiative and push hard into the enemy forces.


But just when Pale thought victory was in their hands, a world-shattering howl resounded throughout the battlefield.

When she turned her eyes to the foremost line, she saw a conspicuously giant black goblin jump out. In his hands were a long sword made out of orichalcum, and on his body were flames of black that acted like armor. Just the appearance of the goblin was enough to strike fear in the hearts of the elves and create a crack at their front line.

“Tch! Follow!” Pale immediately drew her bow and shot two arrows, signaling the elven archers at the back. Until now they have been shooting at will, but with the two signals she sent out just now, they stopped shooting and followed her movements. Those two arrows meant “Scatter” and “Follow” respectively.

That goblin cracked open their vanguard. If they left that crack alone, it would gradually grow, until eventually, their vanguard fully collapsed. At that point, they will have no choice but to retreat.

“Aim at that goblin!”

The elven archers have been shooting to suppress the enemy all this time, but now, they focused their arrows on a single target. If that goblin was the spear that would break their frontlines, then they would break it and leave the enemy with no strength left to resist.

Pale ordered the hesitating middle guard as she drew an arrow herself and aimed at the black goblin.

Winds, give me power!Wind Shot

An arrow that filled her vision shot forth toward the Goblin King.


With the orichalcum long sword in hand, I cut down the enemy vanguard. Its durability fell faster compared to the other swords, but it’s good.

I lopped off the arms of three more elves before I severed their upper-halves.

“Onwards!” I commanded.

If we keep this up, we can push the enemy dead!

“Your Highness!” Gi Za cried out, prompting me to look up.

I felt my back char as I looked up, then I inadvertently took a step back at the sight that greeted me. An arrow clad in wind was descending toward me.

I deflected it with the orichalcum long sword, but there were more arrows behind it.

“Tch… Let my body be inviolable!Shield

Not good! They’re using srilana for the arrowheads!

My ether scattered as soon as I invoked it. I tried to brush off the arrows as much as I could, but several still hit me.

When I glanced up again, for a moment, I saw an elven woman.

She’s probably the first archer to shoot!

I heard the sound of another arrow shooting forth from her direction.

Is she the commander!?

“Gu!?” I groaned.

“Save the king!” Gi Jii commanded, then the goblins gathered before me and formed a wall. As a result, they ended up being covered in arrows.

Damn it!

“Enough! You don’t have to defend me!” I said, but when I tried to step through the gaps between the normal gobs, I heard some normal gobs crying from the sides. The elves had started to push in from the right. Because of that the goblins had to split their attention between two fronts, causing the vanguard to gradually fall apart.

—This is bad.

I racked my head hard, thinking of a way to quickly turn the situation around.

Even if we keep up our attack, the enemy probably won’t break formation anytime soon. If anything, our side is the one that’s about to break because of that new enemy.

Should we split ourselves into two groups and fight both sides?

No, that would be stupid. We’re barely pushing back the enemy as it is now, if we split our forces, we’d be basically handing ourselves on a silver platter.

What about the other hordes?

I glanced at Gi Za and his druids. They have been casting magic all this time. That only worsened when a new enemy platoon emerged from the right. At this rate, they’ll run out of ether sooner or later.

I turned to Fei and Ru Rou’s archers. They have been suppressing the enemy archers just as I have ordered. Thanks to their efforts, the enemy is unable to perfectly unify their attacks or move as they wish; the enemy is still somewhat able to attack together, though. How strange.

It’s curious how they’re able to do that, and I’d very much like to find out, but unfortunately, I don’t have the time to spare.

“They’re dispersing into the forest,” I mumbled.

With that the suppression fire of the archers will have less effect.

No choice. We’ll have to change the flow of battle here.

“Archers, focus fire on the emerging enemy! Stop their movements!” I commanded.

It would be foolish to start defending now after having come this far. If we did that, all that fatigue piled up after our ceaseless attacks might go to waste. We have no choice but to keep on attacking.

—Maintain the status quo at the frontlines while crushing the emerging army from the right!

Fortunately, the enemy emerging from the right are lightly armored. As long as we aim for the gaps in between, even the goblins will be able to handle them.

“Gi Jii, Dashka, Gi Za! I’ll leave the front to you!”

