Goblin Kingdom – Volume 2: The Distant Paradise – Chapter 134: Sylph Unification War IX

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Volume 2: Chapter 134 – Sylph Unification War IX

Race Goblin
Level 59
Class King; Ruler
Possessed Skills Ruler of the Demon Children of Chaos; Defiant Soul; World Devouring Howl; Sword Mastery A-; Dominator; King’s Soul; Ruler’s Wisdom III; Household of the Gods; One-Eyed Snake’s Evil Eye; The King's Dance at the Edge of Death; Magic Manipulation; Soul of the Berserk King; Third Impact (The Third Chant); Warrior's Instinct; Blessing of the Underworld Goddess; Guided One
Divine Protection Goddess of the Underworld (Altesia)
Attributes Darkness; Death
Subordinate Beasts High Kobold Hasu (Lv77); Gastra (Lv20); Cynthia (Lv1); Orc King (Bui) (Lv82)
Abnormal Status Blessing of the One-Eyed Snake; Protection of the Twin-Headed Snake


“Your Highness!” Gi Ji Arsil cried out.

He had finally arrived after a long trip. At his call, the goblins, who were seeing me for the first time, raised their weapons toward the heavens..

It’s been 34 days since we lost to the elves at Jirad. After welcoming the reinforcements from the headquarters, we’ve finally began preparations to execute our counterattack.

The goblins numbered 240 all-in-all, while the elves numbered 150. The demihumans also brought 70 warriors to join in our battle.

“You sure? We’re not fighting against humans, though,” I said.

“Huh? I didn’t come here for you. I came here for the elves,” Mido said.

Nikea nodded. “I’ll be expecting much from you again, Goblin King.”

Nikea is as polite as ever, I see.

The goblins that came were all excellent. Of note was the noble, Gi Ji Arsil, and the duke, Rashka of Gaidga.

“Looks like I can finally let loose,” Rashka excitedly said.

It seems watching the house has caused him a lot of stress.

The Eight Flags of the demihumans brought with them 40 warriors from the Fang Tribe plus 40 gray wolves, while the araneae brought 30 warriors along with Nikea.

“The formations are ready, Your Majesty,” Gi Jii said.

After all the battles we experienced, Gi Jii finally managed to evolve.

Name Gi Jii Yubu
Race Goblin
Level 1
Class Noble
Possessed Skills One Who has Walked through Death; Battle Demon; Versatile Master; Adjutant's Knowledge; Sword Mastery C+
Divine Protection None
Attributes None

One Who has Walked through Death
Remains calm even while facing death. Resistance to confusion (MEDIUM).

Battle Demon
Bonus to leadership toward one’s horde and army.

Versatile Master
Can use any weapon up to C Rank.

Adjutant’s Knowledge
Due to fighting with the master’s horde, bonus to defense and critical rate (LOW).


There were also two normal goblins who became a rare class. A druid was also recently born.


Name Gi Ah
Race Goblin
Level 1
Class Rare
Possessed Skills One Who Encroaches into the Divine Region; Sword Mastery C-; Bloodsucker; Overpowering Howl
Divine Protection Night God
Attributes Darkness

One who Encroaches into the Divine Region
Can enter barriers. The success rate depends on the level of the barrier (LOW ~ MEDIUM).

Due to drinking the blood of elves and demihumans, abilities have been increased.


Name Gi Ii
Race Goblin
Level 1
Class Rare
Possessed Skills Leadership D-; Sword Mastery C-; Explorer; Overpowering Howl
Divine Protection None
Attributes None

Mobility is increased.


Name Gi Uu
Race Goblin
Level 1
Class Druid
Possessed Skills Leadership D-; Pursuer of Knowledge; Adjutant's Knowledge; Magic Manipulation; Water Bending
Divine Protection Water God (Iren)
Attributes Water

Pursuer of Knowledge
Due to the Goddess of Wisdom’s blessing, intelligence growth has increased.