After the goblins nodded, I took the goblins under my direct control and headed for the emerging enemy from the right. The goblins are still weak from the battle, but we can’t rest yet. As we left our position, Gi Jii ordered new soldiers to fill in our now empty position.

Dashka bellowed out a roar and swung his club, then magic rained from above at Gi Za’s call.

“Hal, gather your horde and attack the emerging enemy!” I commanded.

This isn’t the time to be caring about some wounds. If this goes on, we’re going to lose.

We have our hands full just keeping up. the enemy has completely taken the initiative. Is there any room left for us to turn this around? Perhaps, if we’re able to wipe out the new enemy platoon, while maintaining the status quo between the vanguards, maybe then…

If so, this will be a battle of time. Will Gi Za’s horde run out of ether first, or will we destroy the right platoon first? If we can’t break through, we’re going to have to retreat.

—Damn it! Is this what I call a plan!? Fuck!

Though uncertain, I looked up ahead.


“They’re still persisting!” Pale inadvertently said.

She was that surprised at the goblins’ persistence. The black goblin managed to fix their crumbling vanguard, and suddenly, it felt like they were the ones being pushed. The middle guard that went out to attack the goblins from the right were no longer able to move as they pleased because of the black goblin and the enemy archers.

That black goblin would appear wherever the enemy’s formation was about to break.

—He’s dangerous.

Pale’s instincts warned her of the threat that monster poised.

That black goblin hasn’t shifted to an all out offense yet, so Pale’s side hasn’t suffered much losses, but the moment that thing began its attack, they would surely suffer.

“Cover the middle guard!”

There was no reason for the middle guard to push themselves. Their only objective was to attack the enemy’s flank; half of their object had already been accomplished.

Pale was about to shoot another arrow to signal her scattered archers in the forest, but a rain of arrows descended where she was.

Pale dodged the volley of arrows as she rolled on the ground, then she shot an arrow to the sky.

At her signal, her archers once again drew their bows and shot their arrows toward the black goblin.

Let this arrow end this battle!

Winds, give me your blessing!Barrel Shot

The amount of ether poured into this shot was twice as much as last time. That in and of itself was a testament to its destructive prowess, but if it meant killing off that goblin, then it was worth it.

“End this battle!”

An arrow shot from Pale’s bow, and a great number of arrows followed behind it.

For a moment, she thought she saw black flames suddenly rise.

Those black flames moved to clad the black goblin’s sword in its ember.

The Goblin King used its might to repel the descending arrows.

Then more arrows shot for Pale.

She was being targeted. The enemy had already figured out that she was the commander. Their attacks would only get fiercer from here on out.

Thinking that, Pale resolved herself, and then took out another arrow to signal her men, but then something happened that left her shocked.

The enemy elves and goblins were dispersing, while the black goblin turned to the frontlines. Their vanguard, however, was gradually moving back.

“Are they… retreating?”

They most likely intended to retreat like this with the black goblin protecting their rear guard.

But why?

No, the only thing that mattered was that the Goblin-Forni Army was retreating.

Could they pursue them?

Their vanguard would chase the enemy’s rear guard, but then the enemy archers shot toward their archers who were scattered in the forest.

It was vexing, but the enemy thought this out well.

With this, they couldn’t carelessly pursue them.

“…But don’t think we’ll let you run so easily,” Pale said.

She had to strike when it was time to strike. The goblins’ rate of reproduction was just too frightening. If this battle continued, they would eventually have to strike down the goblins’ headquarters.

But first they had to pursue them. The fact that they’re retreating now meant that they’re thinking of the next battle.

Pale had to inflict as much damage as possible.

She shot an arrow to the sky.

It signaled: “The heavy infantry will lead the vanguard as we pursue the enemy.”

“Inform the detached force that we won, and are pursuing the wounded beasts now. We’re aiming for Jirad.”

A messenger was sent to the detached force led by Felbi.


—303 days until the battle with the humans.


Level has risen.

55 => 57


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  1. Thanks for the chapter~
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    1. I think so too. IDK, it’s kinda weird for battle hardened Pale to not notice that but, well, in the heat of battle the chaos is real but if that’s really the reason why Pale couldn’t choose better I hope the author could portray it more in confusing manner.

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