With this we have acquired both number and quality.

The iron equipment the goblins will be outfitted with are being transported from the demihuman villages by the new centaur chief, Tianos.

Blue-silver steel would be better, but it wasn’t feasible to have the entire army outfitted with it. The yields are just too low and we don’t have enough time. We have to make use of what we had.

“The advantage in number is undeniable,” Shure said during the war meeting.

I nodded. We may have been pushed to Sinfall, but we aren’t disadvantaged in any way.

“But the enemy is definitely strong. If I recall correctly, her name is Pale Symphoria,” I said.

Shure nodded. “It’s good we were able to make the prisoners talk. Who would’ve thought the enemy would be someone from the human territory.”

Pale Symphoria, cousin to the current chief of Symphoria, Fenit. She has been working as an adventurer until recently.

“Pale?” Shumea, who was usually sleeping during the meeting, reacted to that name.

“What? Is she famous?” I asked.

Shumea shook her head. “No, she’s not famous, but… I feel as if I’ve heard that name somewhere.”

After a moment, Shumea suddenly stood up with a look of shock on her face.

“I remember!” she said. “That’s the person Selena is looking for!”


Oh, come to think of it, she did mention something about looking for someone, didn’t she?

“Maybe we could have her try persuade that enemy commander then?” I said.

Shumea folded her hands and made a difficult face. “I hope you don’t take offense to this, but do you have the leisure to? You shouldn’t let your guard down just because you have more soldiers.”

Suddenly, it was as if she understood something, and she made a bitter face.

We did have more soldiers, but we didn’t have the territory to develop them.

Though even if we did have territory, the enemy would just invade it.

“what do you think would be the best course of action?” I asked Shumea.

“A war of attrition,” she bitterly said.

“Right,” I nodded. “We will forcibly make the enemy bleed make the most of our numerical advantage.”

We won’t lose. In the narrow woods, the ones who will come out victors will be us.

It will be a victory secured atop the piled corpses of friend and foe alike.

I turned to look at the faces of those who would be joining that bloody war.

Actually, there is another way to win, but it’s just too much of a gamble.

The losses will be great, but victory will certainly be within grasp. Something like this should pass for a plan, right?

“But won’t there be too much casualties?” The shaman, Gi Za Zakuend, asked.

I knit my brows. “Do you have a better plan?”

Gi Za groaned and another goblin spoke.

It was the recently evolved noble class, Gi Jii Yubu.

“Your Highness, how about luring the enemy into Sinfall?” He said.

“I considered it, but it’s too big of a gamble. If they occupy the village before us, it will be the same as handing them the village on a silver platter.”

To begin with, this isn’t our village.

The enemy knows more about it. They should also know where the defenses of the village are.

Suddenly, the doors opened and an old elf walked through and said, “then let me show you how to make that plan a certainty.”

Immediately, Shure stood up. “Shifon (Teacher)!”

“I am Falun Gastair. It’s a pleasure to meet everyone,” the old elf introduced himself.

That introduction was so perfect it was like something straight out of a movie.

“Did you overhear us?” Shure asked.

“It took awhile to bring my village under control. My apologies I wasn’t there when you needed me,” Falun said.

“Please don’t be, shifon.”

From their exchange, I was somehow able to figure out their relationship.

“Well, let’s leave the introductions at that,” Falun said.

Can he be trusted? I asked Shure with a gaze, and he nodded to indicate that it was alright.

“…And? What is this plan of yours?” I asked.

Falun answered in a quiet voice.


“I see… So the goblins have brought reinforcements.”

2 days after Gi Ji Arsil reached the king, Pale received a report from one of her scouts.

Sinfall was just a little further ahead.

The elven army with her now numbered 400. That included the forces of Sheng and Jirad.

The forces of Symphoria never came, however.

Between Pale and Felbi, Pale had a bigger voice in leading the army, but it was still much smaller compared to the nobles who were supporting this war. Sheng and Jirad’s voices were too big. The elven world was similar to the human world in that those with a certain blood flowing through their veins had a greater voice than those without.

“Master Pale, let us attack Sinfall here!” One of the soldiers from Sheng and Jirad said.

These elves have been winning so much that they started to believe they could win even without a plan. In fact, such talk became so common among these soldiers that their eyes eventually became blinded with pride.

“No, we should retreat temporarily here.”

Sinfall was right before their eyes, yet Pale decided to retreat.

A commander might think courage would be necessary at a time like this, but Pale had her own thoughts.

When it came to strategy, the goblins were still below her level. Be it their intel, their timing in picking their fights, their concentration, or their schemes, they were still far below her.

Which is why she decided to use the stopover villages to pile up victory after victory.

The goblins they were fighting now was only the tip of the iceberg; more would yet come.

From her days as an adventurer, Pale knew that the goblins would never stop unless their headquarters was crushed or their master was killed. She did not know where the goblin’s headquarters was, but even if she did know, she wouldn’t be able to go past Forni without going through Sinfall, so she decided not to occupy the stopover villages.

There was no point in aiming for the goblin headquarters or any other targets. The only thing they needed to set their sights at was the master of the goblins, that black one.

“What are you saying, Master Pale!? We have finally taken the stopover villages from the enemy. Why would you give them back? Have we shed our brethren’s blood in vain!?”

“Their sacrifice wasn’t in vain. We…”

These soldiers believed that the only reason the Goblin-Forni army lost was because of their internal issues. Hence, it was not because they were inferior to Pale that they only started winning now. Because of that kind of thinking, however, these soldiers from Sheng and Jirad have become quite obstinate in pushing their opinions.

Pale once used internal discord to deal Shure Forni a powerful blow, but now that she was on the receiving end, she didn’t know what to do. To begin with, this army was made up of many armies, so it was only a given that it would be trifling to ask to lead it.

“What we should be prioritizing now is—”

“—Reporting!” An elf suddenly yelled as he ran into the conference room with ragged breath. The three reports he brought greatly roused the people participating in the meeting.

The goblins and the elves have broken off with the demihumans, and Sinfall has been abandoned.

The moment Pale heard the report, a shock ran through her head almost as if a club had hit her.

“Fortune smiles at us! Let us take Sinfall at once—”

“You must not! It is a trap!”

Pale, who usually always kept her calm, suddenly spoke in a loud voice, causing the whole room to go silent.


“Pale is at… Symphoria?”

After the meeting, Selena cried to herself, as she pondered to herself what to do.

“What should I do?”

Her goal was to reunite with Pale. The king himself had promised her that. The elven chief, Shure Forni, had also promised her that. Shure and the Goblin King both promised her that they would bring peace to the elves.

Everyone promised her, and yet…

“What should I do?”

If she just stretched out her hand, she would be able to reach Pale.

Selena’s heart shook.

Was it really alright for her to stay here?

Heat rushed up her head.

It was then that a pair of arms held her from behind.


Selena choked because of the sudden embrace.

“What are you moping around for?” A voice asked from behind her.

“Miss Shumea…” Selena said.

Shumea heaved a sigh at that damp voice as she held Selena tight.

“You were thinking bad things, weren’t you?”

“I wasn’t…”

“The goblin boss, me, that Shure guy… everyone here is your friend and are worried about you. You know, you really should treasure yourself first before thinking about your benefactor.”

Selena cast her eyes down and Shumea continued. “Listen to me, alright? It’s never good to think that it’s alright to sacrifice yourself for another person. If you’re going to use your head, use it to get the best results.”

“The best results…”

“Right. When I was a kid, someone once told me these words: “I’m going to aim for the happiest end, otherwise, there’s no meaning in life.”

Selena cried at Shumea’s warm words.


—264 days until the war with the humans.

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